Millions of Americans have been patiently waiting, hoping, and praying for the US Department of Justice to finally hold accountable the people who committed acts against our Republic before, during and after the 2016 Election. They wait in vain.   

Justice from official channels will NEVER be done because the official channels are ALL corrupt.  ALL OF THEM.   And the so-called "investigations" they're allegedly conducting, are merely theater to run-out the clock on the Statute of Limitations.  

I was at a barbecue over the Labor Day weekend and a guy I spoke to there told me that he was starting to wonder if the only real solution to some national troubles might come if the general public begins VIGILANTE JUSTICE IN THE STREETS; walking up to some of the people who have undermined our country and smashing them in the head with a baseball bat until they're dead?

Intriguing thought!

Think about what we've seen come to light over the past two years:

The weaponizing of US Government Intelligence Apparatus by a sitting Administration and its favored candidate, against an opposing candidate who would succeed it.

The lying-by-Omission to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by top level officials in the DOJ and the FBI. 

The circumventing of the US Constitution by farming-out illicit domestic US spying to British Intelligence.

The laundering of money from a political campaign, through a prominent New York City law firm, to buy a phony dossier written by foreign perpetrators, in gross violation of campaign finance laws and of the canons of legal ethics.  Done with deliberate intent to frame a new President and lay the groundwork for an Impeachment to void a valid election.

The laundering of upwards of $84 Million in otherwise ILLEGAL campaign donations, through the STATE COMMITTEES by a certain political party, in order to get around federal campaign funding limit laws.

The intentional lying to the general public about non-existent "Russia Collusion" to the detriment of the entire nation.

These are crimes!  Actual crimes. 

And NONE OF THEM WILL EVER BE PUNISHED because ALL the people involved in "investigating" these crimes, are "in on it." Every fucking one of them is no good.  Corrupt to the core - all of them.

Need proof?  What did the federal judges on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court DO when it became public knowledge they were deliberately LIED TO UNDER OATH?   What the judges did was . . . . nothing.  No hearings.  No Contempt.  No imprisonment of anyone.   

Want to know WHY those federal judges did nothing?  Because THEY are no good too!  Useless as tits on a bull; the whole lot of them.

The entire legal apparatus of the entire United States federal government is corrupt.  Law enforcement agents, their bosses, US Attorneys, their underlings, a certain Deputy in the DOJ, the courts . . . the whole system is completely, totally, mind-numbingly, fucked.

Justice will never be done for these crimes because no one in the "system" wants anyone punished.  THAT is the ugly reality.

But there is a glimmer of hope now being discussed quietly in social circles.

I attended a barbecue over Labor Day Weekend and some of the people in attendance were openly talking about a very taboo subject: VIGILANTE JUSTICE.

One of the people at this barbecue told me "Until some of these people start getting their heads beaten-in with a baseball bat, no one is ever going to do anything about this corruption."

I thought about what he'd said.  And I wondered if he's right?

I am now wondering to myself if we in America have reached a point where, unless the general public takes up arms, starts storming into the houses of some of the corrupt persons who have done these things, and begins beating them to death in their living rooms, nothing will ever change?   IS THAT what we've become?

I'm sorry to have to give this opinion, but in my personal view, THAT is the ugly reality.   

As for the Justice Department, law enforcement and the courts, they're a lost cause.  

It seems to me, and this is just an OBSERVATION, if there is going to be any justice for what has been done to this country, I think it will have to be done in the streets by the American people.   But that's just my opinion.

And while I have absolutely no personal plans or intentions of doing any violence to anyone - and you shouldn't either --  I won't shed a tear if  the general public starts cracking skulls and slaughtering the pieces of shit at the core of so many problems.

As for the guy at the Barbecue, he used a simple slogan to justify his view: He said "Kill Them All and let God Sort it Out."

Wow.  Americans seem really pissed-off.


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    John Robert Mallernee · 11:47 09/04/2018
    The corruption extends to the majority of our population, which has been successfully indoctrinated to meekly accept the status quo.

