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Due to the growing threat of war with North Korea, a large portion of this weekly radio show was spent outlining the very real threats we face here in the USA from North Korean SLEEPER CELLS.

During this show, I outline those threats to our highway and railroad bridges, our ability to re-supply supermarkets with food if transportation is sabotaged,  our electric grid, our public water supplies, and tell you how to prepare.

Audio Archives of this show are USUALLY a paid service ($10 a month) but in the public interest, with the hope of protecting my fellow Americans, I am providing this show FREE to everyone.  This is the type of radio show that my listeners get every week. Valuable current information to help them get through.

You can tune-in FREE each Wednesday night from 9-11 eastern US time using the LISTEN LIVE button above, while the show is airing.

Prepare, America, we're very likely going to war with North Korea and very likely to be attacked here at home by North Korean Sleeper Cells.




U.S. Informs UN Security Council "We may withdraw from Korean Armistice"

Russia orders MASS EVACUATION over North Korea missile launch

South Korea threatens Kim Jong-un with 'extermination' after missile launch over Japan

North Korea Fires Three Missiles - Overflew Japan!


Supplies you may need:

Here are some products that you and your family may find helpful to begin acquiring so as to be prepared: 




FILTER MASKS (Keep out Biological Weapons)




EMERGENCY ELECTRICITY (Keep refrigerator Cold + Some Lights)


Gasoline Storage/Transport








This will be a big topic of discussion on tonight's "Hal Turner Radio Show" beginning at 9:00 PM eastern US Time (GMT -0400).  To tune-in here on the net, click the LISTEN LIVE button in the gray colored menu bar above and choose your player to get the feed.  Of course, you can also hear the show worldwide via WBCQ on 7490-AM shortwave.  This is a very serious development for our country and for the world.  War is looking very likely - much more than at anytime in the past regarding North Korea.  We will talk tonight about North Korean SLEEPER CELLS already in the US who will undertake sabotage of our bridges railroads, electric grid, and public water supplies.  We will also talk about the BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS they allegedly have stashed here: Smallpox and Anthrax.   You don't want to miss this show.


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