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Prepaid "insta-protesters" were ready-to-go outside Trump Tower in New York City last night.  Within minutes of President Trump announcing his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, anti-American, mindless, drones launched their protest, blocking the roads near Trump Tower and getting arrested by New York City Police.

So utterly stupid were these protesters, they didn't even know the NAME of who they were protesting; instead chanting "Hey hey, Ho ho, THE NOMINEE has got to go"

"The Nominee?"  They didn't even know the name! ! !   They were simply out there to instantly protest; it didn't matter WHO the President nominated.

These morons are the type of mindless idiots being employed by sinister, left-wing subverters against our country and our President.

I'm working to identify these idiots and more importantly, who hired them.  


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    Paul Lambert · 01:49 07/16/2018
    So many wasted carbon molecules! Useless eaters, every one of them. How ever do we contend with so much biological matter consuming resources and taking up space?