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At a Press Briefing with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the following terrifying information was revealed about the ongoing flooding in Houston:

Aerial views of Houston reservoirs and all surrounding areas are very bad. The reservoirs are over-topping and will continue to over-top in areas above and below the reservoirs. Flooding continues to occur and get worse; all remaining areas of Houston will flood even if they are not currently flooded.

USACE says this area now a "flood pool" because nothings draining.  There is nowhere for the water to go because the ground is totally saturated and all streams, rivers and pods where normal storm drainage would take place, are all full.

Even worse, Lakes are also backing up into the area and flowing over their banks. At least 48 hours before any drainage will start to occur because culverts are washing -- out roads are washing out.

Video below shows the concrete divide in the center of HWY 59 at the Jacinto Bridge in Houston, washing away !!!  Astonishing power of these flood waters:

The amount of rainfall is well past all engineering and flooding forecast models.  No developed society has ever dealt with this much rainfall -- in such a short time -- in all of  recorded history.

The only option remaining is for everyone who has not evacuated, to BE EVACUATED.  The entire city and much of its surrounding area should be EVACUATED.

Trouble is, all the roads for evacuation are flooded closed.

The National Weather Service is saying they "have no idea what is going to happen now because what has taken place is unprecedented; everything from this point on is an unknown."

West Houston Medical Center evacuating. They are flooding in the basement and 1st floor

The coming death toll may be "unimaginable."

 National Weather Service: Cedar Bayou, Texas, records 51.88 inches of rain from Harvey; new continental U.S. record.


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