An major organized altercation took place on Sunday at the US-Mexico border near San Yisidro, California.  Hundreds of Mexicans, many flashing Gang Signs,  stormed the border attempting to rush past US Border Patrol Agents.  

Flaggers group announces it has erected a 30’ x 50’ Confederate flag on a 120’ pole along I-64 just outside .

This is something the group had been planning since city council voted to remove the Robert E. Lee statue.

Forecasters are saying Garden State residents should expect an unusual April snowfall Monday morning. The accumulation, which is expected to be between 1 and 3 inches, will make for a messy morning commute to start the week. Up to 4 inches could accumulate in some areas of the state. 

Nearly 100 recently arrested MS-13 gang members arrived in the United States by crossing through the U.S.-Mexico border as “unaccompanied minors” and then getting resettled throughout the country by the federal government.  Obama and his useful idiots in the US State Department strike again!

The violent fugitive who bolted from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody at John F. Kennedy International Airport while getting deported to his native Senegal has been captured in Chicago, federal officials say.

On March 24, 2018, one month and ten days after the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, student-led pro-gun control “March For Our Lives” demonstrations took place across America, including in Washington, D.C.  The rally organizers claimed this was a direct response to the alleged "mass-shooting" at a Florida High School.

Turns out, though, Permits for the "March for Our Lives" were applied-for "months in advance" --- long before the alleged shooting at the Florida High School. 

Can you say FRAUD?   Can you say FALSE FLAG?  Wake-up, America; you're being lied to and played for fools!

A man believed to be an Associate Professor at Austin Community College in Texas says government SWAT Teams should conduct "no knock" house-to-house searches to confiscate all guns and any NRA types who object "Kill them all."

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is declaring a TSUNAMI THREAT for Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) after a strong Magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck in the ocean off the coast of PNG.

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A multi-alarm fire is burning through a building in the Bronx.

The fire broke out on the first floor on the building on Third Avenue in the Melrose section just before 5:15 a.m. Thursday.

For Subscribers to this web site, here's the archive from the March 28, 2018 Hal Turner Radio Show.


The "WannaCry" ransomware is back and it has struck Boeing Corporation.  WannaCry ransomware is infecting Boeing systems at a "rapid pace." Infection may be spreading to systems on aircraft.   

Pilots do not fly planes, computers fly planes. and if this ransomware has gotten into the aircraft system and locks-it-up for ransom while a plane is in mid-air . . . 

In a stunning announcement, the Office of Inspector General, the internal investigative agency within the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has just announced it is commencing a formal investigation into the securing of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) activities undertaken by persons inside the FBI and the DOJ.

The Government of Ecuador suspended the systems that allow Julian Assange to communicate with the outside world from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where the citizen has remained in international protection for six years due to the risk to his life and integrity.

The US and its European allies have coordinated the largest collective expulsion of Russian diplomats in history. Russia has promised to retaliate in kind. Yet despite the sense of certainty around Russian culpability in the Salisbury incident, questions remain around the state of the available evidence.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainee with a prior arrest on weapons-related offenses escaped custody late Tuesday at John F. Kennedy International Airport, leaped into a yellow taxi cab and darted off, officials and law enforcement sources say.

Left-leaning members of the media who are worried about upcoming elections want retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens to stop suggesting lawmakers repeal the Second Amendment.

The bureau has been “too slow” in providing Congress with documents related to investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email server and Russian meddling in the 2016 election, FBI Director Christopher Wray acknowledged on Tuesday.

President Trump in a tweet early Wednesday said the Second Amendment will never be repealed, despite a former Supreme Court justice's words, and called for more Republicans to be elected in this year's midterm elections.

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On Wednesday, China said that it secured a commitment from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to denuclearize the Korean peninsula during a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping

The FBI raided the Saratoga County, New York residence of Clinton Global Initiative member Nancy Salzman on Tuesday.

The hours-long search of Salzman's single-family residence on Oregon Trail in Halfmoon, NY took place a day after Keith Raniere, the leader and a co-founder of NXIVM, the secretive Colonie-based organization, was arrested in Mexico on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentstein has been formally Subpoenaed by the House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary, for failing to produce documents involving the Hillary Clinton email scandal!

The funeral for a 15-year veteran of the New York City Fire Department who died while battling a five-alarm fire in Manhattan was held Tuesday at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Rev. Kenneth Sharpton-Glasgow, half-brother of race-hustler Al Sharpton, was charged in a shooting murder the day after he participated in the local anti-gun march.

A question about citizenship will be added to the 2020 Census, the U.S. Commerce Department said -- a controversial tactic to enforce the Voting Rights Act.

A historic estate on Long Island was destroyed in a fire Monday night, according to authorities.

A raging fire engulfed several homes in New Jersey early Tuesday, sending a black plume of smoke over the Garden State that could be seen for miles. 

A Democratic senator says that the Department of the Interior is headed for a "lily-white" future under Secretary Ryan Zinke.

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President Donald Trump has expelled 60 Russian Diplomatic staff and ordered the closing of the Russian Consulate in Seattle, claiming it is an Espionage risk to Boeing and the US Naval Base in Bremerton, WA.   

Thirteen Fourteen FIFTEEN SEVENTEEN EIGHTEEN NINETEEN  TWENTY-ONE other countries have also announced the expulsion of Russian Diplomatic staff.

The Russians now characterize the situation as being "in a state of confrontation with the west" and the Russian Ambassador to the US saying relations are "destroyed."

A Jersey City, NJ police officer died Sunday night from a gunshot wound to his chest, sources say.

At least two Ballistic Missiles have been intercepted over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Residents of that capital city report large explosions and debris falling from the sky.

Harvard University's Graduate School of Education held its Annual Alumni of Color Conference earlier this month in Cambridge, Mass.  These annual conferences are distinguished by their radical perspective, wherein the USA is depicted as a racist society in need of a complete restructuring. 

One thing I'm looking forward to as I get older is becoming more "racist."  I consider it one of the finer joys of aging.  

