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In 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate (Congress) voted overwhelmingly in favor of imposing stifling economic Sanctions against Russia over allegations the Russians "interfered with the U.S. Presidential Election" in 2016.  

After more than a year of investigations by the US House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE was found to prove such allegations.  That investigation is now closed. Finished. Done.  But the economic Sanctions against Russia remain in-place.

This is a dangerous thing.  As shown in my letter to my Congressman below, Economic Sanctions led to Japan Attacking the US in World War 2.  History repeats itself when folks fail to learn from it.

The Sanctions against Russia were a mistake based on FALSE ALLEGATIONS of election meddling. 

If we don't do something to correct our mistake, it could very well lead to the exact same result as happened before World War 2. 

Like Japan, Russia may find itself so strangled by our economic Sanctions, they realize they have no choice but to attack us.  I think we all understand what that would mean and NONE of us wants that.

Congress needs to start hearing from the American people about this mistake.  We the People must instruct Congress to Repeal these Sanctions before they lead to a war.

Below is an image of a letter I authored to my Congressman, explaining why I want those Sanctions Repealed.  You should write a similar letter to each of YOUR Congress members (both House and Senate), seeking the same thing: REPEAL THE RUSSIA SANCTIONS.

If you are not sure of who your member of the US House of Representatives is, or their mailing address, you can find out via THIS LINK using your postal Zip Code.

To find out the mailing address of your two US Senators, click THIS LINK and select your state from the menu.  You two senator names and mailing addresses will appear.

If you sit back and do nothing, don't blame anyone but yourself if the Sanctions against Russia lead to war.  




COPYRIGHT RELEASE: Permission is hereby GRANTED for this article and the letter image above, to be copied and re-published on any website, without fee or compensation.  It would, however, be a nice thing if such reproductions contained a link back to this article, but that is NOT required.



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