Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg took part in the official, public, swearing-in of new Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh yesterday.  

Aside from being unable to hide her apparent disdain of the latest addition to the Supreme Court, photographer at the event seemed to catch a picture of a large, possibly cancerous, lump on the rear of Ginsberg's neck!



Here's a closer look:


Ginsberg's health has been in question for quite some time and folks on the Internet have been making jokes about her with humorous Meme's poking fun at her penchant for falling asleep at public events, as shown below:

Leftists/Liberals/Progressive/Socialists and Marxists were clearly "triggered" by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy which brought the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.  Speculation about Ginsberg's health has lead to other funny Memes on her departure from the court:



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    Pull the plug · 11:59 10/13/2018
    Ginsberg is wearing medical weighted gloves to not show her severe lack of control of her limbs and tremors, due to her progressive neuro degenerative diseases. She is NOT capable of functioning. ie would be considered a ward of court or under a form a guardianship control over her money, decisions, care etc.. And yet they have this commie, pedo loving insane vicious zionist propped up like Supreme Court at Bernies while a whole cabal runs everything in her name to advance their sick agenda. She needs to go ASAP
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    MR. TRUTH! · 03:54 10/10/2018
    I suspect the following:
    1. Republicans will pick up 3 Senate Seats and 10 House Seats in the Mid Term Elections
    2. Soon after the November 6th Elections, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die..
    3. As soon as Ginsburg dies and Trump announces her replacement, Civil War 2.0 will begin with Assassinations and Attacks on Conservatives.
    4. All Conservative Supreme Court Justices will be in Extreme Danger and will need 24/7 Secret Service Protection.
    5. I don't know how but I see the Evil One, Obama, coming back into power.
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      Justice and Freedom · 11:55 10/13/2018
      US Marshall Service already protect all Supreme Court Justices. They travel they get fighter escorts etc & is all coordinated. This is standard since their role in protecting, defending, & making sure laws etc ARE Constitutional is vital to our form of government, our Republic. Recall all the VERY suspect BS & the whole chronology, the stuff w/ Obama, the stand down ordered etc when Justice Scalia was murdered. Then in violation of law in State, & Federal law there was NO autopsy, No investigation, & against ALL laws & his religion etc he was instantly cremated through orders of a Dem operative. The place was a known cabal location & look at all the names connected to it & who they play with.

      Ginsberg has been physically & mentally incapable for a LONG time, here large staff & clerks do everything to push their sick agenda in her name. She is NOT capable.

      Ginsberg re Pedophilia "It's good for the children", because THAT is what the tribe & Talmud is & has always been all about. For all those out there who point to & complain about the Koran, the Talmud & the jews have always been much worse & are the cause for all evil in the world, & intent on your subjugation, exploitation, slavery for THEIR sick desires, & global domination through lies, blackmail, and financial control
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    Captain Mack · 21:19 10/09/2018
    I was just thinking the same thing on my way to work this morning... its time for that satanic commie rat Ginsberg to go meet up with songbird McCain in HELL!! If these satanic spirit cooking commie filth get their andrenocrome shipments from planned parenthood baby parts factories cut off they will ALL shrivel and die quickly!!! Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord!!???
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    Dammy · 19:48 10/09/2018
    What keeps her going ?She could use a vacation in florida.
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    king abdulla ham bin · 15:52 10/09/2018
    old jew hag
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    Onno · 14:48 10/09/2018
    It is a carbuncle?
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    TSAZ · 14:26 10/09/2018
    2 appointments? Imagine the possibilities!!
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    Heather · 14:24 10/09/2018
    I hope she repents, in the name of Jesus Christ.
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      Amen! · 01:06 10/10/2018
      I hope she repents, too...along with the rest of our nation. There is sooooooo much corruption and wickedness in USA from the church house to the houses of CONgress. I'm waiting for God to begin to clean His own house starting with all of the compromised 501(c)3 "ministers" who are part of the "clergy response team" that intended to betray the congregants of all of the churches in America. And what about the nonsense of the televangelists who are living "high on the hog" lavish lives...having their "best lives now", fleecing the flocks of God. Honestly, it is appalling...and an embarrassment to Christendom.
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      Watching · 20:37 10/09/2018
      Kind words. How many innocents blood is on her hands. Yet, God's grace is sufficient IF she repents. The odds are not in her favor, considering her age.
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    Ken · 13:49 10/09/2018
    Ha ha! Stop it Hal!...you're killing me! ?
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    agent ky j · 13:49 10/09/2018
    there will be a huge welcoming party in hell when she arrives
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    Tim · 13:47 10/09/2018
    Speculation jk.... I think the chip that is controlling her is just too big LOL
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