The United States Federal Protective Service (FPS) in Portland, OR has finally taken action to defend themselves as well as US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from violent protesters trying to shut down ICE.

Today, after giving protesters direct verbal warning that they were interfering with federal law enforcement and would be arrested if they did not disperse and unblock the driveway of the ICE office in Portland, FPS unleashed a massive barrage of pepper-spray and fired what sounded like hundreds of "pepper-SHOT-projectiles" hitting protesters with dozens.

As FPS officers moved to commence arrests, the crowd got violent and force had to be used to restore order. 

Some of the protesters were so enraged that they were being MADE to obey constituted authority, they got physically violent to the point where they had to be TAZERED!

Throughout the chaotic ordeal, the FPS officers seemed to keep their cool.  They did not feed into the verbal attacks, wherein protesters called them "fascists" and "nazis" and they did not seem to go overboard with use-of-force as they were told "everyone hates you, I hope you die a long and lonely death, alone."

Other protesters demanded FPS and ICE "Get out of here, no one wants you here."  They also taunted FPS by reminding them "Why do you think not even the Portland Police will come help you - we don't want you here."

All in all, it was a very stressful clash between people who seem to want no borders for our country, and who seem to think they can do whatever they want to physically halt law enforcement.  They found out quite bluntly, they cannot.



Hal Turner Commentary

Congratulations to FPS and to ICE for keeping cool, doing what HAD to be done, and using minimal force against very violent people.  I watched numerous videos of this incident and I think you folks did a good job. I, for one, am proud of you.





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    yes · 01:58 07/12/2018
    I got a massive hard on watching them get pepper sprayed, wish the video was longer. Watching this and ANTIFA getting a beat down beats going out to the movies. What manu was that Pepper Spray. I want to buy some.
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    mo moo · 21:07 07/11/2018
    If we made protesting for hire illegal we wouldn't see all these people here.
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    Guy Aul · 19:22 07/11/2018
    I've noticed in so many of these types of videos and photos, that there must be a lot of retired left wingers. I thought social security didn't kick in until 62 or older? Oh, I must be mistaken, as there is welfare for these scum as well as the likes of Soros funding this. Maybe on disability due to brain infarction? Take a good look at these low lifes...they do have a look of "Idiot" about them, don't they?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      CMD · 21:19 07/11/2018
      I'm on SS now, but Social Security only kicks in if you've worked your whole adult life. These people don't look like they've ever held a job. They look like the old "grimey fringe drug-hippies" from back in the sixties.
      And they clearly have never learned how freedoms work.
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