Two sisters have been indicted in the fatal spanking and beating of a 3-year-old with a baseball bat for taking a cupcake from the kitchen.

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office says LaShirley Morris and Glenndria Morris were formally charged Tuesday with two counts of felony murder, one count of aggravated assault and two counts of cruelty in the first-degree.

There has been a close military encounter between the US and China, when the US navy sailed a destroyer to within 12 nautical miles of the contested Spratly Islands in the South China Sea as a "freedom of navigation" operation.  China condemned the move as a "severe provocation" just as the two countries launched an all-out trade war.

The Chinese military launched its spring combat readiness drills with an air force exercise in the West Pacific and a joint combat patrol mission in the South China Sea.

China's first space station has been out of control since 2015 and its orbit around Earth is decaying.  The multi-ton space station will re-enter Earth's atmosphere on or about April 1 +/- 3 days.  Areas in Yellow on the map have a "higher probability" of impact!

A major fire has broken out at a large shopping center in Kemerov, Russia.  Up to 89 people are feared dead, including many children and 200+ animals dead.  An entire class of school children is missing.  People are jumping from windows (picture above) to escape the flames.

A transgender woman claimed to be drugging attendees of a conservative conference in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday morning.

The biological male and an alleged Starbucks employee — identified on Twitter as “Lauren” — claimed to be slipping estrogen pills into the drinks of unsuspecting customers at the conference.

So many underestimated both POTUS and @Mick Mulvaney OMB with regards to the $1.3 TRILLION Bill passed by Congress and signed by the President.  The President has WON -- and won FOR US -- on so many levels, the Democrats are going to be in spasms for years!

One of my contacts sent me this last night, and I just spent way too much time figuring it out.

Trump, you MAGNIFICENT BASTARD, you just funded a take-down of the "Deep State" with almost half a billion dollars, and the very people being taken down are applauding the Bill they passed without reading it!  Better still, construction of the Border Wall begins Monday ! ! ! ! !

Fifty years after the publication of his controversial book The Population Bomb, biologist Paul Ehrlich warns overpopulation and overconsumption are driving us over the edge...


This isn’t an easy pill to swallow, I know, but that’s the way free speech works, especially when it comes to tolerating speech that we hate.

Whatever one thinks of Trump, love him, loathe him, mock him or respect him, he's managed to do one thing - in the one year that he's been president, his ad hoc, haphazard, chaotic, irrational and unpredictable style of governance may have thrown the country, its institutions, its "establishment", and certainly the press for loop, but it has also achieved one other thing: it has made the "globalists" conclude that the "liberal world order" which they created - which has resulted in the greatest accumulation of wealth by the fewest number of people; in the greatest political, social, ethnic, economic and financial polarization in recent history; in a global debt load that has put the world on the verge of financial catastrophe (only offset by constant central bank "confidence" injections); and which the "Trump vote" was a protest against - is almost over.

And nobody says it better than Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, in the following essay:

Liberal World Order, R.I.P.

After a run of nearly one thousand years, quipped the French philosopher and writer Voltaire, the fading Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire. Today, some two and a half centuries later, the problem, to paraphrase Voltaire, is that the fading liberal world order is neither liberal nor worldwide nor orderly.

The United States, working closely with the United Kingdom and others, established the liberal world order in the wake of World War II. The goal was to ensure that the conditions that had led to two world wars in 30 years would never again arise.

To that end, the democratic countries set out to create an international system that was liberal in the sense that it was to be based on the rule of law and respect for countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity. Human rights were to be protected. All this was to be applied to the entire planet; at the same time, participation was open to all and voluntary. Institutions were built to promote peace (the United Nations), economic development (the World Bank) and trade and investment (the International Monetary Fund and what years later became the World Trade Organization).

All this and more was backed by the economic and military might of the US, a network of alliances across Europe and Asia, and nuclear weapons, which served to deter aggression. The liberal world order was thus based not just on ideals embraced by democracies, but also on hard power. None of this was lost on the decidedly illiberal Soviet Union, which had a fundamentally different notion of what constituted order in Europe and around the world.

The liberal world order appeared to be more robust than ever with the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union. But today, a quarter-century later, its future is in doubt. Indeed, its three components – liberalism, universality, and the preservation of order itself – are being challenged as never before in its 70-year history.

Liberalism is in retreat. Democracies are feeling the effects of growing populism. Parties of the political extremes have gained ground in Europe. The vote in the United Kingdom in favor of leaving the EU attested to the loss of elite influence. Even the US is experiencing unprecedented attacks from its own president on the country’s media, courts, and law-enforcement institutions. Authoritarian systems, including China, Russia, and Turkey, have become even more top-heavy. Countries such as Hungary and Poland seem uninterested in the fate of their young democracies.

It is increasingly difficult to speak of the world as if it were whole. We are seeing the emergence of regional orders – or, most pronounced in the Middle East, disorders – each with its own characteristics. Attempts to build global frameworks are failing. Protectionism is on the rise; the latest round of global trade talks never came to fruition. There are few rules governing the use of cyberspace.

At the same time, great power rivalry is returning. Russia violated the most basic norm of international relations when it used armed force to change borders in Europe, and it violated US sovereignty through its efforts to influence the 2016 election. North Korea has flouted the strong international consensus against the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The world has stood by as humanitarian nightmares play out in Syria and Yemen, doing little at the UN or elsewhere in response to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons. Venezuela is a failing state. One in every hundred people in the world today is either a refugee or internally displaced.

There are several reasons why all this is happening, and why now. The rise of populism is in part a response to stagnating incomes and job loss, owing mostly to new technologies but widely attributed to imports and immigrants. Nationalism is a tool increasingly used by leaders to bolster their authority, especially amid difficult economic and political conditions. And global institutions have failed to adapt to new power balances and technologies.

But the weakening of the liberal world order is due, more than anything else, to the changed attitude of the US. Under President Donald Trump, the US decided against joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership and to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. It has threatened to leave the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal. It has unilaterally introduced steel and aluminum tariffs, relying on a justification (national security) that others could use, in the process placing the world at risk of a trade war. It has raised questions about its commitment to NATO and other alliance relationships. And it rarely speaks about democracy or human rights. “America First” and the liberal world order seem incompatible.

