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Sen. Richard Durbin has announced the death of his “Gang of Six” amnesty-giveaway bill and tepidly promised to develop a replacement bill sought by the party’s pro-amnesty base.

But Durbin also listed a series of basic immigration problems he and his allies deliberately ignored during their media-aided effort to rush an amnesty rough Congress. That sudden recognition of well-known problems suggests that the Democrats leaders are trying to avoid another self-defeating debate on amnesty that would further damage many of their 2018 candidates.

Durbin said Wednesday morning:

We came up with an agreement. We presented it to the president through Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a Republican, on January 11. [The President] rejected it, so, as of today, we really don’t have a bill before us, and we are starting anew with a conversation about what to do to meet the president’s challenge.

Durbin’s push for amnesty played the largest role in creating this political illegals-before-Americans disaster for the Democrats, which has boosted GOP morale, narrowed the Democrats’ generic polling advantage, and has given the GOP a hard-hitting emotional argument to turn out their base and to win over swing-voters in November.









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