Below is a 36 second video that every Californian and every American should see.  This is the sickness infesting our country!

In the video Nancy Pelosi explains the "WRAP-UP SMEAR."  They make-up a false accusation about someone, wait for media to report it, then use the media reports as "validation" to wrap the smear (they made up) around their intended victim!  She flatly admits this is "a tactic."

In my opinion, it is MENTAL ILLNESS!  The type of mental illness that makes such a person a danger to others.

There must be some sort of psychiatric diagnosis for this type of behavior.  Is this a "Sociopath?"  Is this a "Psychopath?"  THIS is exactly what was done . . . by Democrats . . .  to Brett Kavanaugh. 

Folks, this is NOT NORMAL.   No NORMAL person lives or works like this.  No NORMAL people live their lives this way.  This is degenerate behavior.

How many more times will this sinister filth be undertaken before someone puts a stop to it?

Watch for yourself:


Californians have the right to vote for whomever they want.  The rest of us generally respect - or put up with -- the choices made by our brethren of other states. 

This . . . .  this is too far.   

California, please put a stop to this. 

And to the rest of the folks of America, be aware that this woman was elected Speaker of the House when Democrats were a majority.  She is the type of sociopath-like / psycopath-like, malignant, filth, the Democrat party is filled with. 

Is this REALLY what you want governing America?



We were warned about such people:

John 8:44-45 King James Version (KJV)

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.



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    rhw007 · 13:25 10/22/2018
    My Common Sense Party.com is a SECURE server site one of 7 domains I own until 2022 all paid. A New 21st Century Declaration of Independence everyone should write in Common Sense for party affiliation when voting then print name vertically in columns for whoever you are voting for. They will have to HAND COUNT each voter let them know both two party system needs a third FOR-PROFIT party in America.
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    return to God's laws · 22:28 10/14/2018
    Pelosi looks like she's on drugs. Coke would be my guess. How can you not be on drugs when you're 70-some years old and run around bug-eyed ALL the time? It's difficult for her to utter a coherent paragraph. Sometimes not even even a coherent sentence!

    If you want a job driving a truck, bus, airplane, etc. you're going to be required to take drug tests. But not if you're in CONgress. Go figure.
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    MR. TRUTH! · 04:20 10/14/2018
    I'm labeled as being intolerant for being a Christian.
    I'm a Racist for criticizing Obama.
    I’m a Homophobe because I believe in marriage between a man and a woman.
    I’m a Terrorist because I believe in Americans 2nd Amendment Rights.
    I’m a Tea-Bagger for supporting the Constitution.
    I’m a Threat To National Security because I refuse to shut up!
    I’m a Troublemaker for asking unanswered questions.
    I’m a Birther for questioning the phony birth certificate of Obama.
    I’m a Traitor for blowing the whistle on my corrupt Government.
    I’m a Conspiracy Theorist for presenting documented facts.
    I’m Anti-American for supporting Constitutionalists.
    I’m a War Monger because I support the Troops.
    I’m a Greedy Capitalist because I believe that you are not entitled to what I have earned.
    I’m a Bigot because I oppose Illegal Immigration and Sharia Law.
    I'm called a 'Potential Terrorist' because I'm a Veteran
    I'm an Anarchist for believing in limited government
    I'm waging a "War on Women" for not supporting the murder of babies
    I'm a Flat Earther for not believing the Lie of 'Global Warming'
    I'm Deplorable because I support our President Donald J. Trump
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      return to God's laws · 22:33 10/14/2018
      Welcome to the club. I'm sure Jesus would qualify for many of these statements. He questioned the elites of His day and they sought to, and succeeded in, killing Him. All because He threatened their power.

      What has been will be, there's nothing new under the sun.
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      Cher Martinella · 13:05 10/14/2018
      Well said??
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      Rat jew bastard · 08:21 10/14/2018
      If you remove supporting troops for the jew wars I would say your Sammy .
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      Friend of yours · 08:08 10/14/2018
      PS This should be on EVERY telephone/light pole in the Country. Only concern: Is it too late? Very well could be? Like to copy this.. Excellent. To the point and needed. Needed to be seen by ALL.
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      Friend · 07:49 10/14/2018
      Fantastic. Thank you. This should be sent Worldwide.
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    Friend to Hal · 23:01 10/13/2018
    Or reduced to no effectiveness. Perhaps.? Who can say, for sure? At this time. Just a possible prediction? Not a Prophesy. Just feel led to say. Again; Out
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    Friend · 22:58 10/13/2018
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    Friend again · 22:57 10/13/2018
    I think Obama is THEE anti- Christ. Who will unit Europe. After we are taken out.
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    Friend of Jesus · 22:43 10/13/2018
    With God, there is no "Statute of Limitations". Only forgiveness. If truly asked for with repenting. Nothing else will do. Going back 50 or even 100 years (for one over 100 who has reached the age of accountability) is nothing
    For He said, (Jesus speaking) aman will be judged for every idol word he has ever spoken (try that NSA) (Now, that is real power) All will face judgement. Tge Judgement Seat of Christ! Or The Great White Throne Judgement. You get to choose.. Enjoy. Out
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      Friend · 08:42 10/14/2018
      PPS Be nice also, if Hal could be on the radio. Every day. For at least an hour. Ok. Maybe not every day. How about Sunday thru Thursday? The rest of the days for emergency broadcasts?Really Or important broadcasts. Seriously; Something of the sort? He would spend less time posting perhaps? Again; I really appreciate what Mr. Truth posted for his comment.
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    Friend · 22:34 10/13/2018
    God have mercy on us all. Why He may seem to be lingering?
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      return to God's laws · 22:20 10/14/2018
      Harvest time draws near. Time to separate the tares/weeds from the wheat. Another analogy seen throughout God's word is purifying the precious metals from the dross/scum/slag. The dross must rise to the top so that it can be identified and removed from that which is precious. I know it's difficult, but have patience!

