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Gamma radiation in Sacramento, California has suddenly and inexplicably "spiked" about eight times above the "typical" reading today, triggering a "RadCon-5 Alert" from the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (NETC.com).

NETC utilizes the United States Environmental Protection Agency's "RADnet" system of nationwide radiation monitors, to track daily radiation levels at multiple points across the United States.  The readings they report come directly from US Government radiation equipment.

Something has suddenly caused Gamma Radiation to surge upwards of EIGHT TIMES the "typical reading TODAY (12-31-2017), as shown in the chart below:

To show you how unusual; this sudden surge of radiation is, take a look at another chart showing the Gamma radiation levels for the past three months in that same city:


As you can plainly see, today's surge in radiation is quite unusual.

It is important to note that even at the levels presently being reported, these levels are not considered "dangerous" to anyone.  It is, however, indicative that something giving off radiation has caused an alert in Sacramento . . . . just in time for the big crowds gathering for New Year's Eve. . . . or North Korea's next missile launch.    HMMMMMMMM.












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