    Our contemporary politically correct government mandated Hollywood propaganda has conditioned our society to be virulently anti-White, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-male, and accepting of homosexuality and miscegenation.

    Yes, as previously posted by another commentator, this was exactly how the Ku Klux Klan began in America, and also, how the National Socialist German Workers Party began in Germany.
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    DAvid · 11:23 09/04/2018
    Yes this conversation has been emerging in several conversations I've had recently. What are we to do, sit back and let Islam rape our daughters and wives, use our legal system to thwart justice, let these traitors in government run free? God's speed all
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    Cesar · 09:57 09/04/2018
    There are many ways to do this.

    Expel them from public places, burn their personal possessions, use IED device to make them get away like frightened rabbits and chase them.

    Create an information system accessible to everyone about their whereabouts, as well as places and jobs where they can be found.

    Do not let your betrayal go unpunished. This is necessary to give the idea that they will be immune to justice when they come to betray the country !.

    Death to communism. Death to socialist globalism !.

    My country is infested with communism everywhere(Brazil). Newspapers, Magazines, Television.Institutions of teaching. It will be a great challenge to get rid of this pseudo-intellectual garbage. Traitors to the HomelandStrength and War !.
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    Scott · 09:41 09/04/2018
    How many readers are ready for eternity? If you aren't then now is the time to seek after the Lord Jesus Christ. He is your only hope to be saved from your sins. You get to choose, life or death, please choose life, if you choose life then I ask you to pay it forward to your family and friends so they get to choose too. No matter what happens from now on you will be eternally secure in Christ if you accept what He has done on your behalf.
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    Guy Aul · 09:28 09/04/2018
    As a follow-up from my previous post, I ask this. If everyone stopped going to work, what can "they" do? They can't put everyone in jail, that's for sure. Oh sure, they can threaten with this or that, but it won't work. Unified action works, period!
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      Marmaduke · 09:57 09/04/2018
      What can they do? Starve us by breaking down food and fuel distribution. Riots. Social violence. Venezuela anyone? We too have been well-cared-for pets for a long time.

      Everyone stop going to work? Only if everyone is very well prepared ... But what fraction of the population is prepared at all, much less well prepared?
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    Guy Aul · 09:22 09/04/2018
    Another way of dealing with this situation is for everyone to stop going to work. By going to work, one is feeding the monster in sooooo many ways. This also means to stop paying all the bills. All of them! A little unification would go a long way, but am I a dreamer? Being prepped properly would help! Imagine how quickly this would give results and results are what we the people desire. Protests and the like won't work. Tough action will work and stop going to work is simple and tough at the same time. Another item, the Rothschild family are a big problem...

    Food for thought: you go to work every day and have your wages taken from you at literally gunpoint. That money they forcefully take from you is USED AGAINST YOU! Why would anyone go along with this?
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    Susan · 09:15 09/04/2018
    Make no mistake. The left is just itching to take out The Deplorables and all that is dear to them. It’s going to be ugly.
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    PH · 08:10 09/04/2018
    "There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo..."
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    Jew rat · 07:37 09/04/2018
    Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out the
    Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100
    million of them, and the end is not yet." (Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn.)
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Sammy jew dog · 07:25 09/04/2018
    We are not talking about a few dozen but millions who rules us cladestantly .Using us to protect them ,they send us off to kill each other.Every aspect of our lives from food to water to entertainment they control.Not only here but around the world.You can not fight such a force openly .They are a giant organized Mafia and they control this prison.
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    Onno · 05:57 09/04/2018
    Psychopaths of a certain kind = bloodless dead inside CORE-lunatics of the hidden (behind a mask of sanity) blending in, very glib and treacherous infiltrating, FUNDAMENTAL lying kind, who recognise eachother living in "another world" = the terrible gloomy world of Jimmy Savile (in essence, but not all psychopaths with -when discovered- disgusting morbidities like necrophilia, peadophilia etc.) will always and everywhere take over the normal government administration and form an all-controlling state in a state........if no (modern psychopathy) test is applied and these *PROACTIVE (!) lifethreatening* MONSTERS are stopped in their tracks or TAKEN OUT any which way!

