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It's been over a year since we took peaceful, law-abiding steps to "drain the swamp."  In that time, we have seen every manner of delay, mis-direction, obstruction, protest, and shutdown.  During that time we have suffered lies, deceptions and intentional mis-direction by so many, on a scale so incredible as to make us wonder whether the rule of law even exists anymore.

Well, it does exist.  You see, WE are the law.  WE THE PEOPLE. Are. The. Law.  And we can take action on our own, in the street, by force.

If the system is so broken that even the existence of sealed indictments does not stem the flow of corruption, then we have a right -- a duty -- to throw off this corruption and lay in its place something better.

There are, as of today, over 13,000 Sealed federal Indictments in all 94 federal districts in the USA.  Some of those Indictments have remained sealed since late October.  The belief is that these Indictments are so overwhelming, against so many powerful people, that their implementation must be delayed for fear of allowing many others to flee once the arrests begin.  

Fine.  How long does that mean?  How much longer must we wait before the filth is purged?

I say, if those Indictments are not unsealed and arrests effectuated by July 3, then We The People should take the law into our own hands and do what has to be done to drain the swamp via street justice starting on July 4. We already know who the liars, cheats, thieves, perverts and corrupt people actually are.  They make themselves visible every day.

Spread the word: Let us use the coming "Independence Day" to rid ourselves of the corrupt filth wrecking our nation. 

Use force on the fourth against the filth

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