The first nasty clouds from Hurricane Florence have now arrived along the coast of North Carolina and the ocean surface is already beginning to show "whitecaps."  This is important because the eye of the storm itself, is still FOUR-HUNDRED MILES away!

Much is being made of the fact that the wind speeds around the eye have decreased from 140 MPH to about 130 MPH, and some people seem happy about this.  However, this is one of the WORST developments so far:

This took place because the WIND FIELD expended to almost DOUBLE its previous size.  Right now, Hurricane Force winds (Defined as Sustained Winds in excess of 74 MPH) extend out 70 miles from the center, or 140 miles end-to-end.  Tropical Storm Force Winds (Defined as Sustained Winds between 30 and 73 MPH) extend out 195 Miles from the center or almost 400 Miles end-to-end!  All of that wind is not only PUSHING the ocean into shore, it is loaded with rain. 

When Florence is all said and done, portions of Virginia, much of North and South Carolina, as well as portions of Georgia will be destroyed and a whole slew of really stupid people who refuse to evacuate, will be dead.

I have in the studio, multiple live video links to cameras situated along the coast of the southeastern US, in places likely to be directly affected by this Hurricane.  One such camera is at DADDY MAC'S BEACH GRILLE in Surf City, NC.   The image above is from that camera. 

I will grab video and still-images as I can in an effort to convey the horror which is about to unfold.  I do not have hope that the camera links will remain active for long.


Let's take a look at the satellite of Hurricane Florence as of 4:00 PM Wednesday afternoon:

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), they grade storms as follows:

D: Tropical Depression – wind speed less than 39 MPH
S: Tropical Storm – wind speed between 39 MPH and 73 MPH
H: Hurricane – wind speed between 74 MPH and 110 MPH
M: Major Hurricane – wind speed greater than 110 MPH



Hurricane-force winds (74-110 MPH) extend outward up to 70 miles from the center and tropical-storm-force winds (39-73 MPH) now extend outward up to 195 miles.

Florence is now (TS Winds) almost 390 miles wide.

With forward motion now at 17 MPH, do the math as to how long the shoreline and people's homes in the area, will be affected:

Hurricane-Force Winds 70 Miles-in / 17 MPH = 4.11 Hours IN and another 70 miles / 17 MPH  =4.11 OUT Out . . . . if the storm remains at current speed, which it won't because it is slowing down.   

So ask yourselves, how long can a house withstand SUSTAINED winds of 74-110 MPH?  Well, the National Hurricane Center has data which shows that most wood-frame homes will collapse after 6-7 hours of such winds.

Now go back to the size of the Hurricane Force Winds "Wind Field"  70 miles in all directions of the eye, meaning 140 miles END-TO-END.   That means that most wood frame structures within 140 miles of the landfall, can be expected to be DESTROYED. 

To put this in perspective, my home state of New Jersey is about 180 miles north-to-south and about 72 miles east to west.   If this storm hit my home state, pretty much EVERY wood frame structure in the entire state would be expected to be gone.  THAT is how catastrophic this storm will be upon the states it impacts.

But let's not forget the other section of this storm - the Tropical Storm Force winds of 39-73 MPH.   As above we see that these winds make up 195 miles in all directions from the eye (not counting the 70 miles of Hurricane Force Winds).   Do the math:  195 Miles /17 MPH = 11.47 Hours- IN and another 195 Miles / 17 MPH = 11.47 Hours OUT.   So we have twenty three total hours that structures will be exposed to Tropical storm force winds, over an area almost 400 miles wide!

Are you starting to grasp how disastrous this really is?

Let's not forget that when such a storm comes ashore, it has pushed millions of tons of ocean water ahead of it.  That water piles up on itself at the shore and floods the land with STORM SURGE.   

Even if this storm weakens all the way down to Category 2, the National Hurricane Center's "SLOSH" storm Surge models record that it will bring 20-22 FEET of water inland.   If the storm re-strengthens back to Category 4, expect the Storm Surge to be 33 FEET.

Now, think about the houses on the beach and within, let's say, a mile of the shoreline.  How many of them can survive 20-22 FEET of ocean water?

How many can survive 33 FEET?

Remember too, on top of that water . . . .  are the WAVES!   This isn't some slow moving dome of water, it is a wild, churning, violent event.

