Pictured above are Brett Kavanaugh at 17 and Christine Blasey who was 15 at the time of the alleged sex assault.  I DON'T THINK SO.   

I think the girl looked like Bucky the Wonder Horse!   You'd have to be stone drunk to even WANT to hit that; in my opinion, she was fugly as hell! 

Sex assault? Nope.  Not possible.  Didn't happen.  The whole accusation against Kavanaugh is just downright false in my view.

Yeah. Seeing this, it almost leads me to believe he was one of the popular, cute, jocks and she was P.O.d about that, and never got over it. 

So now she tries to ruin his life.


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    Jenna · 21:39 10/02/2018
    She was a left wing political activist! And Brett's mother, a judge at that time, presided over Christina's mothers home foreclosure. Talk about a motive.
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      Spicer · 12:23 10/06/2018
      WOW. Good info. I didn't know about that motive.

      And those pics above, say it all. ha-ha-ha.
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    William Bermudez · 20:17 10/02/2018
    Eh, 15-year-old me would've hit it.
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      Fake Comment Above · 22:10 10/02/2018
      This above comment by "William Bermudez" sounds totally FAKE...like it was made by a 'plant'. Some of the people that come to websites like this are leftist, Communist, agitators...and you can spot them easily...especially of the male-bashing sort. And the above comment sounds like something these troublemakers would post, using a fictitious identity of some male to create a phony impression.

      The above comment is juvenile and its purpose is likely to give the impression that boys and men have no restraint and are controlled by sexual impulses. Remember, these types that cry 'victim' sometimes are actually perpetrators and project their addictions and behaviors upon other, displacing shame and blame and public scrutiny.

      Also, bear in mind that they are also experts at 'impression management'...controlling your perspective so that you view them as good and wholesome--despite them being evil--while conniving and scheming to make good people appear bad.

      This "William Bermudez" likely doesn't exist and I would wager is nothing more than a leftist 'plant' meant to sow more distraction and false impressions that boys and men cannot control their sexual urges.
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    NoodleldooN · 17:12 10/02/2018
    Wendy, I do not believe anyone on here even had the slightest suggestion of rape. On the contrary, everyone was saying in one form or another that she was so ugly that they would run the other way.
    I do agree with you there should be zero tolerance of suggestions on that line. That would be stooping to liberal levels.
    thanks though cuz you do help keep the rabid in line with watching out!
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    Wendy Roberts · 13:36 10/02/2018
    I DON'T believe her and I think there are lying powers trying to take the judge down, but please make a case with facts not insults.

    I hate this strategy that says she's too ugly to be raped. Little kids are raped, 80 year old women are raped, it's not always about looks.
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    Onno · 13:17 10/02/2018
    Psychopaths even grab dead bodies. Ted Bundy, Jimmy Savile you name it.

    Kavanaugh an infiltrated covert psychopath?

    Perhaps not (yet they do like to study law....).

    But the truth is, if you do not TEST on this deep aberration in the instinctive substrate, you know nothing!
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      Ulterior Motives · 14:13 10/02/2018
      The psychopaths in this melodrama have already been identified: DiFi and her accomplices. And they always have ulterior motives that expose them.
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    Bow Wow... · 12:58 10/02/2018
    VERY unattractive!!!! What is worse is that after decades, she has aged to become an extraordinarily ugly person with her false allegations, ruining someone else's family for 15 minutes of fame. Nutty girls do this when they've been snubbed--or perceive they've been snubbed.

    Plus, she did significantly more harm to ACTUAL victims of abuse by making a mockery of abuse survivors with this political sham. In fact, she probably will be recognized by history as the one individual who destroyed the whole 'me too' movement. Glad that Alyssa Milano had a front row seat to see who destroyed her 'cause'.
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    Jimmy Rochester NY · 11:40 10/02/2018
    Hal I wouldn't touch her with s ten foot pole and a stiff prick
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    NoodleldooN · 10:50 10/02/2018
    Thanks for the great morning laugh Hal! I love the 70/80’ssarcastic humor. My guess is she tried hitting on him and he rudely dumped her equine butt and now revenge.
    My turn, she’s so ugly I wouldn’t touch her with my worst enemies dick
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    Hal IS Correct!!!!! · 10:25 10/02/2018
    Hal is absolutely correct, 'D Thomas'. From a distance my best friend saw the picture on the computer and said, "Who is that ugly girl, she needs to go to the kennel club." And ANY guy can see that she is damn ugly.

    Some ugly people, though, are super nice and honest people. This woman, however, has proven that she isn't.
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    Sam · 09:51 10/02/2018
    If those who fought for England in many wars could see it now they would of welcomed the Germans.
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    BW · 09:36 10/02/2018
    I had been of the opinion that MAYBE something did happen to her, maybe she’s confused or her memory fails her as to the true identity of whoever did whatever happened to her... but after seeing this mug, I HIGHLY doubt ANY individual at this alleged party had any sexual intentions towards her, in any way whatsoever...
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    Dan Bowser · 09:35 10/02/2018
    Hi Hal , I believe everyone should have there say, he had his say , you had your say , now here's what I say , I would not touch that if was deaf , dumb, blind and had a good bottle of Viagra
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    Sherlock · 09:15 10/02/2018
    Ugly last night and ugly this morning --- like Winston Churchill's reply.
    Her "memories" are suppressed, UNFULFILLED DESIRES.
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    D. Thomas · 08:14 10/02/2018
    Your run of continuous classless commentary continues with this story.

