Today is September 11 and it's hard to believe it is now seventeen years since the Producer of my radio show, Gerard "Rod" Coppola, was murdered in the attacks of 9/11.

Even more difficult to fathom is how the events of that day shaped MY life, my role with the FBI, my involvement in National Security Intelligence and so much more.

Gerard Coppola's love of broadcasting and music was the central thread of his life. Mr. Coppola, who was also known as Rod and JRod, was antenna engineer for WNET-TV, Channel 13, on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center's north tower.

His Web site ‹ ‹ lives on and features his doleful songs. Not only did he mix the songs, but he sang and played all the instruments ‹ guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

"Gerard was a dreamer," said his sister, Cynthia. "These are the people who are visionaries, who are risk-takers. They dare to listen to their own voices."

Already at age 12, he was a broadcasting nut. He bought a two-watt transmitter, built a mini-radio station in his basement in East Orange, N.J., and began broadcasting, rock 'n' roll and personal musings throughout the town. His friends loved it.

As a teenager, he began playing in rock bands and writing songs. At family gatherings, everyone wanted to hear him tell stories. "People sought him out," his sister said. "He had a gift. He was like the Pied Piper of the family." 

At home, he sought to bring his love of music to his wife, Alice, and their four daughters, Angeline, 20, Angela, 19, Delinda, 15, and Alison, 8. He would have turned 47 but was killed on 9/11.

"When his first grandson, Andre, was born five months ago," his sister said, "he came to my house and said, 'Cindy, I can't wait for you to see him. He's a gorgeous baby.' He said, 'I'm going to be such a cool grandfather.' " 

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 12, 2001.


Rod Coppola loved his family, his job at WNET-TV, music, and, especially, his baby grandson just born in May, 2011. 

"He was very excited about becoming a grandfather," his sister, Cynthia Hamburger, said yesterday. "He called me and said, 'Wait until you see the baby. He's beautiful.'" 

Mr. Coppola vowed to be "such a cool grandfather," Hamburger recalled. "He didn't have a problem with being a young grandfather," she said. "It's too bad that Andre won't get to know this wonderful grandfather now." 

Gerard "Rod" Coppola, 46, of New Providence, NJ, died inside the World Trade Center following the Sept. 11 terrorists' attacks. He worked on the 107th floor of One World Trade Center, the tower with the giant antenna mast on top, where many television and radio stations had transmitting equipment, Hamburger said. 

Mr. Coppola's wife, Alice, and other family members remember him as a warm, outgoing man who had a natural talent for music, radio and "fixing anything." As a child, he used to bring the neighborhood children to his East Orange home, where he would broadcast from a rudimentary radio station, his sister said. 

As an adult, Mr. Coppola produced a political show - The Hal Turner Show -- for ham radio audiences. 

He was very patriotic. "There's almost an irony that this is the way he died, because my brother loved this country and was distressed sometimes at the lack of patriotism and lack of respect of public office," she said. 

"When we see all the flags out now, we think this would make him happy. It makes us look at each other differently." 

The youngest of three children, Mr. Coppola was a natural-born entertainer who liked to tell a story and make people laugh. And he was always considered the "baby brother," even after he became a grandfather, she said. 

"He was open-hearted and funny," his wife said through tears. 

Mr. Coppola was a broadcast engineer for WNET. He attended Brookdale Community College in Lincroft. 

Besides his wife, sister and grandson, Mr. Coppola is survived by four daughters, Angela, Alison, Angeline Li and DeLinda Li; his father, George J. Coppola Sr.; a brother, George J. Coppola Jr.; a niece and two nephews. 

Profile by Debra Dowling published in THE STAR-LEDGER.


Rest in Peace, Rod.




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    Alfred T (login pb) · 19:31 09/13/2018
    He must have been a great man, loved and cherished. Rest in peace Sir.

