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Get a load of this crap: Telling a Left-Winger they are examples of the Dunning-Kruger Effect (A psychological condition) is now "Harassment" according to the numbskulls at Twitter!  @PolitiSass - the whiny liberal girl who told me she had some big database and had all she needed to confront me . . . . but who never followed through by calling my show (which I invited her to do) -- has whined to Twitter!

The dingbats at Twitter have now suspended my account !

 So now I am going to RETALIATE by using the resources at my disposal to identify the private information of @PolitiSass and DOX her . . . . and if Twitter doesn't restore my account, I might choose to broadcast the personal info of their CEO, Jack Dorsey, on my nationwide talk-radio show, so everyone he has ever pissed off can know where he lives. 

It's good to have a radio show because it allows me to retaliate against these left-wing censor scum.

I encourage my readers to criticize "@PolitiSass" and to protest to Twitter over this nonsense.


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