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Congresswoman Maxine Waters is working with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to resettle up to forty-one-thousand (41,000) Somali Refugees in South and Central Los Angeles by 2020.

A letter written by Maxine Waters to the Chief Operating Officer of OneUnited Bank, which describes itself as America's largest Black-owned bank, goes on to say she expects these refugees to be housed in NEW APARTMENTS and CONDOMINIUM UNITS which are being built thanks to underwriting by that bank!

More stunning is her closing remark that the Election cycle has begun ans that she expects to become Speaker of the House!


Here's the letter:


If bringing in up to 41,000 uneducated, Somali third-worlders wasn't bad enough, and putting them in BRAND NEW HOUSING doesn't drive you nuts, how about the fact that right now, Los Angeles has such a problem with HOMELESS PEOPLE that a Hepatitis Outbreak is actually killing many of them because they crap on the streets and become infected!  Instead of helping AMERICANS in her District, she's bringing in refugees from an African country and putting THEM in new housing ! ! ! ! 











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