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One of my radio show listeners in South Bend just saw Judge Amy Coney Barrett at her home asked if she was the SCOTUS pick: “I can’t confirm nor deny anything but you can see that I’m here.”

That would seem to indicate that Judge Barrett is _not_ the President's nominee for US Supreme Court.

President Trump is expected to name his selection at 9:00 eastern US time tonight, on national television.

Hal Turner Commentary

I can report to all of you that I took it upon myself to tell President Trump (in writing) that she would be "an unmitigated disaster" if appointed to the Supreme Court.

I pointed out to the President that the Seventh US Circuit (on which she sits) is the "most-reversed" Circuit in the US Court of Appeals.  I went on to point out that the Judges on the 7th Circuit routinely seem to ignore the plain language of the US Constitution, and are so hellbent on their own power trip, three of them even went so far as to have ME arrested and imprisoned for saying they were "traitors to the Constitution" who "deserve to be killed."

The judges and their prosecutorial minions called my editorial OPINION about them a "threat." 

As such, I told the President he should avoid nominating anyone from the 7th US Circuit, and it appears that is now the case.

I guess we'll all see tonight at 9:00.



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