My point is not to single out the US for criticism. Today’s other major powers, including the EU, Russia, China, India, and Japan, could be criticized for what they are doing, not doing, or both. But the US is not just another country. It was the principal architect of the liberal world order and its principal backer. It was also a principal beneficiary.

America’s decision to abandon the role it has played for more than seven decades thus marks a turning point. The liberal world order cannot survive on its own, because others lack either the interest or the means to sustain it. The result will be a world that is less free, less prosperous, and less peaceful, for Americans and others alike.



Everyone likes to blame the Democrats for gun control, but here’s a news flash: those of us who fervently believe in the Second Amendment are actually being betrayed by members of the Republican party who are in Congress right now. Bills on the table right now would gut our right to bear arms, and the Congress is controlled by Republicans.

 City of Atlanta computers have been cyber attacked by ransomware that has encrypted personal and financial data.

Parents all over social media are in an uproar over a letter posted by a Pennsylvania mother from her children’s dentist office. Smiles4Keeps Pediatric Dentistry sent a letter to a mother threatening to call Child Protective Services if she did not schedule a dental appointment for her child.

The dental office staff has responded to the post and comments with a post of their own, defending their actions as being their legal obligation. Instead of quieting public fears, the response appears even more disturbing to parents, who are accusing the dental office of “bullying,” and “blackmail.”

Let's unpack some news that broke in the past couple days. It's not a coincidence this news broke a couple days after Andrew McCabe was fired. But this news has vast implications.

The Chinese military appears to be bracing itself for a major war. The country just unleashed their new unmanned super tanks that are powered by artificial intelligence.

President Donald Trump signed an executive memorandum on Thursday that would impose retaliatory tariffs on up to $60 billion in Chinese imports.

"This is the first of many" trade actions, Trump said as he signed the memo.

A car loaded with propane tanks ran through the main gate at Travis Air Force Base in northern California on Wednesday night. Military personnel ran up to the burning car that exploded in flame after breaching the security gates.

President Trump announced Thursday that former United Nations Amb. John Bolton will replace Gen. H.R. McMaster as his National Security Adviser effective April 9 -- the latest in a growing list of White House staff shakeups over the past year.

The Republican-controlled US House of Representatives is voting on a $1.3 TRILLION spending Bill Thursday.  For some reason (known only to God) the Bill funds Sanctuary cities, funds, Planned Parenthood abortions, makes a brutal assault against Second Amendment gun rights, and provides ZERO funding for President Trump's Border Wall.

Congressman Jim Jordan says "this is the worst bill I have ever seen in my 10 years in office, far worse than anything Obama ever tried to pull on the American people!"

During a live television appearance, the New Prime Minister of Slovakia took a cell phone type device out of his jacket pocket and dropped a small packet containing what appears to be a white, powdery substance.  Cocaine?

Video below:

Audio Archive for Subscribers.

A winter storm warning is now in effect across the Tri-State area ahead of another nor'easter that could bring upwards of a foot of snow on Wednesday.

Conditions will deteriorate later as the nor'easter forms and the snow rate intensifies.

BREAKING: The suspect in the Austin Bombings has been killed after FBI and Austin, TX police tracked him down and engaged him in Round Rock,TX within the last hour.

According to state law enforcement officials, A device detonated -- which they expected when they pursued him. Then shots.

No, it doesn't necessarily occur the way you think.

From a Hal Turner Show listener: "The authorities here in Rostov-On-Don, Russia, have just now done a massive nuclear attack drill. They not warn us about drill just suddenly there is massive military and helicopters and some type vehicles not seen before."

There has been a shooting at Great Mills High School in St. Mary's County, Maryland Tuesday morning, school officials said.

The school at 21130 Great Mills Road in Great Mill has been placed on lockdown and the sheriff's office is at the scene, school officials said.

Earlier reports that Syrian pro-government forces shelled Turkish military positions near the rebel-controlled town of Anadan in Aleppo province’s western countryside have been confirmed.

A package bound for Austin, Texas blew up early Tuesday at a FedEx facility in Schertz, Texas, northeast of San Antonio, authorities said. One female employee is said to have suffered a non-life-threatening injury.

Issued by: New York City - NY, US, National Weather Service,


Have Washington and its British vassal set a stage for testing whether Russia has the stomach for war?

Issued by: New York City - NY, US, National Weather Service,


With these words, Colonel-General Rudskoy, the head of the Main Headquarters of the General Staff of the Russian Federation (the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff) turned to all beloved and deeply respected America.

Today, a meeting of the Ministry of Defense of Russia was held, at which Rudskoy made the following speech:

With the United States massing guided missile ships in the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and rumors swirling of a "massive" attack against Syria by the United States (allegedly over poison gas use), Russia has said it is considering imposing a "No Fly" Zone over Syria.  Such a decision would mean that any US, coalition, or Turkish aircraft would be subject to being shot down!

This comes as Britain masses more than 2300 troops and CHallenger Tanks at the U.S. Base at Al-Tanf, Syria.  There is now talk of "invasion!"

 Austin, TX is on Lockdown- Austin Police Chief Says The 2 Victims of last night's explosion are White males, the bomb used a Trip Wire,

All Residents In The Area Are To Remain In Their Homes Until The Bomb Squad Can Clear Each Home, Kids Missing School Will Be Excused - APD

For over a week, the public has been told by British Prime Minister Theresa May, that a former Russian spy was attacked with a military nerve agent in Salisbury, UK, and that several other people fell ill after coming in contact with that former spy.

The British National Health Service has now publicly gone on record saying these claims are LIES!

Meet Lisa H Barsoomian

Lisa H Barsoomian a US Attorney that graduated from Georgetown Law she’s a protege of James Comey and Robert Muller.

A Democratic congressman from Long Island implied that Americans should grab weapons and oppose President Trump by force, if the commander-in-chief doesn’t follow the Constitution.