    This, is a reason why reasonable readers will never accept you and your news stories as legitimate. I say reasonable readers, because while not everyone on here is as hateful and demeaning as you are, we can still be Christian conservative, constitutionally minded people who appreciate alternative news sites.

    But then you go and do this, it's regrettable because you have credibility, but you consistently take 2 steps forward and 3 back.

    I doubt I'll read this publicly, as you're too afraid of common sense ruining your big fish in a small pond ego, getting out and ruining your selective member status.

    But remember this, these stories are what losses your credibility. Period.
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      D. Thomas · 13:26 10/02/2018

      I can appreciate everything being said; I too feel this this is a sham of epic proportions. My text and choice of making public objections to some the personnel attacks (home addresses and old high school pics) is to draw a line between class and classless.

      I am no Dr; my "D" stands for Doubting, as in doubting Thomas aka the apostle Thomas, touching in the nail scared hands.

      I am 100% American; US born and raised. Been thru Jersey up in Hal's neck of the woods for training. That training has taken me all over the world; the stories of which have been recently discussed in other parts of the world I can personally attest to.

      I'll leave it at this; I've been coming to this site for three years; sometimes I roll my eyes and move on, sometimes I take the messages to heart (as they person is affect my day to day life). But I can't publicly discuss the things and topics I read here due to the overwhelming unprofessional nature of some of the content. "I" think we'd all be better off just keeping it Joe Friday style.

      Im a Christian Patriot; and wish we'd focus more on those two ideals vs. topics such as this.

      My .02.

      Best of luck to all.
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      Ephraim Jacobson · 11:46 10/02/2018
      I agree with Hal Turner. If you don't like the posts then stop coming to this site with your inane comments.
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      inb4source · 10:46 10/02/2018
      Dr. Thomas,
      With all due respect, to wit;
      The Left has fired on us with live ammo for years.
      Your solution is to keep your head down and hope you don't get hit, ignoring the agony of the metaphorically dead and dying around you, then apologize for being in the way on the rare occasion when there is a lull in the arty.
      Being as tactful as possible, your post reeks of Strawman Gaslighting.
      You propose we return fire with water pistols and send flowers in apology for doing so.
      I have the distinct impression that should Kavanaugh be seated, your profiteering from Pharma and the Murder of the Unborn will soon be over.
      Good Day, Doctor.
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      jk · 10:40 10/02/2018
      D. Thomas,

      While I don't believe there's any ill-will toward a child, I think you're losing sight of the fact that this entire (story), is just the latest piece, of a much broader effort, by very powerful and very wicked forces in high places, to take-down and destroy all things related to a duly-elected President of the United States.

      And truly, it's even more: It's a visible part of the late-stage-efforts to hold unrighteous power over many millions of people, for the purpose of the continuation of the advancement of policies that both destroy the individual and ultimately weaken the sovereign nation of the USA - for the purposes of it being "comfortably merged" into a global state.

      Given my (correctly portrayed context) of this story...you're way off base with your personal attacks. You are missing these far, far bigger concepts, from where this story is molded. This is a fight to the end - and more than (obviously) what you know - is on the line for all of us.

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      Sherlock · 09:12 10/02/2018
      How is the sunlight in Feensteen's office today?
      Does she pay $15/hr for trolling?
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      James · 09:09 10/02/2018
      Thomas , I agree that not everyone is hateful including Hal, but the woman is trying to ruin this man's life. I don't believe that this incident ever took place between these two individuals. Its all a distraction to stall confirming him to the senate. Besides she opened herself up to this by making false accusations .
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      Hal Turner · 08:33 10/02/2018
      This "story" is clearly labeled "Commentary" which, since you seem uneducated, means "opinion."

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I've rendered mine. You object. Who cares what you think?

      You write from the UK and talk about being "Constitutionally minded." Whose Constitution? Ours here in the USA?

      This from a person who is sitting idly-by while your own country is being over-run with third world savages? Its capital, London, is so infested with these sub-human beasts there are actually "no-go" zones?

      Perhaps you would be better advised to take care of your own problems there in the UK before sticking your nose where it doesn't belong in our US affairs.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        D. Thomas · 09:00 10/02/2018
        Commentary; yes.

        Opinions being indicative of ones character and mindset; without question.

        BTW, it's just an IP address, try not to read to much into it. I'll be voting on Nov 6.
        • Comment held for moderation.
          jk · 12:49 10/02/2018
          You'd do well to read some comments above - this is much bigger than what you (apparently still) seem to only understand.
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