      If you live in the cities or major metropolitan areas, consider getting out. They will be the place where the tares will be gathered into and there be removed from God's kingdom by fire BTW. Think big thermo-nukes. Jesus said the latter days would be as it was in the days of Noah and Lot.
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    Friend · 22:25 10/13/2018
    Followup: To me; What we are witnessing today (as normal personages) (yes; You know what normal is. Still is) It is almost like watching the original_Night of The Living Dead_ or somthing akin. Seriously. Look at some of the freaks we all see on a daily basis, any more; Green or blue hair, pink? Whatever? Dog collars. Tatoos on every part of the body Other piercings. Rings. Loose and vulgar clothing. So called transgenderism. Etc., etc., etc.. All why they may wait on you for your morning coffee or pay for your gas. We are and have been expected to view all of this as mormal (corruption of our youth to the breakdown of society) (Useful idiots. Is what they really are) (and first to be exterminated if they (like that thing in the video ever do get to Totalitarianism) (but they will not) (I digress) these foolish people aforementioned, are in the worst of positions. First and foremost; Because of tgeir open sin to God Almighty. Refusing forgiveness and if they die in their sins, face Eternal damnation. At best; (if you want to call it that?) until taken over by the minions they are following (Again; Useful idiots to break society and bring in NWO totalitarianism for this Country, or just see it destroyed, and out of the way) What I think it really is. Their purpose in using and corrupting these sad individuals. To sum it up here; Like in the movie, in the end, the Sheriff and his deputies and other decent folk, come in and kill them all, and burn their bodies. Kind of a type of Christ and His Angels; Do you not think, (Sad) (Sad for the poor unrepentant sinner, that is for sure. More than sad. Grevious beyond words for me. Wake up folks! Jesus is coming. Just as He said. In His time. Babylon shall be dealt with first, it seems. Read Jude. Peace
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    Onno · 22:09 10/13/2018
    Pure evil. The deviant collaborating MSM does not even publicize (!)...... if normal (!) non malignant human beings would try "this fine tactic" to hit back at psychopaths = the addition of true (icecold logical) madness.

    Psychopathy is *monolithic*: the same ANTI-human/ANTI-social aberration (!) in the instinctive substrate.....recognizes itself in (what YOU see as...) totally different individuals. It is therefore also borderless and timeless. Psychopaths a.D. 1350 in e.g. Saxony are representing the same PURE evil as psychopaths in 2018 in the Russian or USUK deep state do .

    Psychopaths-SS (gang) members like "Prince" Bernhard will (if you get somehow in the way of pure evil......typically turning tables around) accuse you of having been an SS or Hitlerjugend member and "he" (or it) will (flabbergasting....is it not....) act e.g. in common collusion with Stalin or the USUK deep state horror-murderers of Dresden etc. to help these *fellow monsters* to get away with it.
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    A friend · 21:31 10/13/2018
    Bingo! What else needs to be said? Seen or heard? Open "WITNESS" to some of the leading tactics being used to the over throw this Constitutional Republic of the US of A and turning it into a Totalitarian Dictatorship (what it really is) (the goal) run in part by the likes of this "thing". Thank you for showing this frank to the point video clip.. Thankfully; And this I believe; God has said; Thus far and no farther. (To satan and his minions) (eg. the fools of this Country acting in kind and concert to the "Ilk" Hal has just shown.) As in days of olde, the Tower of Babel, was thrown down and the people scattered. With all that is going on besides this (gene splicing. Geo engineering, Sin and depravity to make Sodom blush) God must; Has to act, or there shall be nobody left alive or at least, worth saving. I believe He (God) is simply going to turn out the lights. To start. This is HIS problem and concern (s) I am just His friend.
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    Sam 34 · 21:06 10/13/2018
    I bet they have a lot of these tactics they use ,but what is their purpose .What the hell do they want.Totally insane bastards.
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