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According to the Harris County, Texas, Flood System, the major reservoir "Addicks" has now over-topped its spillway, sending thousands of cubic feet of water per minute into Houston.  This is now on top of the catastrophic flooding already taking place in that city!  The chart below, from the Texes Flood System shows the nightmare as it's happening:


 To view this official information yourself, click HERE to get to the Texas Flood System web site.

 Below is a map of Houston showing the geographic location of the mile-long Addicks Reservoir in the northwest part of the city.



The Addicks Reservoir and Addicks Dam in conjunction with the Barker Reservoir prevent downstream flooding of Buffalo Bayou in the City of Houston. Both reservoirs were authorized under the Rivers and Harbors Act of June 20, 1938, which were modified by the Flood Control Acts of August 11, 1938; September 3, 1954; and October 27, 1965.

 Below is a graphic showing the layout of the Reservoir system and the "Buffalo Bayou River" that is now being flooded by the over-topped Addicks Reservoir.  It will lead directly to massive flooding (on top of the existing flooding) right into the center of Houston:

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