Satellites are already detecting WAVES from 59-83 FEET tall on the ocean.  Here's the satellite proof:


And as if all this wasn't bad enough, there's the rain.   Forecasters are saying that within the next 96 hours, areas struck by Hurricane Florence will be hit with upwards of FIFTY INCHES of rain.

The inland flooding is going to be so severe, entire towns are going to be literally wiped off the face of the earth.  Not from the wind.  Not from the storm surge.  FROM THE FLOODING.

So when you hear people being interviewed on TV claiming they intend to "ride out the storm"----  what you are seeing are people who have NO CLUE AT ALL of the shear magnitude of what's coming at them. 

Most of those people are likely to be KILLED by this storm within the next 72-96 Hours.

Don't be like them.  If you are in an area where evacuation has been ordered or even suggested GET OUT NOW.  

If you know of any family or friends in such areas, PLEAD with them to GET OUT NOW.  

Once the storm arrives in full force, they won't be able to leave.  And when they call 911 for help, here is what it will sound like just before they are killed:  "We can't come to help you until the storm is over"

Listen to these people screaming to 911 for help during Hurricane Ivan -- despite having been told to evacuate. -- All of them are now DEAD.







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    Sherlock · 07:56 09/13/2018
    Since that porto rican is on TV again:

    The media never told anyone that tens of thousands were without power long before hurricane season even arrived, due to the power company being so cash strapped and unable to make common repairs. The leftist media didn't report on the feds raiding a power company warehouse where several thousand pieces of equipment (such as transformers) were being withheld from the relief effort.
    It's sad that hundreds of thousands of these quasi-socialists are being relocated to the states to bolster the Democrat voter base.

    Did you know the Porto Rican power supplier is owed $700,000,000 because Porto Ricans do not believe in paying their bills? But You are a racist bigot because You did not dash down there and fix everything FOR them.
    Remember Puerto Rico's "Struggling" Government? They Just Gave Themselves $113 Million In Bonuses
    It is not Our responsibility to fix Your house. That is a recurring act of Nature for which You should prepare. --- Those LOCAL politicians should have had all supplies IN PLACE long before the storms hit. They did NOT prepare ..... They did NOT DO THEIR DUTY to the people.
    I had an epiphany while cleaning the wood burner chimney today. Why spend time collecting firewood, stocking food, insulating and sealing cracks, buying woolens & quilts. Why not just do what the Porto-Texa-flordicans do........ drink rum, suntan, play inna water, "chill", and when Winter/Hurricane hit ..... wait for GIFTS from the rest of the country and DEMAND help from the Government.
    Let the rest of the country load me up with firewood and food and weather proof my house for me.
    Those jerks get hit every 10 years and they act surprised. Like there have never been hurricanes before.
    Ants, Grasshopper.
    She never did what she SHOULD have done
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    Jew bastard Sammy · 21:52 09/12/2018
    Let's call her a stupid bitch .Damn her to hell.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Tom Martin · 21:47 09/12/2018
    You do know that photo is not of white caps from the storm but normal breakers, right?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Robert Byrnes · 21:38 09/12/2018
    You know what I see in the path of this thing? Ft. Bragg, the HQ of the XVIII Airborne Corps and the ready reaction force of the US, and oh yeah, Special Ops HQ. What a way to pummel them without starting a war. I am sure it is just a coincidence.......Sure would seem to be a smart play just before a move in Syria, Ukraine, etc. If the nukes pop, that place is toast for good.

    Like the old hack said "don't let a good crisis go to waste', well that applies to our enemies as well.

    They need to stop playing dumb and our Air Force needs to apply the weather mod technology the have had for decades and knock this thing down a peg or two.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Dale · 21:18 09/12/2018
    The Hurricane is weaken rapidly there is no eye now it's filled with clouds this thing might weaken to a minimum storm by the time it gets to the coast. Lets hope this trend will continue over night.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Robert Byrnes · 00:16 09/13/2018
      I think the air force got the call to knock it down. It would sure be nice to see some of the weather mod technology the taxpayers have bankrolled actually produce a dividend.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Dale · 06:30 09/13/2018
        You might be right Robert, this morning the winds are down to 100 mph now the storm is hardly a cat 2 . Looks like the wind shear took it's toll. Now the finger pointing will start
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    Good job, Hal · 20:23 09/12/2018
    Great presentation to give those imprisoned by their 'normalcy bias' some frank perspective...perspective which may literally save their lives.
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