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Former Trump campaign advisor Paul Manafort surrendered to federal authorities on Monday as the first charges from the Special Counsel probe of possible Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election are expected to be unsealed; but the charges against Manafort and Kelly are from 2012-2015 when he worked with the OBAMA Administration!

Manafort's onetime business partner and protege Rick Gates has also been told to turn himself in.

The move represents a dramatic turn in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.  Manafort was seen leaving his home at 8:00 a.m. with his attorney and arrived at FBI headquarters less than 20 minutes later.

A federal grand jury approved the indictments on Friday and a judge ordered them sealed. A White House official said on Monday that the administration may not comment at all on the arrests.

Manafort and Gates were the one-two punch responsible for keeping Republican National Convention delegates in line last year as the possibility emerged of a contentious floor fight over the presidential nomination.  Today's arrest appears to have NOTHING AT ALL to do with Donald Trump.

Manafort was fired shortly after the convention, to be replaced by pollster Kellyanne Conway.


That move came after reports that Manafort pocketed at least $12 million in undisclosed payments from Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russia former Ukrainian president. This was work done DURING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!

Manafort and his firm, which Gates helped run, spent years as Yanukovych's political consultants. Manafort worked for Democrat Tony Podesta on behalf of the pro Russian faction of government in the Ukraine. He lobbied for Russia on behalf of Podesta and there are many questions about his finances and dealings with Russia and Podesta at that time.

All before he worked for Trump and while he worked for the Democrats. 

So Manaforts issues he was arrested for come from his time lobbying for the Democrats and Russia against the Ukraine.

Mueller's probe has reportedly focused on wire transfers Manafort made from Ukraine to private accounts and whether he paid taxes on that income.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that at least one charge leveled against Manafort is federal tax fraud. 

Kevin Downing, Manafort's lawyer, was formerly a prosecutor in the Justice Department's criminal tax division.

Manafort also may have violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act by failing to report his Ukraine political consulting to the U.S. government.

Here is a Download Link for the Manafort/Kelly INDICTMENT; Not one of the Twelve Counts has ANYTHING to do with Donald Trump, his campaign or the election. (CLICK HERE)


Mueller Indictments: My Belief of What Will Take Place Today (Monday) - and why . . .


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