At least two separate parcels addressed to the Pentagon, were intercepted at the federal government mail processing facility in Bridgewater, New Jersey, after the packages triggered Alarms indicating contamination with the deadly toxin, Ricin.

The packages were addressed to Secretary of Defense James Mattis and to the Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson inside the Pentagon but triggered the alarms at the mail processing facility, according to DOD spokesman Chris Sherwood  The suspicious shipments never made it into the Pentagon building.

The envelopes were detected on Monday, said Colonel Rob Manning, a Pentagon spokesman. The Pentagon’s Force Protection Agency responded to the incident and the FBI will conduct further tests on the packages, officials told reporters. FBI is the lead agency on the case.

All mail delivered to the Pentagon on Monday has been quarantined for inspection.


Ricin is a highly toxic substance extracted from castor beans, and has figured prominently as a bio-weapon in a number of foiled terrorist plots.

The most recent incident involving ricin-laced mail in Washington, DC was in April 2013, when a Mississippi man mailed envelopes with the toxin to Senator Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi) and President Barack Obama.

The remote mail facility in Bridgewater, New Jersey was set up after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent anthrax scare, to ensure that letters and packages can be screened for dangerous substances before they enter the Pentagon or any other federal government building in Washington, DC.   Even legal filings destined for the Supreme Court, must first go through this same screening facility.

There is no treatment and no cure for Ricin exposure.

If Ricin gets into the human body, via inhalation or via the blood, the existence of the toxin interrupts protein production in cells causing red blood cells to rupture.  When the red blood cells rupture, they cannot transport oxygen.

Once a person is exposed via inhalation or blood, their blood cells INSTANTLY begin rupturing and symptoms of oxygen deprivation appear within 6-12 hours.   As more and more cells rupture, the person becomes critical within 36 hours, and absolutely, positively, dies within 72 hours.  Nothing known to mankind can stop it.

The only known cases where a person survived Ricin have been after they accidentally ingested some of it.  The acid in the stomach serves to dissolve some of the toxin, and the intestines seem to contain much of the rest.  Thus, persons who accidentally ingest small amounts, have survived, but only after "brutal" gastro-intestinal upset.

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    John Robert Mallernee · 18:08 10/02/2018
    I like ricin beans with smoked sausage.

    I also like ricin gravy, or ricin fried chicken.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tim · 15:51 10/02/2018
    This sounds like just a warning shot across the bow... whoever sent this must have known this would not get to the Pentagon
    • This commment is unpublished.
      ghent · 23:41 10/02/2018
      In Feb of this year, Mattis announced that Pentagon had no evidence Syria ever used chem weapons on their people. It was a small article, put way on the back pages and quickly buried. Mattis didnt want a hot war w/ Iran. who does? Who has capability? Mossad is the only answer or zionist-controlled agents in DOD. Is Dov Zakheim back in the dept?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tim · 15:48 10/02/2018
    It has started. Be Ready.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dmitry · 15:23 10/02/2018
    To marvel at ricin, you should at least eat it, or intramuscularly to get it. At the Pentagon, all packages are first chewed?
    It seems someone recently watched the series 'Breaking Bad'
    I am amazed at the stupidity of your alarmists. Is it really impossible to come up with a reliable way of lying?
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    Round Them Up · 14:26 10/02/2018
    Time for President Trump to release all of the details of the criminal cabal: names and dastardly deeds. Until the activist 'left' in this country see the documented proofs of the endless train of abuses and crimes, they are likely going to keep escalating their criminal activities.

    Arrest, indict and prosecute ALL of these lawbreakers...no matter what rank/title they have. Whether it is an Antifa terrorist or former Presidents, if they've done the crime they MUST do the time!!!!!

    There cannot be peace and civility when lawless criminals roam freely.
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