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A building exploded this afternoon involving a Health Club CLINIC in Aliso Viejo California, causing a 2-Alarm fire. (Orange County)

Firemen and other First-Responders were forced to evacuate the scene when a SECOND "BOMB" was thought to have been found.

This is a developing story . . . check back for updates.



Dead body is described as "non-salvageable."


Conflicting reports -- some claiming that a car drove into a building and exploded, while other reports say the building itself exploded.  



Explosion took place at 5 Mareblu, Aliso Viejo, CA.  Map of area below:



Initial report of bomb at Health CLUB, now corrected to be a Health CLINIC.   Not known if this Clinic performs Abortions or not.  Terror angle may be Domestic.



The Orange County Fire Authority said the explosion occurred from inside the two-story building at 5 Mareblu Tuesday shortly after 1 p.m. The first floor incurred significant damage.

One person was pronounced dead at the scene, and three others were injured, OCFA said. The extent of the injuries was not immediately known. The person who died was inside the building at the time of the blast, officials said.

Authorities initially believed a car had crashed into the side of the structure but later said that was not the case. (Article continues below Ad)

The FBI said there was no initial indication of terrorism, but the agency would continue to investigate out of caution.

The scene was declared a second-alarm fire and a hazmat situation. OCFA said a bomb squad was sent in to assess the situation and investigate the cause of the blast.

Officials said the structure, which fire officials described as a medical office building, appeared to be under construction.

Now saying possible GAS LEAK explosion.


UPDATE 10:35 PM EDT -- 

The explosion at an Aliso Viejo medical building was an “intentional detonation,” and the explosive device was delivered to the building, addressed to a specific person, federal sources say.



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