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The Gulf of Mexico appears heading toward it's first major Hurricane of this year. Computer Models are showing a Category 3 hurricane developing in the Gulf and slamming into the Corpus Christie Area on June 18.

Folks in that area should remember what happened to Houston - especially since residents there were not told to evacuate in time, and ended-up stranded by floods, without food, electricity or medicines.

Here is a link to one of the Computer Models.  People along the Gulf Coast in Texas should be very alert as to the development and path of this story.  PREPARE NOW.


As we saw last year in Houston, flooding may mean there will be NO FOOD deliveries, probably for weeks, to the affected area. Government won't even be able to bring food in because of all the debris blocking roads, collapsed bridges and overpasses.   You need to have Emergency Food Supplies in your possession before this takes place or you will literally starve to death.

Here are some sources of Emergency Food:

(Disclosure: If you make a purchase, I will earn a small Commission on each sale)













Once your supply of stored water runs out, you're going to need more water, but NONE may be available via Municipal Water Supplies or stores. At that point, you will have to get water from nearby Lakes, Streams or Rivers, and that absolutely requires FILTERING before being consumed.  Here are some Gravity-fed water filters you can resort to when your emergency supplies run out:



Generators - To keep the refrigerator cold a couple hours a day, charge your devices and have a couple lights in the house.


Solar Power- Will keep some small devices charged, and one light on in the house



These turn your car battery in 120 volts AC.  Wattage is important, a typical refrigerator takes 1100 watts! Bear that in mind as you shop. . .



The are empty cans to store spare fuel for your Generator, car, truck, etc.



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