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A very nasty surprise awaits some attendees of Tuesday night's State of the Union address by President Donald Trump.

Democrats, pushing for Amnesty, are inviting "Dreamers" to attend the event.  But sources tell the Hal Turner Radio Show that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been explicitly told to take any such illegal aliens into custody as they leave and commence Deportation proceedings against them immediately!


Administration sources tell me the Democrats want to USE "Dreamers" as political props in a bogus attempt to tug at the heart strings of America. Folks in the White House are not amused.  

According to three separate sources, one person jokingly suggested that Immigration and Customs Enforcement be positioned around the Capital building, and when the "Dreamers" come out, they be taken into custody for being in the US unlawfully.  Afterwards, someone then got serious and said  "Deferred Action" means exactly that: Deferred."  There is no hard time line for when the deferment ends and for those who agree to be used as "political props" at this coming Tuesday's State-of-the-Union address, their deferment will end right then and there.

This stunt of bringing Dreamers to the State of the Union address is expected to backfire on the Democrats in a spectacular fashion because the Illegals will (finally) see that the Democrats are using them as props, and now, there's a price to be paid for being used as a prop

The message being sent is clear: illegal aliens who continue to brazenly pop their heads up, are about to see enforcement of the law.

This is still a developing story, please check back for updates.



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