More astonishing news has come out of the testimony of Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and FBI Director Wray on Capital Hill today.

The nation was shocked to learn that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was sharing "highly classified" information with a Hillary Clinton Campaign operative named Amanda Renteria.

In fact, the information that was shared was so incredibly secret (Classified by the Intelligence Community) that the Inspector General couldn't even HINT at the subject matter, during the public hearing on Capital Hill!

Amanda Renteria worked for United States Senators Dianne Feinstein and Debbie Stabenow. She was hired into the Hillary campaign’s “Hispanic woman position” on the campaign.

WORSE:  Lynch allegedly told Rentieria she "wouldn't allow FBI Agents to go too far" in the Clinton investigation.

This whole bunch was corrupt as sin, plotting, scheming and breaking all sorts of laws in private, while putting on a happy face to the American people.  

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    Sue · 23:02 06/18/2018
    So political director of Clinton’s campaign Amanda Renteria can see the email from Killary but Congress can't see it. Clearly there is evil in the land. Notice also how Kennedy did not follow up on the question with the observation that Renteria can see it but not Congress.
    Another kabuki dinner show from the U.S. Congress, corrupt on both sides.
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    Ronan sautere · 21:37 06/18/2018
    Hal, what are they going to say when they hang Loretta lynch?Is they'z gonna call it a racist act or an act of mercy from the American people? It stinks so bad, i cant relay to you my real thoughts. They are classified. Enuf said you know the rollcall.
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    Bob · 21:33 06/18/2018
    See neonnettle about a FBI agent and wife killed day before he was to testify at grand jury about Fast and Furious.