Internal Emails Turned Over To FBI Show the Smear Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh Was Pre-Planned And Coordinated By A Senator And Major News Outlets.

A **major** news organization, trying to cover itself during the new FBI Investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh, has turned over to the FBI email exchanges between one of their Reporters and a sitting U.S. Senator. 

The news organization revealed emails from the Senator which instructed media outlets ". . . to push multiple stories but not all at once."  At least one of the emails said "We need these all spread out for maximum impact to delay his nomination and reclaim the seats needed to outlast the administration." 

The allegations against Kavanaugh were to be "staggered out to trigger public opinion calling for an FBI investigation" when one was not needed because the senators receiving the allegations knew they were already faked/not credible. It was a coordinated smear campaign between a United States Senator, 3 major newspapers, and a news network, to allegedly "criminally obstruct" the operation of the Judiciary Committee and of government operations.

Fearing being criminally charged for a Conspiracy to leak confidential US Senate Information, the news organization and its Reporter SOUGHT -- and were GRANTED -- Immunity!

The new FBI Investigation into Judge Kavanaugh is expected to be completed Tuesday.   No credible evidence of any crime has been uncovered and the allegations being leveled against Kavanaugh have all been deemed "not credible."

Expect to see Indictments and perhaps even a few arrests, in connection with the events reported above.



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    kheta amenti · 16:48 10/02/2018
    jeff flake
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    FauxScienceSlayer · 06:59 10/02/2018
    NSA/FBI had all these emails in real time, fake "news" outlets knew they were trapped, flipped on FineSwine ringleader, FBI investigation end The, Oct 2
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    Alan · 06:35 10/02/2018
    Trump came here to Johnson City, TN yesterday. We love him. If I also had to live in DC, I would want to go where people just liked me once in a while to keep my sanity. He has a Yankee accent, but he thinks and speaks like we do. It took a concerted 3 or 4 state mountain area effort to manage to round up roughly 100 transsexuals and flakes to serve as protesters versus the tens of thousands of native supporters. (Obviously in some parts of Feinstein's native land of CA, it would be no problem to find even tens of thousands of transsexuals, flakes and illegals in an hour or two) This is about abortion, gun rights, religious liberty - America. It doesn't matter which senators are conniving, power hungry, money loving, self-serving evil bastards and b*****s, since most of them are anyway. What matters is that we continue. It's about right and wrong. It's about faith and God. It's about good versus evil. It's about freedom. Go vote. God bless Y'all.
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    Dan Lawrence · 04:29 10/02/2018
    Speculation is becoming tiresome. It's been a year of Q promising justice. It's time to deliver. Stop the promises and freaking deliver.
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      Dave Diesel · 09:19 10/02/2018
      Q is like praying, unless You actually do something, Nothing gets done or better.
      You can educate your self here, http://www.batr.org/wrack/061911.html
      But you have to understand that a government divided by design favors the
      government not the people. It is a unwinable war between the the two parties for
      control of the country and neither side will ever give up and go home.
      The vote is what keeps the war going, By design only the government wins.
      This is what happens in every country where the people do not control the
      government with any thing more than the useless vote as you can only vote
      for more government, Never less or the elimination of it.
      If there was no devil there would be no religion, IF people could respctfully
      run their own lives, there would be no religion or governments or Q.
      Both parties claim to want to save you from the other, It is like the church passing the plate twice to save you from the same devil, all you are doing is financing
      the devil.
      The agitating news media will never stop scratching the poison ivy as long as the people allow them to divide the country as there is big money in it.
      The vote will never set you free.
      See also, http://themillenniumreport.com/2017/11/the-c-i-a-literally-controls-everything-even-deep-state/
      Read this daily and compare it to the TV news and then youwill see it all.
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    Viggy · 02:30 10/02/2018
    I think it was Ford herself who leaked but under extreme threats from Feinstein. We all saw that image last week of Feinstein threatening that lady senator and did she seem damned frightening. Feinstein is mafia-like.
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      neo · 02:48 10/03/2018
      Also Frankenstein has requested that the findings of the FBI be kept confidential...is she protecting herself or Chucky....or that idiot from Rhode Island?
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    Captn.Jack · 00:35 10/02/2018
    If the left,(commie) boys in black,start their crap,rioting,burning,and beatings,I hope to hell Trump has balls enough to have the Military shoot on sight any of them that start it.
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    Buddy Bear · 00:12 10/02/2018
    McCain is dead, Hal. How could he be directing this smear campaign?
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    Grunt · 22:56 10/01/2018
    I know Hal posted a previous article talking about the Blasey Ford-CIA relationship, but I found this article that consolidates and provides additional details that I found very interesting.

    Do you believe in coincidences?
    Kerry and Mueller were hockey teammates?

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    john mccain · 22:43 10/01/2018
    what do you expect from communist jew politicians and communist jew news media, the truth?
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      JetBlue · 10:55 10/03/2018
      I suggest you consider using a more precise descriptive then "Communist".

      Communism implies "some" sort of "sharing". At least its "Manifesto" does.