Rep. Tom Suozzi made the remark to constituents at a town hall last week, saying that folks opposed to Trump might resort to the “Second Amendment.”

With tensions rising quickly over actions taking place inside Syria, the US began positioning naval assets in the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, leading Russian military spokesmen to say they believe the US is planning another missile attack upon Syria.  Russia directly warned the US not to undertake another attack, making clear Russia would shoot down any missiles and attack any platform which launched them (i.e. ships).

But it appears the US has a little surprise for Russia; three NATO naval exercises have just finished in or near the Mediterranean and as of Monday, another thirteen NATO warships and six NATO submarines will be conveniently located about 20 hours away from the Syrian coastline.

LIVE UPDATES IN PROGRESS:   The United States appears to be preparing a very large strike upon Syria.  U.S. Navy Guided Missile Cruisers and Destroyers have been formed into strike groups in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, in the Red Sea and in the Persian Gulf.

Worse: Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) reports US forces have trained terrorists in Syria’s southern de-escalation zone to use chemical weapons and are preparing a false flag attack, 20 tons of chlorine has been delivered to them.

Confirming the news I spoke about during my radio show this past Wednesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe this evening, less than two days shy of his retirement, ending the career of an official who had risen to serve as second-in-command at the bureau.

The US is clearly planning something in the way of open hostilities in the very near future with Russia and they are getting bold about it. Today (Friday) they flew a Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over Russian territory at Kaliningrad!

About 3,000 teachers from Jersey City, NJ are set to go on strike Friday morning after the Board of Education and Teacher's Union could not come to terms on a new Contract.  

The school board meeting adjourned at 12:30 a.m. on Friday without coming to an agreement with the Jersey City Education Association (JCEA) on a new contract.

There has been a very significant deployment of British Army Troops, Challenger Tanks, Cobra Helicopters and 2,300 STAFF to the United States / NATO  Al-Tanf military base.  It now appears the US and its "coalition partners" are preparing to use significant force against . . .  someone other than ISIS . . . . in the area.  The only folks left in the area after the defeat of ISIS are Syria and Russian regular Army troops.   

MORE: Word coming in that assets of the US Navy's 6th Fleet are deploying to participate in certain operations in Syria.  ( Editor: This is starting to look very, very bad.)

Multiple Intelligence Sources have told The Hal Turner Radio Show that "very dramatic changes" within the Trump administration are to take place tomorrow.  The sources are euphemistically calling this "The March Massacre" because, they say, not only will high level appointees be sent packing, "entire teams" within the Administration will no longer exist.

Reports are coming in of a U.S. Army Helicopter "down" along the Syria-Iraq Border.  Sources say that all eight aboard have been killed, including the Pilot, Co-Pilot, Flight Engineer and five (5) Special Operations Forces.

Republicans are citing numerous problems at polling sites in Tuesday's special election in Pennsylvania, which remains too close to officially call but appears to be trending toward an extremely narrow victory for Democrat Conor Lamb.

iHeartMedia  Inc., the company behind the biggest U.S. radio broadcaster, filed for bankruptcy protection after reaching an agreement in principle with investors over a balance-sheet restructuring, a decade after a private-equity-led buyout left the company laden with billions in debt.

For SUBSCRIBERS to this site, here's the archive of "The Hal Turner Radio Show" as aired on WBCQ March 14, 2018.  What a kick-ass show:

I talked about the situation with one of my former colleagues, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who may face being FIRED very soon, over his antics with the Hillary Clinton E-mail investigation, and related to my audience how McCabe was one of the folks in FBI who I remembered as an insufferable leftist while I worked with the Bureau.  I pointed out his pending potential issues and asked "Who do you think pointed the House Intelligence Committee in McCabe's direction?  I further rhetorically asked "Could it be that I took revenge on Andrew McCabe for my legal troubles back in 2009?"  

Next, I took time talking about a so-called "Professor" Lisa Anderson-Levy, who has been invited to speak at University of Minnesota, to talk about "Dismantling Whiteness" and stopping "the violence of Whiteness."  I pointed out that "whiteness" is actually "Civilization . . . . and asked if she's actually trying to dismantle that?"  I pointed out that in all the centuries Africans have existed on their continent, they never built a city or magnificent structure, that everything that was developed there was done by whites, and that ever time Blacks take over a country (like Zimbabwe or South Africa) they steal white owned land, beat, rape, and murder the Whites, then a few years later, they find themselves starving because they're too stupid to farm.  Then they come knocking on the door of the White world begging for food, only his time, they're being told "Fuck you, starve to death.  You did this to yourselves."  

I wondered what kind of incompetents are running the University of Minnesota that they would even consider allowing a person like this to speak, when it appears what she's really doing, is planting the seeds of White Genocide!  I suggested to employers that if any potential employee seeks to work for them, the employer should see the Degree from U. Minn. as a red flag and NOT hire that person.  After all, if this is the type of crap they're exposing students to, then clearly the students must  not be properly educated.

I also talked about the Investment firm, GerberKawasaki of Santa Monica, CA and how its; principal, Ross Gerber, seemed to have some sort of tyrannical meltdown on Twitter, threatening anyone who attends President Trump's Los Angeles Fund raiser!  I suggested that Ross Gerber not only showed himself to have become mentally unhinged, but his JUDGMENT seems questionable to me.  I told Investors that if they have any money at GerberKawasaki, they should think about pulling it out, because if Ross Gerber is this unhinged in matters political, it calls into question his mental stability in matters financial.

Lastly, I reported that the NFL Players Union voted to support continued National Anthem protests next season.  I suggested that since the NFL Players think it is OK for them to rhetorically stick their finer in the eye of Americans in our own living rooms, that maybe I should give out the HOME ADDRESSES of such players so folks who are no longer going to football games, can instead go protest at those players homes.  That would make the players real popular in their neighborhoods when loud, boisterous protests stream up and down the street where they live.  I also told NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that I already know his home address in Westchester and if he doesn't nip this anti-American crap in the bud, I can give out HIS home address so protesters can go to HIS house too.