    Israel organized 911 to push its agenda of destructing Irak, then pumping its oil, using the am blood/labour/debt.
    Now these satanists are doing it again with Siria, to stick to their biblical territory "promise" (it was supposed to arrive after the return of their Messia, but they actually don't follow their own religion, just pretend to).
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    Tim · 15:36 09/13/2018
    It's still hard for me to watch the buildings coming down.... I could not watch any footage for over a year... I could not read this full article because of how horrible the whole situation is and was.... I still have a hard time watching that and prefer not to... God bless you Hal.... praying for you
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    Tim · 15:31 09/13/2018
    So sorry Hal.... my condolences
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    JEFFERSON HIGH CLASS · 12:48 09/11/2018
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    dan · 11:49 09/11/2018
    MY 3 Days at WTC NYC

    Hello all good people and even you not so good ones:
    You ask who the enemy is that cause's terrorist to act out and do these crazy things.
    I was just in NYC at the location where the walkway crosses the main street thru the WTC. The walkway bridge was completely devastated. There were many volunteers there when I got there. There are only a handful working in hiding now. (except for many cops from out of state and firefighters from out of state). I was right next to the US Customs building which was hit hard by the implosion. It was burnt out and many of the rear floors were crushed in the back. ( I just heard yesterday they were trying to locate the vaults filled with unkown's.) ( What are you thinking?)
    Thursday the government approved the funding I was told about it as I saw many sign up for this job and the UNION took over. Many volunteers / steel cutters / iron workers, who weren't union guys were not hired. 4 Main companies took the Bids to work on the demolition from 4 different directions. Yes, there were many volunteers. I drove from southern NJ to get there as they opened the George Washington bridge Wednesday morning. I went to the Jacob Javoics building at 11th and 34th streets and signed up as a volunteer. I luckily had a hard hat in my RV. That is what got me accepted to the ground zero site. We went in on a bus and 4 other womyn were with us. ( Most of the guys left when it started raining. ) When we got to ground zero there were many volunteers already setting up triages and cooking food and serving and separating clothes. No one told us what we were going to do once we got there. It was as if we were just expected to find a need and fill it. I went right up to the devastation area at the walkway bridge. They already at that location, had dug out many vehicles by Wednesday evening. They were just opening up the area to see under the walkway bridge = WWB. An iron worker told me to look up. I did. I saw 2 arms hanging out of the wreckage. Sticking out of the WWB i saw 3 fire trucks, crushed. The rains came late that night and it rained into Thursday. I was holding oxyacetylene torch lines to keep them from being tangled on twisted metal. I stood for 3 hours in torrential rains. I stood there and watched those arms laying limp without life. They told me it was a woman. Many of the cutters were staying under the US Customs garages to keep dry. New cutters were there and wanted to cut but they needed someone to hold the gas lines. I started to see a strange mentality there. It took me till Saturday to figure out what it was.
    There were volunteers, who wanted to work and clear as much as they could. There were also those, who knew this was going to turn into a job. They did demolition before and knew what to expect. The many hard working volunteers stayed and worked for 12 to 16 hours a day. The union volunteers made sure they were there at the time to meet the 4 company bosses and to get signed up. However, many Union workers were very nice people. Some were total jerks and some were macho male chauvinist pigs. It goes to say that these kind of people exist everywhere in all walks of life.
    The point I am getting at is that after seeing the real heroes and seeing those just looking for another UNION JOB the spirit of many good volunteers was broken. The union was now in charge by late Thursday afternoon and the volunteers, who left the immediate site area, were not allowed back in. That means we either had to somehow sneak back in or go without beds to sleep on and showers or just to take a break and watch a TV to know what the world was thinking.
    Now, all this food and clothing that was donated was going to the Union guys who got paid. They ate free and they loaded up their work bins with lots of free supplies. However, the other honest volunteers had brought supplies with them that they donated. They just wanted to help.
    Now the real point is that in a way this Foreign born DR, now living in the USA ( Who said that the USA deserved this.) is right about the USA deserving this. The WTC represents the greed of America. The Union workers represent the, "I ain't busting my butt attitudes." These represent the Assimilate or die mentality. The real Americans were working in the rain. They worked tirelessly. They didn't care about getting paid. They weren't loading their trucks with free supplies. ( One of them was Scott Dean from New Castle Pa. He told me his email. I think it is He wasn't Hired because he wasn't a union iron worker. He didn't complain he just continued to do what he knew he must do in his heart. I think he did want to get hired though. ) He was still cutting steel at 9 PM Saturday evening when I finally left to go to reporters to tell them what I saw. Wild though, they only wanted ratings. They had people who lost loved ones sharing. They didn't care about the real truth. I guess they are union too. ha

