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A tropical Depression has formed off the coast of South Carolina as of Friday, July 6, and computer models say it has a 70% chance of becoming a HURRICANE off the coast of New Jersey and New York City by July 11.   

If that happens, NJ & NYC could find themselves facing a storm with 106 MPH winds NEXT WEEK!

As of 5:00 PM eastern US time on Friday, the Tropical Depression is showing on the National Hurricane Center web site as a Tropical Depression off South Carolina.  That's what we know for sure.

Computer models, however, vary widely as to how fast this develops and what path it may take.  Things are very early in the forecast right now, so no one need worry . . . the storm could remain safely out to sea.   

Prudence, however, dictates that folks in New Jersey and New York City, including Long Island, pay VERY close attention to what takes place with this storm.

According to Ventusky Weather, this storm will take a track that brings it VERY close to New Jersey, New York City and actually IMPACTING Long Island!

Whether the storm hits or not, strong rip-tides absolutely WILL take place along beaches in New Jersey and on Long Island.  Swimmers must be extremely vigilant as such currents can grab a person and take them under without warning. (Article continues below Ad)

Folks may also wish to examine their emergency supplies:

  • Electric Generators may need an oil change and new fuel;
  • Fuel supplies for electric generators may need to be replenished or replaced if the fuel has gone stale;
  • Flashlights need to be tested that they work;
  • Portable AM/FM/Shortwave radios need to be tested to make certain they work;
  • Fresh batteries for flashlights and radios need to be on-hand;
  • Canned foods that will not go bad if electric goes out for days, should be on-hand;
  • Emergency cooking abilities (Charcoal grills or gas grills) need to have fuel supplies.

It can't hurt to check these things and make certain you have them on-hand.  Now would be a good time to do that because when the mass-media finally gets around to talking about this, all of humanity will be heading out to stores at the same time to get supplies, and stores will run out. 


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