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This is #PeterStrzok . He is in his 40s. He works for the #FBI . He was the only person to interview @HillaryClinton, with no recording, on her #HRCEmail investigation .

How many #STRZOK family members are there? There are only 100 total Americans out of 300 million with this name . You can Google this. #PeterStrzokmust be unique in such a small family, right?
The father of #PeterStrzok (ii) is Peter Strzok Sr, and he was in the Army core of engineers. Oh, he was actually a career expert in sanctions and nuclear activity in #Iran .
The younger brother of #PeterStrzok Sr is #MarkStrzok who works for #Mammoet - They are world leaders in big cranes, with a specialty in moving nuclear Reactors. linkedin.com/in/mark-strzok…
The son of #MarkStrzok is #DevinStrzok , who is a coast guard graduate and now also lives in DC . mylife.com/devin-strzok/e…
The wife of #MarkStrzok ... and mom of #DevinStrzok ... is #MarianaSrtzok .. Mariana (or Mary) is the daugther of General #JamesCartwright .
Devin Strzok is actually Devin Cartwright Strzok. His grandfather, General James Cartwright , was pardoned by Barrack Obama on his last day of office. Cartwright was accused of leaking info on #stuxnet .
Another brother of #PeterStrzok Sr is #JamesStrzok - A Jesuit priest working in #Kenya ! With, no surprise, a solid military career, and deep knowledge in energy / resources .. booksandjournals.brillonline.com/docserver/jour…
Wow, what is this... an emergency meeting between #DevinStrzok in the situation room in the #Whitehouse #WestWing in May 2015 ? With his new wife, at 9:45 at night ?
Just an everyday meeting with the wife, also in the military (also a #Strzok) with #OsbaldoCantu about geospacial technology... Just so happens his uncle #PeterStrzok was the last person on earth to see the deleted #HRCemails
So that is 6 out of 100 #Strzok family members involved ? Dont get me started about the connections of all of them to #Uranium ... #Strzok family reunions can probably turn on lightbulbs while they are still in the packaging.
And then the wife of #PeterStrzok - #MelissaHodgman . Just so happens she was promoted to her role as a director in the #SEC at the same time the FBI was drafting the exoneration letter for the #HRCemails
Just another meeting in the #WestWing with #PeterStrzok 2, his wife #MelissaHodgman , and their two kids who kept the last name of Hodgman . Nothing to see here.
#OsbaldoCantu was there too with #MelissaHodgman and #PeterStrzok . Maybe the kids were just checked in and allowed to play in the oval office while they also talked about how much that would be worth to #China.
As @TruthinGov2016 pointed out, #PeterStrzok was THE person who requested the server containing the #HRCemail backups, and the last person to see it in Oct 2015. Extroardonary.
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Remember the Datto server node with Hillary’s emails? A panicked FBI grabbed the Datto cloud node Oct 6 2015 after a Grassley letter to Datto Oct 5. After it was checked in as evidence, it was never mentioned again.

Was STRZOK the FBI agent who picked up the Datto server?

And the wife, #MelissaHodgman, was involved in some nasty #SECaction against #China . I think #SloppySteve #Stevebannon might know something about this ? and #GuoWengu ?
I could go on - I've accumulated a lot. You should know though - #PeterStrzok isnt just the golden child of an everyday American family. Its all connected. 

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    bmyrc · 21:21 07/12/2018
    So where were Peter Strozok's Parents born & where was his grandparents born?? Did the grandparents ever live here in the US & what about the parents ehen did they come to the US??