John Turner, 52  of RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ

My mom called. The hospital told her that my brother's heart is stopping again and she should "get there fast."  10:27 AM Tuesday April 25.

This was true in 1789 when Jefferson wrote it and it remains true to this very day.  

My younger brother is still on a Respirator since he went into cardiac and respiratory arrest on April 8.  Docs tried weening him off to see if he could breathe on his own, but he seems too weak to breathe.  He's in and out of consciousness and is being fed through a feeding tube surgically installed into his intestines.

Just an update for those of you with whom I have become close.   As you know, three years ago, my younger brother was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer.  He had a tumor at the base of his esophagus which was preventing him from eating.  Docs said the esophagus was heavily cancerous and had to come out.




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