All this and listener phone calls too - for subscribers via the link below.  If you are not a subscriber, you can sign-up for instant access when you click the link!

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Today's national walkout by students from schools across America, in protest of things that hurt and kill so many students, has prompted lawmakers into action.  Below is the text of a Bill to BAN the ownership, possession or use, by any person younger than 21 years of age, of any and all CELL PHONES; inanimate objects that many use lawfully, but which have the blood of so many children on them that the rights of some will have to give way to the safety of many.

Just like students are demanding on guns!

The North Bergen, NJ Police and Hudson County, NJ Prosecutor's Office are investigating a gunpoint kidnapping which took place in the Township this week.

According to sources familiar with the event, a male armed with a gun, kidnapped a female.  The kidnapping was witnessed by persons who called police.

Tonight at 9:00 PM eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which is FOUR hours behind UTC (GMT-0400) The Hal Turner Radio Show airs live on WBCQ and is simulcast here on the Internet.  Tune-in by using the LISTEN LIVE LINKS in the menu bar above.

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The UK will expel 23 Russian diplomats who have been identified as undeclared intelligence officers as part of its response to the Salisbury spy poisoning, Theresa May has said.

Professor Stephen Hawking has died aged 76 - his family has confirmed.

As of 11:19 PM eastern US time, there are conflicting reports coming in of some type of large military attack taking place in the East Ghouta area outside Damascus, Syria.

Some sources are saying the Russians have fired cruise missiles from ships in the Med.  Others are saying either the US or British are undertaking large attacks.  Many contradictions in reporting, nothing solid as to Who did what.  

California is on the verge of declaring a statewide emergency as the radical left-wing Marxists infesting that state are having mental meltdowns over President Trump, who arrived there to inspect Border Wall Prototypes.  

Tens-of-thousands of left-wing snowflakes are already curled-up into quivering balls of flesh, laying on the ground statewide, totally "triggered" by the presence of a real leader as opposed to the lefty / gender fluid / homos / fruits and nuts which make up a majority of that state's elected officials.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he would replace his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Shortly thereafter, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Steve Goldstein issued a statement in which he said Tillerson was “unaware of the reason” for his firing. (He also told reporters that Tillerson had learned of the firing from Trump’s tweet.)  Goldstein has now ALSO been fired; for contradicting the White House!

Buckle-up, America. Things just took a sudden, dramatic and unexpected turn in the world . . .

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired by President Donald Trump, according to White House officials’ statements on Tuesday morning. He was in office for a little over a year, one of the shortest tenures in modern history — and it was not, experts say, a distinguished one.

Proving yet again she was physically unfit to President of the United States due to visible health issues, Hillary Clinton slipped down stairs - TWICE - during here ongoing trip to India. Video Below.

President Trump’s proposed $18 billion wall along the U.S.-Mexico border could cover its own cost if the U.S. cuts off welfare to illegal aliens, a study revealed.

The United States House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has declared "There was no Russian Collusion by either the Trump or Clinton political campaigns in the 2016 Presidential Election. CASE CLOSED."


The world was surprised by the announcement that North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un sought a meeting with US President Donald Trump, and that the President accepted.  The mass-media was quick to presume the meeting was sought because sanctions against North Korea are beginning to hurt.  That assessment is wrong.

Those in the Intelligence Community were decidedly NOT surprised by the requested meeting; they knew what _really_ brought North Korea to its senses: The newly reinforced USS Wasp putting to sea last Monday with F-35B Stealth jets . . . and  (at least) twenty, B-61-12 nuclear bombs

North Korea was literally  one week away from being nuked . . .  on March 16 beginning at 8:11 AM eastern US time.


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As most of you know, for 15 years (1993-2008) I worked with the FBI. My final five years (2003-2008) with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) on National Security Intelligence, Terrorism and Foreign Counter-Intelligence. My years with the JTTF saw me working closely with Intelligence folks in both civilian and military organizations in the U.S. and overseas.  I keep in contact with many of those former colleagues who feed me information from time to time.

It is with great trepidation that I now inform you of a plan by Leftists and Neo-Cons within the Intel Community, to field INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVES as Democrat Candidates for Congress, to takeover the legislature and directly control the country and its massive military.

An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history.

The Democrat Party is now publicly revealing its plans for the 2018 Election Season: Campaigning on INCREASING TAXES and HALTING DEPORTATIONS of Illegal Aliens!

President Donald J. Trump was in pique campaign form last night as he appeared at a Make America Great Again rally for Pennsylvania republican congressional hopeful, Rick Saccone. Once again, Trump came out swinging at a barrage of characters from Sleepy-eyed SOB Chuck Todd, CNN, and to the “great” stateswoman Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA.) 

Police are searching for rapper Juelz Santana after authorities say a gun was found in his carry-on bag at Newark Liberty International Airport.

In a recent interview on Secure Freedom Radio, I discussed with Frank Gaffney some of my research at Judicial Watch into Bruce and Nellie Ohr, the dynamic Democrat duo who lie at the heart of the Hillary Clinton-DOJ-FBI-Fusion GPS conspiracy (the "Clinton Conspiracy") to throw the presidential election to Hillary and, failing that, to undermine the Trump presidency with fabulist claims of "Russian-Trump collusion."  A historical analogy occurred to me in our talk: Bill and Hillary Clinton are the 21st-century equivalent of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

The Democratic Party has become the party of Jew-haters and is quite comfortable accommodating them in its ranks.

President Trump has been continuously thwarted in Congress as he seeks money to build a border wall. After all, his critics contend, he said he would make Mexico pay for the thing, so why should they vote any money forward for it, especially the tens of billions of dollars it requires?

President Trump has been continuously thwarted in Congress as he seeks money to build a border wall. After all, his critics contend, he said he would make Mexico pay for the thing, so why should they vote any money forward for it, especially the tens of billions of dollars it requires?

Sex “reassignment” doesn’t work. It’s impossible to “reassign” someone’s sex physically, and attempting to do so doesn’t produce good outcomes psychosocially.

