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What might ordinarily be a car/pedestrian crash has now taken on the characteristics of a Terrorist attack in lower Manhattan minutes ago. 

NYPD responded to calls of multiple pedestrians hit by a car at Broadway and Liberty Street near the World Trade Center.  Upon arriving, units escalated the incident and called for a "LEVEL 1 MOBILIZATION" of police!

The mobilization will operate on the division radio of the precinct in which the mobilization is called. Higher mobilizations may operate on a different channel at the direction of the incident commander.

Level 1 - the boro task force

Level 2 - all task forces

Level 3- all task forces and 1 sgt and 8 cops from every precinct in the boro concerned

Level 4 - all task forces and 1 sgt and 8 cops from every precinct in the city

Level 4 & off duty mobilization - level 4 above plus all off duty personnel are to report to their precincts

Level 1 may be activated by any supervisor, Level 2,3,4 can only be activated by a captain or above.
Off duty may only be activated by the Police Commissioner, 1st Deputy Commissioner or Chief of the Department.

Other special units also respond accordingly in addition to precinct and task force personnel. ex: highway, detectives, esu, aviation, harbor etc. 

On the midnight tour the 1 sgt and 8 cops becomes 3 sgts from the whole boro and 2 cops from each precinct

For a level 1 the dispatchers must read the mobilization over every division in the boro concerned and citywide channels.
For level 2 and above it is read over every dept channel.
All mobilizations are read 3 times by the dispatcher on all affected frequencies.



Driver reportedly "in custody." 

Strange for just an accident . . .



Six people were taken to hospitals after a Lincoln Town Car jumped a lower Manhattan sidewalk following at least two crashes with other vehicles and plowed into pedestrians Thursday in what the NYPD believes was a case of road rage, police said. 

Authorities said the driver, believed to be in his 60s, was detained following the 1:20 p.m. sidewalk jump near Liberty Street and Nassau and is being questioned. 

Video posted to the Citizen app showed a black vehicle almost entirely on the sidewalk, the front of it completely smashed. Investigators crowded the area around the car as ambulances pulled up to the scene.

While briefing reporters, NYPD Deputy Inspector Mark Iocc said police are investigating the incident as a case of road rage. He said the nature of the dispute is under investigation, but the crash doesn't appear to be intentional.













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