Duke Energy’s Brunswick nuclear plant, about 30 miles south of Wilmington, has declared a state of emergency as the 1,200-acre complex remains cut off by flood waters and and is inaccessible to outside personnel.

Just as I warned a week ago, The News & Observer reports, at this time, no one can come in and relieve the Duke Energy workers and NRC “storm riders” who have been on site for days,  NRC spokesman Joey Ledford said. And it would not be possible to evacuate the 10-mile emergency evacuation zone around the site if a higher level of emergency were declared.

“None of the roads are passable,” Ledford said.

“The plant is safe. The reactors are in hot stand-by mode 3 shutdown.”


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is being tight-lipped about an “unusual event” which occurred at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant last Saturday which forced a “hot shutdown” of both the plant’s Generation IV-type reactors 1 and 2.

The NRC classified the emergency as an “unusual event” but provided little to no details on the situation. (HT Note: It was my understanding at the time that the NRC decided the plant should be shut down BEFORE the Hurricane arrived with the hope to be able to better manage any troubles at the facility due to anticipated flooding.  So to me, the shutdown was the right thing to do.)

Additionally, the NRC reports that weather conditions from Tropical Storm Florence are currently preventing workers from accessing the plant.

“A hazardous event has resulted in on site conditions sufficient to prohibit the plant staff from accessing the site via personal vehicles due to flooding of local roads by Tropical Storm Florence.”

From the NRC regarding Event 53609:


The current rector mode is showing as “hot shutdown” and more rain is on the way.

River waters in the area are expected to rise as much as 20 feet in the coming days. Not to mention, local dams in the area may to capacity. (Several dams have already failed elsewhere in North Carolina)

Brunswick is equipped with emergency backup diesel generators to operate essential equipment if the facility lost off-site power from the grid. Ledford said that the reactors never lost power and the generators never had to be activated.


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    X · 16:29 09/18/2018
    Thank you for that information Allan
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    Sherlock · 07:00 09/18/2018
    These Morons did not know a storm was coming and shut down slowly, first?!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Alan · 20:32 09/17/2018
    Hi Hal. My numbers may be of a bit on coal, since I am just going by an the spot recollection of some of my readings. Please readers, check out the actuals, if Hal allows these postings, because they are not far off. Millions get the cheapest kilowatt rate because of coal, and we have lots of it. China has some reserves, but they have to import very substantial quantities from Australia and Canada and a bit from the USA. God also blessed Australia and Canada with coal, but they have much more than they need for their relatively small electrical requirements. So...what happens if China's coal imports are ever denied? Hmmm... power shortages and blackouts. How would they like export conditions on it's use, like maybe they have to burn it cleanly like we do? The Aussies and Canadians are big on pollution and global warming and carbon footprints, so what's the deal with enabling the world's largest polluter without restrictions? Oh yeah that's right, everyone is a pure white evangelical angel until money is involved, then well... you know. This is a diplomacy area, but also a National Security option when the shit is ABOUT to hit the fan. Just saying...
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    Alan · 19:48 09/17/2018
    At Fukishima, the diesel generators were flooded and/or didn't function, which is what led to the meltdowns, and our unpublicized continuing nightmare of radiation into the Pacific environment. You could put Homer Simpson at the controls of a Coal fired power plant, and I don't care what buttons he pushed, NO ONE WOULD TURN GREEN. We account for roughly 10% of global pollution from burning of coal due because we clean it before we burn it. Coal Preparation Plants remove non-carbon elements and stack scrubbers (a fraction of a penny per kilowatt) take out most of the rest. Communist China is the single largest coal polluter in the world. The don't even wash most of it, let alone clean it, and NO SCRUBBERS. We are the No 2 coal polluter at 1/10 the level of the Commies. (SO2 in this example) That's how big the difference is between No 1 polluter and No 2, let alone other nations farther down the list. Oh yeah, UN says that they are still a "developing country" so as in a continuation of the Paris Accords, they get exceptions to pollute at 10 times our levels instead of CLEANING THEIR COAL LIKE WE DO BEFORE THEY BURN IT. Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot. They are Commies. They don't care about their own people, let alone the rest of the world. What is wrong with this picture? God gave the North America 50% of the world's known coal reserves. Yeah. For real; half of all the worlds coal. We are the Saudi Arabia of coal. We know more about coal and how to mine it and how to burn it cleanly than anyone. At the rate that we are burning it (1 billion tons per year) we are projected to run out in 300 years. For real. With God's gift comes responsibility, so burn it wisely and responsibly, and require others to do the same. Trump is right about coal, just pray that a particular party that I am thinking about does NOT reduce the regulations requiring it to be burned cleanly. God bless. (OK Hal. You hit a nerve here. People get stupid about coal, because they don't know the facts.)
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    Brianroy · 15:05 09/17/2018
    Where's a bunch of motor boats when you need them? Offer a free 1/2 keg of a really good beer and gas expenses and betcha they'll come flyin' up river to the Rescue! (Heh heh heh. It's a joke, son).
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