Hundreds of pounds of bricks and structural wood framing fell from the second floor of a burning building in New York City, onto firefighters below, seriously injuring several.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the diplomatic push to solve the North Korean nuclear weapons crisis was at such a delicate stage that he won’t publicly discuss the talks or related issues such as U.S.-South Korean military exercises.

An illegal immigrant charged with vehicular homicide in a fiery crash on a Colorado interstate bonded out of jail Saturday, a week after the deadly hit-and-run incident, despite being wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Is populism Europe’s new normal?

Just days ahead of the Italian elections on March 4, Giorgia Meloni, the leader of Italy’s post-fascist Fratelli d’Italia party, took her campaign to Budapest, where she posed for a selfie with Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the banks of the Danube River.

Their one hour meeting touched on all the hot-button issues that have fuelled a wave of populist and anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe: uncontrolled migration, how to stop Islamization and border defense. Meloni also took the opportunity to signal her desire for Italy to join Hungary in the Visegrad Group of central European countries refusing to accept their quota of 160,000 refugees as agreed in a 2015 European Union accord.

“We want to send a signal to the EU about our priorities,” Meloni said. The EU got the message. On Sunday, Italian voters delivered Europe its nightmare scenario: A core democracy has rejected the moderate parties that guaranteed post-World War II prosperity in favor of leaders promising to send migrants home and blow out Italy’s budget deficit on welfare spending for the jobless.

Does this mean that the EU is dead? Not exactly. But it does indicate that populism in the West is thriving — and will likely continue to do so for some time.

The populist Five Star Movement and the anti-immigrant League won nearly 50% of seats in parliament, although it’s still not clear whether either has the numbers to govern. Italy has now abandoned over 70 years of careful centrism and joined the club of countries where populism is growing: Germany, France, the UK, Poland, Hungary and the U.S.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the onslaught of globalization created a new global landscape characterized by loss of national sovereignty, open borders, financial deregulation, the rise of China and jobs being displaced by outsourcing or technology. The speed and the disruption of these changes has resulted in a new post-Cold War political context dominated by euro skepticism, fear of immigrants and the anger of an insecure middle class.

“Globalization could not be stopped, but it happened too quickly,” Italy’s former Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti told me. Tremonti's 2005 book, “Fatal Risks,” accurately predicted that China joining the World Trade Organization in 2001 would make Italian workers poorer. “There’s never been so much social change in a twenty-year period. Now we are looking at the results.”

None of this is new. But Italy’s election is perhaps an inflection point between the old and new politics. We may be witnessing the moment when the previously unthinkable became the new normal.

By odd coincidence, President Donald Trump’s former strategist Steve Bannon swung through Europe ahead of Italy’s vote on his way to a speaking engagement in Switzerland, acting as a sort of self-appointed roving world ambassador of populism. Bannon wants to see populist movements on both sides of the Atlantic join forces, he told Milan daily Corriere della Sera.

“People have had enough, and want their sovereignty back. This Italian election is crucial for the global populist movement,” he said.

The defeat of populists Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Marine Le Pen in France last year’s elections was supposed to have turned the tide on euroskeptic, populist and anti-immigrant parties. But the German election in September 2017, in which the rightwing and anti–Muslim Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) party won 13%, suggested the relief that followed France’s election may have been premature.

Populism is now widespread in Europe even in countries previously thought to be somehow “immune” because of a strong liberal tradition (in the European sense). Around one fifth of European voters, or 55.8 million people, now pick left- or right-wing populist parties, according to a 2017 study by the European Policy Information Center. Meanwhile, Hungary, Poland and Greece (and Italy after March 4) are the countries where anti-establishment parties are strongest.

“Observing these long-run trends, there are no signs that support for anti-establishment parties will decrease in the short run,” the European Policy Information Center noted. And tellingly, the motivations for populism vary depending on the country.

Populism and anti-immigrant sentiment in Poland and Hungary stems from disappointment about how the transition from Communism turned out for them. First came the turbulent transition phase in the 1990s, when the standard of living plummeted. Cities like Warsaw and Budapest created pockets of wealth, while smaller cities and the countryside remained mired in poverty.

In Germany, the rise of AfD is largely seen as a response to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to let some one million refugees into Germany in 2015 at the height of the migration crisis, the year that over 3,700 people died crossing the Mediterranean in the world’s most deadly migrant route.

Anti-establishment parties in Italy have divided along geographic lines, with the Five Star Movement’s welfare promises attracting voters in the poor south, where over 10% of people are living in absolute poverty compared to 6% in the north. The center-right meanwhile has swept the wealthy north where voters are more concerned with safety and immigration.

If Europe’s euroskeptic populist parties continue to grow at this rate, at some point they will start to put serious pressure on the European Union’s vision of unity and collective prosperity. Leaders like Salvini promise voters to “ignore or rip up” EU rules that don’t suit them, like keeping Italy’s deficit under 3% of GDP for members of the single currency.

Italy is not leaving the EU or the euro any time soon. Brussels averted Greece’s departure from the eurozone in 2015 and is now dealing with Brexit. But a new populist government in Italy could set itself on a collision course with Brussels on immigration or public spending. Europe is adept at lurching from crisis to crisis. We’d better get used to it.

Jennifer Clark is a freelance journalist based in Italy and author of "Fiat, Chrysler and the Power of a Dynasty." She has written for The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Bloomberg.










Police in upstate New York have arrested a woman after her nine-month-old baby was found crawling in a busy roadway.

One of the nuns involved in a legal battle with the Los Angeles Archdiocese and singer Katy Perry over the sale of a Los Feliz property dropped dead Friday in court.

The Eastern Seaboard is bracing for its third storm in two weeks with snow and wind expected along already-battered coastlines around New York and Boston on Monday.

During the Saturday broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid suggested that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has made guns a “cultural issue,” adding that it has sent signals that its doctrine is to arm yourself to stay safe from the “scary brown people.”

Us Congressman Thomas Massie is warning that a severe Gun Control "Trojan Horse" is being foist upon the country via it being included inside the Reciprocity Concealed Carry Bill with a "fix" to the National Instant Check System (NICS).

