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The US Geological Survey is reporting that a Magnitude 4.0 earthquake has struck southern California, south of Los Angeles, rattling much of the state.  The quake took place at 3:00 AM local time at a shallow depth of only 10.1km and was widely felt.

 While southern California is very prone to earthquakes, and a Magnitude 4.0 got the attention of folks out there, most buildings, and bridges are designed with quakes in mind and there are few reports of damage or injuries.

The "Shake Map" shows that the quake was rated a VI  (6) on the Shake Scale meaning the "Perceived Shaking" was "strong."


The Pacific Ring has been VERY active within the past week, with a strong Magnitude 8.2 striking off the southern coast of Alaska yesterday, numerous aftershock as well.  A strong Magnitude 7.5 hit Chile, South America days ago, and two Magnitude 6.+ struck Japan as well.  

In addition, volcanoes in Japan have begun erupting, causing landslides which injured several people who were skiing, and in the Philippines, a volcano also erupted.

Finally, there have been numerous small earthquakes in and around Mt. St. Helens in Washington state of late, all signaling that the Pacific Tectonic Plate is experiencing considerable movement and such events are likely to continue in the near future - perhaps getting worse.










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