      But FEUDALISM is what the parasitic oligarchy who rules this country wants more of, until we are ALL reduced to nothing more then PEONS in our own country.

      "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.... I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." Thomas Jefferson
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    Madeleine Mead · 22:36 10/01/2018
    We’ve had to circle the wagons around Kavanaugh because of this ridiculous nonsense and we haven’t discussed his rulings as a judge. Could this be by design by both corrupt parties?
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    Be Cautious With Thi · 22:35 10/01/2018
    Be cautious with this sort....

    Unfortunately, I have had my share of these types of character-disturbed people recklessly causing havoc in my life. From immediate family members, to ministers, to school teachers, to former 'friends'...they are everywhere. And they all engage the same tactics of gaslighting and sabotaging/derailing. But it is difficult to uncover their behaviors for some extended time as these psychopaths are super experts at both subversion and impression management--managing how others perceive them. Eventually, though, TRUTH does surface and the light of day exposes them along with their devilish deeds.

    Like so many, I felt tremendous sympathy for Judge/Justice Kavanaugh with the coordinated false accusations and the impact that had on his family. Yet, I now am thinking that he is quite fortunate that the outcome is that he has the FBI to nail these hostile ones who have targeted him...not all of us are that fortunate. Personally, I am hoping that God holds ALL of the twisted nitwits--who do each of us such calculated and cruel harm--accountable..if not here on earth, then in the afterlife.

    Character-disturbed people don't change, why would they...they get a twisted sense of delight from destroying the lives and reputations of others. So when you discover who they are, altogether remove them from having any sort of integral role in your life and enact super firm boundaries--yes, even if they are within your own family. Trust me, the peace you'll have being free of these types is such peaceful bliss. Oh, and never let any of this sort obtain positions of power over you...VERY dangerous thing to permit. Vote only for people that are principled and truly have empathy and compassion for others.
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    Rob Smith · 22:35 10/01/2018
    Dick Durbin from Illinois
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    Brian Keane · 22:32 10/01/2018
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      Madeleine Mead · 23:27 10/01/2018
      Possibly, but my money is on lizard witch Feinstein. She and her husband have sold our interests out to the Chinese for decades and they both should be in prison
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    azil · 22:26 10/01/2018
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    ChicagoDem · 22:16 10/01/2018
    Richard Durbin from Illinois....
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    Normand Berube · 22:03 10/01/2018
    All democrats senators will said it's Mccain do this....or it's Russia...
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    Lil !iss Carriage of · 21:40 10/01/2018
    Betcha it’s Feinstien! She’s the shaker & mover over this. The cloak & dagger witch!
    i think we all know who the major news network would be....the Communist Nazi Network & I bet the reporter is Acosta.
    lets have a lil gues at the newspapers.....Wapo, NYT etc.
    all the usual suspects.
    & they wanna scream & moan about Russia meddling in the elections!
    what do you call this?
    Theyre all disgusting. Every single one of them.
    destroying an innocent man & his family so they can keep killing babies.
    All in the name of “ love & tolerance” of course
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    guest · 21:38 10/01/2018
    which senaterrorist
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    guest · 21:37 10/01/2018
    which senaterrorist
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    Kennith · 21:29 10/01/2018
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    Arthur Eveland · 21:26 10/01/2018
    Let’s all be cautiously optimistic! But at the same time, if there are arrests, there is going to be mass unrest from the left. They will try to derail anything and everything when they are cornered and have nothing left to lose. I still hope to see them get what is so deservedly theirs...Justice!! Indeed, I would love nothing more than Diane Feinstein being dragged out of the Capitol in handcuffs but I am certainly not going to hold my breath.
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      Madeleine Mead · 23:31 10/01/2018
      Communists will always try to destroy everything. If they lose or win it doesn’t matter. They are incapable of nothing else.
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    TSAZ · 21:16 10/01/2018
    So this is not to belittle the story- we all KNEW this beyond the shadow of doubt- and it is surely worse (sedition, treason), but this is good to see. If no proof were offered, it's still so text book and transparent what is happening. What are the supposed good guys doing about it? Not a blasted thing. Where are the enforcers among these "elected" officials and the law enforcement community at large?

    Why aren't many politicians wearing black and white horizontal stripes instead of Armani suits?
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      Liberate80 · 05:37 10/02/2018
      The cops tell us they have no jurisdiction, yet when it comes to us we are told they have jurisdiction everywhere. The cops enforce unconstitutional laws because they are just doing their job. Like the Nazis said at the Nuremburg trials.
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        Dave · 10:05 10/02/2018
        They have their political status corrected. You do not.

        Visit AnnaVonReitz.com, read article 928 and fill out your forms and correct YOUR political status
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    Jew pig · 21:07 10/01/2018
    Arrest ?never going to happen.
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    rat jew · 21:03 10/01/2018
    Turns out the women who cornered the Flake punk in the elevator is a political activervest funded by George Soros .Surprise ?
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    Frank Brady · 20:56 10/01/2018
    Which Senator?
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