South and Central America dominate a list of the most violent cities on earth, with the United States and South Africa also making an appearance.  In the USA, in order of "Deadliest" are: St. Louis, MO,  Baltimore, MD, New Orleans, LA and Detroit, MI.  Those US cities are ALL run by Democrats and are ALL Majority Black populations.  

CNN's Erin Burnett said Thursday that if President Trump can solve the U.S. problem with North Korea, he "would be going down as a great president."

The commentary from the "Outfront" host followed the White House announcement that Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would meet "by May" in an effort to negotiate the denuclearization of North Korea.

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 313,000 in February, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

In response to President Trump signing proclamations Thursday imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, Republic Steel has announced plans to restart its Lorain, Ohio facility.

The move would bring back more than 1,000 jobs to the Lorain plant, which will be positioned to restart its idled electric arc furnace, casters, and rolling mills on short notice.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Congress member from California, issued a statement concerning the federal government's lawsuit against California over its interference in federal immigration law enforcement.  The statement, below, makes clear ". . . Californians will keep their doors open . . . to illegal aliens who, she claims, "make America more American.

It may be time to deprive this person of a seat in Congress.

Quick, easy, ESSENTIAL . . .

President Donald Trump has agreed to a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by this May on his nuclear weapons program, South Korea's national security adviser announced at the White House Thursday evening. He had briefed the president on a message from Kim earlier in the day.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions flew to California to announce the federal government was suing that state over laws it enacted with the specific intent to thwart federal immigration enforcement.  

Speaking before a gathering of media, Sessions outlined three laws enacted by the California legislature which he called "unconstitutional" and slammed the Mayor of Oakland, CA for alerting illegal aliens that an Immigration raid was coming within 24 hours.  

Sessions reminded California that the first Civil War began because states thought they did not have to obey federal law.    California Governor Jerry Brown, at his own press conference, claimed the federal lawsuit was "war against California." 

As part of the government's new nuclear safety policy, as of today, every Belgian citizen can go to a pharmacy and get free iodine pills.  This sudden decision to distribute such pills, to protect from Thyroid cancer in the event of a nuclear incident, comes as the US and NATO move even more missiles toward the Russia Border.  

While the government says this distribution of iodine pills is in case of an accident at one of the country's two nuclear plants, the actual truth is that NATO expects to attack Russia, and they know that a nuclear weapons exchange is not only possible, but likely.

The Justice Department is suing California; Gov. Jerry Brown; and the state’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, over state laws passed in recent months, saying they make it impossible for federal officials to do their jobs and deport criminals born outside of the United States. The Justice Department calls the laws unconstitutional and asked a judge to block them. 

Other jurisdictions like Connecticut, New York City, NY, Jersey City, Union City, Hoboken, and Newark, New Jersey are also on a federal list of potential lawsuits over similar laws or Ordinances.

The Mass-media is reporting the resignation of Gary Cohn, Chief Economic Adviser to President Trump, as being driven by disagreement over Tariffs on imported Steel and Aluminium.  That may be true, but it is ALSO true that Cohn has been a nasty Globalist influence in the Trump Administration, to the detriment of the "America First" agenda.

Score another diplomatic victory for Trump,  MAYBE.  The President's hard line negotiating tactic appears to have generated a dramatic - and favorable - outcome; a "diplomatic breakthrough" that North and South Korea have agreed to hold direct talks between their leaders with North Korea signalling it is willing to abandon its nuclear program "if regime security can be guaranteed."

Issued by: New York City - NY, US, National Weather Service,


For those who monitor military radio traffic, today has been an extraordinary deviation from the norm.  "SKYKING" has been broadcasting Emergency Action Messages all day and, for some reason have been repeating particular messages at :10 and :40 after each hour!

In addition, two Boeing E4-B "Doomsday" planes have been in the air all day on Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B).  Something is happening.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the completely unlawful policy created out of thin air by the Obama Regime, EXPIRED AT MIDNIGHT, March 5.

To all the Illegal aliens and their children, a friendly reminder: Get OUT!

Issued by: New York City - NY, US, National Weather Service,


Public schools in Bayonne, NJ are closed Monday because of a threat made on Twitter, according to officials.  The threat allegedly stated "all Bayonne public schools will be shot up on Monday morning."

Just as the tri-state is turning the lights back on after a fierce nor’easter punished the region last week, another winter storm system has its sights set on the area.

At first, they thought he had the Flu.  George Hernandez hadn't heard of "Hantavirus" until his 9-year-old son, Fernando, was diagnosed with the disease just days ago.

Authored by Ben Garrison via

Last week I made brief appearance on a TV news show out of New York.

The National Academy of Sciences has published a study which finds "In the midst of rapid globalization, the peaceful coexistence of cultures requires a deeper understanding of the forces that compel prosocial behavior and thwart xenophobia."   HINT: They suggest drugging White people to make them more accepting of "Diversity."

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied that Russian nationals accused of meddling with US presidential elections in 2016 weren't acting on behalf of the Russian authorities and vowed they will never be extradited to the United States.

A Mexican national has confessed to stealing the identity of an American citizen, and over the course of 37 years pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars in government benefits.

 The archdiocese of Naples says it has sent the Vatican a 1,200-page dossier compiled by a male escort identifying 40 actively gay priests and seminarians in Italy.

Second Amendment arguments aside, would you pay $500 for a gun?  That's about what average guns go for these days – sometimes more, sometimes less, so let's agree on about $500.  However, what if that gun existed – just not in the physical world?  Would you pay $500 for a gun that you could only look at on your computer?

Welcome to the virtual world of online gaming.

My9 viewers in New York and New Jersey will need to rescan their TV on March 5, 2018 to continue to watch using an over-the-air antenna.

A coyote that is believed to have bitten several people and killed a dog in Westchester County has tested positive for rabies.

About 100,000 state residents remain without power Sunday morning following the late winter nor'easter that swept across the Eastern Seaboard Friday.

A shooting in Brooklyn on Saturday evening killed one man and left three other men injured, police said.

