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Gas-up your cars and trucks right now -- today -- (Sunday August 27) because gasoline prices are set to increase by FIFTY CENTS PER GALLON (Minimum) tomorrow, nationwide.  This is because Hurricane Harvey has taken 17% of US Oil production offline, and 83% of US Oil REFINERIES offline.  So even though there's plenty of actual oil onshore, there's very limited ability to REFINE IT into gasoline.

Retailers here in the New York City area have been told about price increases from their suppliers.  The increases begin hitting Monday, August 28 and may be quickly followed by similar-sized increases BY THE DAY, as the Houston Area remains incapacitated by monstrous flooding.

Don't wait.  Gas-up right now!  

Moreover, given that refineries may be offline for "weeks" - a widespread fuel shortage may develop nationwide.  You should have a gas can or two filled-up for yourselves just in case.  

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