    Finally, the enemy is all around us. It isn't a country. It isn't an ethnicity. It isn't a religion. It is simply ,,, good ,,, verses ,,, evil.

    " I ...have ...done ....All ...that ...I ....could. Seen ..... the .... Evil .... And .... The .... Good ... and ... I .... am .... crying.
    " Doctor,, in ,,, my ,,, eyesssssss etc etc etc... ""

    That song came to heart by this Sunday morning as I drove south down I-95 through NJ and I cried. I knew that the lack of acceptance in this country and around the world is what caused the enemies, who are distraught people, to act out and do this crazy thing. When you go to a church you see those, who come to dress up and show off. When you're at many places you see these people. Many of these people / the real enemy / are in positions of power all around the globe. They are assimilators. They know what you say about fools. They aren't gonna be fools. ( As this person said this, Only a fool bites the hand that feeds him. ) (( hmmmmm.... now I remember, those who act so suspicious, when others, offer to help for free.. we must be weird to these people.. Gosh normal people don't do that... )) They are going to assimilate and fit in and take, take, take for themselves. Those with great hearts will give and give and give. The fools are the givers you say. I say how can we live in this world if we can't live true to our hearts. That's why we changed our bodies to fit our identities and to be true to ourselves. We don't want to just change our hearts and become takers.. do we??
    Yes, I am known as Crazy Danielle. I am very very proud to wear that label. I pray that I never fit in / assimilate / and keep my diversity always. This world that tries to assimilate all into a, one world order, is representative of the Union. It tries to take away the hearts of good people and those good caring volunteers, who put everything they have into living life meaningfully. Call me a fool. Call me a crazy person. I seek hearts. I don't seek to assimilate for my own greedy needs.
    Wanna know some more of what happened? While the good firefighters and police and national guard people and volunteers were fighting with all their hearts to save lives, others were robbing a diamond store under the big glass dome. While good officers, workers, firemen, volunteers were there caring, others were stuffing their cars with free supplies. Others were there to empty pocketbooks and billfolds of the dead.
    The enemy isn't a country. The enemy is a me attitude. I have seen it in the transgender world too. I know who the enemy is. You do too. You have seen where young confused. Unassimilated kids in Colorado high schools killed many others because those unassimilated kids didn't fit in. They didn't assimilate as they were told too. lol..
    No, those people with a kind heart either must change and assimilate or they have to either bite their tongues to survive in this world of greed. Or, some who don't know enough to bite their tongues will act out from the sheer stress of a world of greed. A world of ME. A world of assimilated people without hearts.
    I have seen this stuff all my life. I spent many years helping and not being understood by those with greed in their eyes. Heck, I am the crazy one, who still has a heart. Yet I know that striking out won't fix anything. However, you, who proclaim not to be fools, better start caring or you can expect to see more terrorist doing many more things, as they are willing to die for their beliefs in their confused hearts. Yes, these people are confused. Yes, they don't understand those, who assimilate. Yes, they don't want, nor should they have too, assimilate. That is what the word diversity means. This USA, American pie, Union pride, crap has got to stop. If people aren't appreciated as individuals this world is domed. We need to help people to show their differences. Not raise them to be assimilated greed misers. I am not saying that Unions are totally bad. I know they were needed when rich power mongers were trying to make slave labor camps.
    I have seen in the transgender world how so many try to fit in with the others. It is like a clique. No one allows individuals to stand our proud. You either got fit in or out you go. Your a freak or your crazy or whatever.. All my life I have heard, " You work too hard. You make the rest of us look bad." That attitude is from ignorance. That attitude breeds many confused individuals, in which some end up doing many wrong things. My hard work is cause, I like to work hard for a short while then take a break for a couple months to go out and do volunteer work.
    This world needs stop trying to get all people to conform. They may never. Heck they have a beating heart. Unlike some greedmisers I have met.
    The world needs to learn to accept all and not try to cookie cutter everyone. We all can't or won't be shaped to one rulers ideologies. Not now, not ever! We are going to have to stop doing the same thing over and over, with trying to make everyone the same. We are going to have to learn to celebrate our differences, our individualities, our diversity.
    I think many psychologist say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So, maybe we need to think really, Who is the crazy people. Those who try to assimilate others and those assimilating themselves or those who just allow people to be who they are and live as individuals.
    Personally, I would much rather be thought of as a loon, than to fit into a world so cold and assimilated. This is what the spirits above are telling me. I guess when they made Jesus carry the cross he looked pretty foolish. hmmm guess he didn't quite fit in...hmmm he bit of the hand that was feeding him.. In those days, they just killed the free thinker.. Today they put them in crazy homes or get them to assimilate with medications.
    What will I do? I will do as Jesus and many others have done for many years. I will stir the truth up. Also, I will try to ease the minds of those stressed, due to this world of greed and hopefully opening up hearts. I will try to push for more individuality. That is the simple message that Jesus wanted us to know. Get that PERSONAL CONNECTION ,,,, TO,,, YOUR.... SELVES,,,,, Let go of the EGO and allow the spirits above to show you who you really are inside. Stop assimilating and becoming carbon copy cookie cutouts. Let your individuality out of the closet... What a boring world this would be with everyone the same.. All straight and greed filled and male and white and etc etc etc..