The bodies of a man and a woman were found in a New Jersey lake, but authorities say the deaths don't appear to be related. 

Prior to the Communist takeover of China, the Chinese language for thousands of years was Mandarin.  These days, it is referred to as "traditional" Chinese.  

After the Communist takeover, a new language was created called "Simplified" Chinese.   The two languages are NOT interchangeable; a person who speaks, reads, writes Mandarin, cannot automatically speak, read, write Simplified.   A similar change is being quietly done here inside the United States - to erase our history!


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Trigger points to catastrophic wars of Biblical scale -- and even minor deadly skirmishes -- are upon the Western world, and one small nation in the Middle East.

  • North Korea is a target for a war the scale of which not seen before. 
  • Iran and her tentacles are encircling Israel as you read this.
  • Russia is testing many limits of the U.S. and of Europe.  
  • China, has been ignored for far too long, to our great peril.

Folks in the U.S. military are already in the know of the one scenario creating rapid call up and deployments this year. North Korea has almost succeeded in developing or stealing or rehashing their ICBM program to hit any location in the US. The trigger point: reaching that ability and developing the missile.  We are literally only weeks away from the US (and allies) being compelled to attack North Korea.

Turkish warplanes struck Syrian government forces in Afrin on Saturday, killing at least 36 soldiers, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The forces loyal to President President Bashar al-Assad of Syria entered Afrin last week to support the People’s Protection Units, the Kurdish militia known as Y.P.G. that is the stated target of the operation Turkey and allied Syrian rebel fighters began in January.

Many students and faculty who were at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, during the Valentine’s Day shooting thought it was just a drill after they were told in advance that role-players would be conducting a fake ‘code red’ which is an active shooter scenario.

Exclusive footage in the video below shows an active shooter drill in which blanks and fake blood were used by students and crisis actors to simulate a code red.

Illegal alien activists shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and Democrats are blaming each other for unsuccessfully passing an amnesty.

Daniel Frisiello was arrested on Thursday for sending a white powder-filled letter to Donald Trump Jr.’s Manhattan apartment last month that sent his wife, Vanessa, and two other people to the hospital for observation.

Sen. Bernie Sanders's (I-Vt.) presidential campaign paid a $14,500 fine to settle a federal election complaint after an Australian political party paid for foreign volunteers to help Sanders during the 2016 presidential primary. 

A fire at 1200 26th St. in North Bergen, NJ has gone to FIVE-ALARMS as of 12:45 PM.   The North Hudson Regional Fire Department has requested Mutual Aid from Nearby Jersey City and Hoboken.

At about 9:20 AM eastern US time Friday,  Police responded to reports of shots fired at Central Michigan University.  Two victims have DIED.

The parents of murdered Democrat National Committee (DNC) Staffer Seth Rich confirmed to family friend Ed Butowski, it _was_ their son who provided WikiLeaks with a trove of DNC E-mails to expose cheating by the DNC against Bernie Sanders. 

There were NO Russian Hackers

The DNC knew this from the beginning and concealed it so they could launch a charade upon the nation about non-existent "Russian Hackers"  for over a year, with the sole purpose of destabilizing the Presidency of Donald Trump.

With militant left-wing wackos protesting and attacking people they disagree with, and with North Korea resuming their threats to nuke the United States, not to mention politicians in Washington pushing "gun control" so hard that folks are openly talking of "Civil War" it might be a good idea to take a look at some Emergency Supplies (Preps) to get you through if things get rough for awhile.  Here are some great ideas:

A federal jury has found Allentown, Pennsylvania Mayor Ed Pawlowski guilty in a pay-to-play trial, of multiple counts of conspiracy, bribery, attempted extortion, false statements to federal officials, mail fraud and wire fraud.   He will have to relinquish office after he is sentenced — a crushing end to a 12-year career at the helm of a long-distressed city.

Pawlowski, re-elected to a fourth term in November despite the shadow of indictment hanging over him, was found guilty of 47 charges and not guilty of seven charges in a trial focusing on allegations that he traded contributions to his campaigns for favorable treatment that helped donors get work from the city.

A federal jury has found Allentown, Pennsylvania Mayor Ed Pawlowski guilty in a pay-to-play trial, of multiple counts of conspiracy, bribery, attempted extortion, false statements to federal officials, mail fraud and wire fraud.   He will have to relinquish office after he is sentenced — a crushing end to a 12-year career at the helm of a long-distressed city.

Pawlowski, re-elected to a fourth term in November despite the shadow of indictment hanging over him, was found guilty of 47 charges and not guilty of seven charges in a trial focusing on allegations that he traded contributions to his campaigns for favorable treatment that helped donors get work from the city.

These are all the guns they are listing to ban.  The new law would 'Grandfather" all firearms owned BEFORE the ban is enacted.  

If you have ever thought about owning one of these, you can buy many of them from the links below IF YOU DO SO BEFORE THE BAN IS ENACTED!

It get worse!  the few semi-automatic guns that will be allowed have to be registered and the owner licensed. They will be considered "grandfathered" and no "grandfathered" semi-auto can be sold to a non-licensed person and the sell has to be reported. 

The words "Civil War" are already flowing off the lips of VERY MANY people.  If it comes to that (God forbid) you had better be ready with the weaponry needed to defend liberty.

The few "grandfathered guns allowed cannot be "altered" which means the stocks have to "fixed stocks" and no large capacity magazines.

Oh and the part they are trying to hide is what the penalty will be if you violate this law. This is what they say if you can decode it:


Section 924(a)(1)(B) of title 18, United States Code, is amended by striking “or (q) of section 922” and inserting “(q), (r), (v), (w), or (aa) of section 922”.

From 7:00am EST, Fri Mar 2 until 6:00am EST, Sat Mar 3

Blockbuster show about Mass-Casualty "Drills" being planned in many US Cities which could turn into REAL "mass-shootings" or other events, the same way the High School Shooting in Broward County, FL was reported by kids at the school to have been a "police drill using blank ammunition to simulate an active shooter" that turned into something real!

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