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Kathy Griffin feasted on her feud with Donald Trump as she boldly returned to the stage on Sunday night for her first stand-up show since their infamous falling out. 

The star walked out on stage to a cheering 3,000 at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, proudly sporting a clean version of the bloody mask which sparked her feud with the president in May. 

With her two middle fingers raised defiantly in the air, she then took a knee  in protest against Trump, mimicking the hundreds of NFL players the president is now at war with over their on-the-field demonstrations. 

Wearing the same blue pussybow dress in which she appeared in the controversial photograph with Trump's bloodied, severed head, she then whipped off the mask to reveal her short hair, the result of her decision earlier this year to shave her head in support of her cancer-stricken sister. 

It was her first work engagement since May when she was dropped by CNN and slammed by Hollywood friends after appearing in a photoshoot by photographer Tyler Shields holding up the mask as blood dripped from it. 

Speaking after the show, Griffin said she felt empowered by her return to the stage and claimed she was only left unable to work because Trump 'put the word out' against her.

'I have not had the opportunity to make a living in my profession in my own country for months (and counting).

'I was happy to have the opportunity to address 3,000 people and speak out without fear,' she said.

COMMENTARY: Apparently, this woman is suffering from some type of severe mental issue(s) wherein she seems to me, to be incapable of understanding reality. 

In my personal view, she brought on herself, her own career demise by deliberately insulting and offending a full fifty percent of the entire country with her Donald Trump severed head garbage.

Instead of being a bit contrite, she comes out in her first public performance, and immediately goes after the President again! It looks to me as though Ms. Griffin is suffering from some bizarre type of fetish or perhaps a sexual obsession with the President, and when she cannot win his approval, she resorts to being "bad" again so as to garner attention.

I am of the belief that a person who exhibits these types of errors in judgment, apparent inability to accept personal responsibility for her own actions, and who engages in a milder albeit repeat performance of the very behavior which got her fired, is not employable.

It's time to send a message to Ms. Griffin - GO AWAY.




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