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    Faith Seven · 11:39 09/11/2018
    911 was an inside job perpetuated by the Bush/ Cheney Neocon administration. Even Alex Jones is back pedalling and blaming it on the Saudi's.
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    John Bolton · 11:20 09/11/2018
    911 was a total inside job. The Bush administration and his Warmonging Neocons. Even Alex Jones is back paddling now and buying the Bull Shit Story that it was the Saudi's.
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    Eat Shit hal · 10:15 09/11/2018
    You are a fucking liar.
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      Jimmy Rochester n.y · 12:44 09/11/2018
      hey eat shit dont you have a job somewhere or are you collecting a welfare check just to bother real Americans high class people like my self just to annoy people?

      why dont you go out get a f****** job and start being a productive member in society instead of being a royal in pain in our ass.

      now go away like a good little boy and go jack off in the mud puddles
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    candice99 · 09:57 09/11/2018
    Condolence hal, very sorry.
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    Curly Brehm · 09:54 09/11/2018
    Many of us have lost dear ones along the way. Only a few of us have lost them in such a way. God bless you Hal, you are special!!
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    Baize Montgomery · 09:29 09/11/2018
    I'm very sorry, Hal.
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    Gifford Rodine · 09:14 09/11/2018
    Thanks for telling us about this life changing event. Some folks are important even in the after life! We will share in your respect.
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    Jill · 08:57 09/11/2018
    3000 stories and tens of thousands whose lives were forever changed ...billions of lives changed. The lives of every person on this earth changed on that day. Only a few may stop to consider that. For many of us who were patriots, as we began to realize the horror of what actually took place and the insidious evil that is the leadership of this country our hearts broke. Once one understands a thing one can never unknow it. Watch fair game for a small glimpse of the crap that was and still is going on in our government. Thank you for sharing your friends story Hal.
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