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So much rain has fallen in and around Houston, and the ground has become so saturated, so deep, that skyscrapers are now in danger of FALLING OVER!  The one-thousand foot tall JP MORGAN Building in downtown Houston is being evacuated right now due to "foundation issues."

This means the ground beneath the skyscraper may no longer be firm enough to support the building!

If this is correct - and local authorities believe it is -- the thousand-foot-tall building could literally fall over ! ! ! ! 

Bear in mind that skyscrapers are designed to "sway" in heavy winds.  Normally, that's a good thing; it prevents the buildings from snapping."  But in a case like this, where the foundation is compromised due to moist soil, that same "swaying" could very well lead to "tipping over."  And also bear in mind that wind in and around Houston is STILL being affected by the remnants of Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey returned to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and is strengthening again right now.  At 4:00 PM EDT, Hurricane Hunter Aircraft flew through the "eye" of the former hurricane and found wind has increased today from 45 MPH to 50 MPH and the central barometric pressure had dropped from 1006mb to 994 mb.

As central pressure drops, wind speeds pick-up.  If those winds start hitting this building, it could very well fall right over.

No one is sure how this will turn out, but authorities in Houston are erring on the side of caution and evacuating the building.


Here's another view:

National Weather Service: Cedar Bayou, Texas, records 51.88 inches of rain from Harvey; new continental U.S. record.


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