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The White House will **NOT** release the text of President Trump's State of the Union Speech before he delivers it to a Joint Session of Congress Tuesday night.  (Hal Turner Note: In my 55 years on this planet, no President has -- E V E R -- done that.)

Speculation is now running wild as to **WHY** the President is doing this.  What does he plan to say that he doesn't want anyone to know in advance?  What news is he going to deliver to the American People?

Guesses are a dime a dozen, but several theories seem to be rising above the crowd.  Here are the "trending" possibilities - and this is ALL SPECULATION:


1) The President may have decided to read aloud, the FISA Abuse memo declassified by the House Intel Committee

2) The President may announce that there are now more than TEN THOUSAND sealed federal criminal Indictments in the 94 federal districts throughout the US, and that arrests of very prominent and powerful people are about to commence.

3) The President may announce that peaceful efforts to deal with North Korea are failing and we should prepare ourselves for actual war.


Again, each one of these possibilities is complete, total SPECULATION.  There is no specific source for any of this, but several sources for each -- and they have all prefaced their remarks as being SPECULATION.

In any case, the fact that the President is not releasing the text of his speech before he delivers it, is historic.  TO my knowledge, no other American President has ever done this.

The State of the Union Address will be delivered Tuesday, January 30, 208 at 9:00 PM eastern US Time (GMT -0500) and will be carried live by most major TV networks.












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