Today, a 500 page document of Strzok-Page text messages between FBI Agent Peter Strzok and his FBI Lawyer Mistress, Lisa Page, were published by the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee (HSGAC).  Some texts appear twice, some WITH redactions & some WITHOUT.

The ones WITHOUT prove that former FBI Director James Comey LIED UNDER OATH when he testified to Congress about when the FBI began investigating then-candidate for President, Donald Trump.  Comey said it began in late 2016, but the texts prove the FBI began almost a YEAR earlier, in December 2015 ! ! ! ! !   

Even worse, the Texts show the FBI engaged "OCONUS Lures"  (OCONUS=Outside Continental United States), "Lures" = Spies.   So our own government employees were so bent on controlling who became our President, they used OUR TAX MONEY to arrange for FOREIGN SPIES to work against one of our Presidential candidates, concealed what they did from the American people, then lied about it while under oath before Congress.    Prison much?

The texts, shown in the image above are evidence of collusion and wrongdoing by Obama’s FBI.


Here is a link to the actual 500 pages released by the US Senate today.

People need to go to prison for this.  Hopefully there won't be any government whitewash possibly causing some folks to feel a desire for Street Justice.

It's simple: FBI SPIED - COMEY LIED.   That's Perjury at minimum, Obstruction of Justice at Mid-Level, Treason against the American PEOPLE at worst.  You decide which.



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    Blather · 19:07 06/05/2018
    I already decided they should be HANGED. Starting with the bwitch Hillaryous.
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    LJB · 15:12 06/05/2018
    Prison? Are you kidding me? Lying to Congress will get you a job with CNN or at least a Nobel Peace Prize.
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    John Stults · 13:35 06/05/2018
    The problem is the masses aren't going to care.. they've been blue pilled so long that they just look and think "what's the big deal?" and when it's brought up, even with proof of this magnitude, they will call you conspiracy theorist, among other things, and put their head back in the sand. They don't care.
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    Peter Janisch · 13:11 06/05/2018
    It's time to start locking the criminal pedophiles up and let's start with the Democrats! These people are absolute traitors and need to be charged with Treason which I believe carries the Death Penalty. The people are not going to stand for anything less and if this continues any longer without any Justice it won't be long until We The People start to take matters into our own hands! The nooses are awaiting!
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      F. Cowper · 13:34 06/05/2018
      I couldn't agree more. Haven't had so much as a parking ticket in the last 10 years. I follow the law. So what am I supposed to do if theFBI or the IRS shows up at my door for a crooked toenail!? We either have equal justice under the law or we don't. This is dangerous!
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