    If the state is already a socalled psychopathocracy like the USA and its vassals, it has become a pure evil monolithic monstrum that consumes normal people everywhere in the world, turning everything upsidedown and forms a threat to all normal humanity and.......will end in a ruinous heap, also for the people living in such a psychopathocracy.

    Winston Churchil I.e. did not mind murdering the lovely city (an acting overflowing war-wounded, POW and refugee-camp for months allready) Dresden, but he also murdered "his own" troops at Gallipoli (psychopaths, phenomenal *100% narcissistic* moral moron murderers, in PROACTIVELY hidden reality, know no family or fatherland but are very convincing suggesting the opposite). 'You will be stabbed in the back sooner or later, in ways you can't begin to imagine'.......
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    Reginald Fischer · 03:09 09/04/2018
    You're right about the pervasive government corruption. We no longer have the rule of law for the political and corporate elite in America. It's completely out of control.

    But civil conflict is exactly what the elite want to justify martial law and a UN "peace-keeping" presence in America. We are in a catch-22.
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    Chilly8 · 02:10 09/04/2018
    The statute of limitations is 5 years on most federal crimes. Some crimes it is longer,some it is shorter

    Crimes with statutes of limitations other than 5 years include

    CFAA violations 2 years
    Criminal copyright 3 years
    Insider trading 6 years
    Tax evasion 7 years
    Bank related fraud 10 years
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    TSAZ · 01:37 09/04/2018
    I've been a broken record for 10 years easy- men don't have the stomach anymore for what needs to be done. It would take massive coordination, and in speaking to an officer in the Navy whom I know, nothing will come out of them because simply- they aren't hungry. And they have families. And homes.

    It's long past time for BOTH Civil and Revolutionary War II.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      William Bermudez · 17:55 09/05/2018
      Proverbs 1:32 "For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them."
    • This commment is unpublished.
      John Robert Mallernee · 12:35 09/04/2018
      A fellow Viet Nam War veteran once pointed out to me that there can be no popular uprising while the televisions are still on and pizza is still being delivered.
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    Rabbi Bitberg · 01:15 09/04/2018
    If you want to usher in an era of martial law, curfew, checkpoints and mandatory ID and car/home checks by law enforcement, then sure, go destroy law and order in your country. If you act like a mob of savages, then you can expect to be ruled over like one.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Casual Observer · 01:35 09/04/2018
      Law and order is already destroyed. Didn't you read the Commentary? Besides, the very few problems that might end up being dealt with by such means are nowhere near enough to cause the kind of attempted backlash you describe. What are we talking about here, maybe two dozen scumbags? Three dozen? Hell, they kill more than that in Chicago in one weekend and nobody bats an eye!

      Besides, the American people have far more guns than the government. If they actually tried to do what you describe, they would ALL be dealt with harshly.
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    Brian Tolle · 01:03 09/04/2018
    I've been saying for a long time. The only thing that is going to stop this insanity is guns and bullets.
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    TODD HATHAWAY · 00:41 09/04/2018
    The Europeans set the stage literally hundreds of years ago for an East vs. West showdown. That is now playing out in real time across the pond in places like Ukraine and the Middle East.
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    OccamsRazor · 00:29 09/04/2018
    Wasn't this what the KKK really did?
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    Remember Chris Kyle. · 23:57 09/03/2018
    I was at the grocery store the other day and struck up a conversation with a stranger over the coming football season. He had on a Cowboys shirt. But he made an interesting comment right before I walked away. I had said something about Trump being threatened by the left over his football/kneeling comment a year ago, the the dude replied "It's time to take back the country, and we're gonna have to shoot 'em in Washington. If we wait, we lose. Every day we delay gives those bastards more time to maneuver" And he was serious. Probably right, too. No one prayes for peace like a soldier, but there is a time to fight, for sure. Absolutely and no doubt.
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