Radio Show Sponsor - PLATINUM


Listeners who SPONSOR the radio show, make the entire endeavor possible!  It costs a LOT to air an International radio show and without SPONSORS, the show simply cannot exist.  Some of the costs are:


Airtime on Radio Station(s)


Studio Time - where all the high-tech professional audio gear exists to create a broadcast-quality show


Streaming Audio Servers (2)

   1 for the General Public

   1 to feed studio quality audio to the radio transmitter(s)



For the COMREX Model "STAC6" Professional Broadcast phone system



1 Theme Music in/out  and Bumper Music in/out of breaks

1 128 Kbps audio recording / Editing / Archive creation



BSI Wavestation and/Or SIMIAN automation systems



SONY Music Library





To make it all work


Listener support from folks like YOU makes the free speech heard on this show possible.  Without you, there is no show.  It's that simple.

Commercial radio stations rely on commercial advertisers, and THAT is their weakness.  Advertisers don't want ANY controversy.  So topics that the general public _really_ like to hear about, simply cannot be discussed because many of those topics are controversial.

When someone hears something they don't like, they don't just "tune-out" they start "advertiser boycotts.  That leads advertisers to cutting off ads, which leads to loss of revenue, which puts the radio station out of business.  So stations avoid controversy at all costs.

They pre-screen callers, carefully control what hosts talk about, and run all their shows with a digital delay to be able to "DUMP" a viewpoint they don't want aired.

By YOU funding the Hal Turner Radio Show, we thwart the politically-correct from cutting off funding. They can't boycott advertisers because there are none!  

There are several different levels of Sponsorship below this $500 level.  Scroll down to find the amount that is most comfortable to you, and click to sign-up.  

You'll help support REAL free speech, make certain that controversial subjects get aired, and . . .  in the process . . .  stick your finger in the eye of political-correctness!



If you are averse to utilizing online payment, you can still subscribe OFFLINE by cash, check or money order to:


Harold Turner

1906 Paterson Plank Road

North Bergen, NJ  070447



Your subscription will show as "Pending" until your payment arrives.  When your paid subscription expires, you will lose access unless a renewal payment arrives before the expiration date!  Once payment arrives, your subscription would then be re-activated.


Duration: 1 month
Price: $500.00