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When an entitled little brat announced that she was attending Yale University at the expense of taxpayer money, she got an interview with the liberal Huffington Post. Then, as if costing us thousands of dollars wasn’t enough, she also bragged about how her father was an illegal immigrant…and that there’s nothing we can do about it.

Unfortunately for Viviana Andazola-Marquez, Barack Hussein Obama is no longer President of the United States. Now, with Donald J. Trump in office, we actually can do something about it—and as she just found out, days after her interview, that something would be very, very just.

Viviana Andazola-Marquez was accepted into Yale University in 2014, under Obama’s reign in which he routinely gave preference to non-US citizens. After using taxpayer money to fund this college expense however, she made a deadly mistake.

In her interview with the Huffington Post, she bragged about how her and her father leeched off of the taxpayers for decades. What she didn’t realize however is that someone was reading that very same article—and that certain someone was about to turn her life upside down.

“Most people can’t wait to turn 21 so that they can drink,” she wrote. “For me, it was the day I could finally petition the government to change my dad’s immigration status. I filed the paperwork in February and believed it would be the beginning of sleeping easier at night, of not worrying about ‘la migra’ every time the phone rang.”

New York Times reports:

But the meeting turned into a nightmare. Several hours after we arrived, I found myself alone, in disbelief. My dad had been detained and was facing deportation proceedings.

My father is undocumented but has lived in the United States since 1998. He has raised four children, all American citizens, on income from construction work. He pays his taxes and plays by the rules. He himself has been a perfect citizen — although, of course, he can’t call himself that.

Well unfortunately for Miss Viviana, Immigration Customs and Enforcement has finally caught up with her—and her father will be getting deported. In just three brutal words, after hearing that her father was “facing deportation charges,” her life was turned upside down.


Even though it took them nearly two decades, and a previous failed deportation attempt, her father will now be going back home for good. Daily Caller reports:

According to Hans Meyer, Andazola Morales’ immigration attorney, his client was detained because of an order of exclusion issued when he was stopped at a Texas border in 1997. According to the Denver Post, an order of exclusion is a legal term no longer in use, but it’s effectively the same as an order of deportation.

Following deportation in 1998, he returned once again to the U.S. undetected, where he has lived ever since.

ICE confirmed the details with the Denver Post, stating that it was acting on the reinstatement of a previous removal order in 1997.

Andazola Morales’s detention has made the waves throughout Yale, where Viviana’s friends and supporters started a GoFundMe to help the family. They gathered to protest outside of the Geo Group detention facility on Tuesday evening. The GoFundMe page has received $74,000 as of Tuesday.


This is yet another example of entitled illegal immigrants acting like they deserve everything on a silver platter. This selfish woman spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the taxpayer’s dime, and that’s just for her Yale education—how much did her father use in food stamps and Obamacare?

Thankfully, President Trump was elected leader of this great country, and he’s pledged to put an end to this type of ridiculous behavior. If you want to come here and be a contributing citizen, do it legally. Don’t hop the border, don’t overstay your green card, and whatever you do, don’t brag about how your father is an illegal immigrant to the New York Times.


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