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A man who was under FBI investigation for allegedly possessing explosives that could be detonated remotely is in custody after a brief pursuit and explosion in Washington County, Oregon.

According to a bench warrant for Jason Schaefer issued on October 11, the FBI learned in September that Schaefer was buying “numerous items that were causing concern” including explosive liquid, remotes to set off fireworks, more than 100 electric matches and at least a pound of hexamine, which can be used to make home-made explosives and is frequently used in suicide bombings.

The warrant says FBI agents arranged to search Schaefer’s apartment while he was being interviewed at the probation office on Tuesday. Agents learned he did have explosives that could be detonated remotely, giving authorities probable cause to arrest him on the charge of felon in possession of explosives.

The FBI of Oregon said agents were serving the search warrant at an apartment complex on NW Rock Creek Circle when Schaefer tried to flee. Authorities tried to stop him in traffic near NW 185th and NW Rock Creek Blvd.

After a short chase, the sheriff’s office said Jason Schaefer detonated a small explosive device before getting out of the car and being taken into custody.

“In terms of size and intensity, it was a significant blast,” Bob Ray with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said.

Schaefer and a Washington County detective who at the window of the car when the explosion happened were both taken to the hospital for evaluation. The detective was not seriously injured and has been released from the hospital.

After Schaefer is treated for his non life-threatening injuries, he will be taken to the Washington County Jail.

Northbound lanes of NW 185th at Hwy 26 were closed for several hours while the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the bomb squad investigated the scene.

The FBI said there is no known threat to public safety.

Families at a park across the street from where the car stopped watched everything unfold. One dad said he hit the ground with his daughter when he heard the sound.

“Heard the cops screaming and yelling, ‘get out of the car! Get out of the car!’ and shortly after a real loud noise,” Derrick Gonzalez a local resident said. “Saw that there was a guy leaning out of the car with blood.”

COMMENTARY: Commies now fixing to blow things up?  All this is preparation for the November 4 Anti-Fascist Action (ANTIFA) nationwide protest?  

Be prepared, America.  On November 4, the Communists in our land plan to rise up to attempt removal of our President. 

Be prepared to defend yourselves, your property, and our way of life.  Such defense may require necessary and lawful force to be used. 

These Commies are politically crazed and violent.  They're planning, and taking action on those plans. 

We, as a free people, must be ready to confront them if necessary.



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