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The National Weather Service scared the hell out of 8 million New Yorkers this morning when AccuWeather "pushed" a TEST as though it was an Emergency  TSUNAMI WARNING for "Central Park, New York City" at 9:28 AM eastern time this morning. The alert went out to Cell Phone users but was a FALSE ALARM.

The routine National Weather Service test on Tuesday resulted in a false push notification to mobile phones about a tsunami warning, giving jolt to many residents in the New York area, along the East Coast and Gulf Coast.

The National Weather Service is trying to sort what went wrong, but officials issued the following statement:

"There is no tsunami threat. The National Tsunami Warning Center of the National Weather Service issued a routine test message at approximately 8:30 am ET this morning. The test message was released by at least one private sector company as an official Tsunami Warning, resulting in widespread reports of tsunami warnings received via phones and other media across the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean. We're currently looking into why the test message was communicated as an actual tsunami warning, and will provide more information as soon as we have it."

The alert was sent to users of the Accuweather app.

AccuWeather quickly reported:



The United States has specialized data buoys out on the world's oceans to warn of Tsunamis.  In the Atlantic, there are 6 such buoys . . . . but five of the six are BROKEN and not reporting!  The map below, taken from the National Data Buoy web site using the "Tsunami" filter, shows the malfunctioning buoys in red:




The single Atlantic Ocean Tsunami Buoy which works, is located about 180 miles off the coast of New York City and would only give the east coast about twenty minutes warning to get to higher ground since Tsunami waves generally travel through the ocean at about 500 MOH; woefully inadequate time to move millions in the New York City / New Jersey / Long Island / Connecticut region.

The National Data Buoy Center in Mississippi is responsible for these Buoys.  It is a part of the US Department of Commerce.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was notified in writing about this issue about a YEAR ago, and the issue remains unresolved.


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