UPDATED 12:28 AM EDT , THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25 -- SEE BOTTOM -- Minutes ago, President Donald Trump signed DEPLOYMENT ORDERS for the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army, instructing them to deploy from Ft. Bragg, NC, to the U.S. southern border at Mexico.

In addition, the 1st Armored Division of the United States Army at Ft. Bliss, TX (Corrected Base info at 7:18 PM EDT)  has been given 72 Hour ready-standby orders to begin shipping armored vehicles to the southern border via rail.


Covert Intelligence information confirms the present "migrant caravan" heading toward the US border from Honduras and Guatemala has grown to slightly more than TEN THOUSAND, but that an additional 40,000 Mexicans are staging in northern Mexico to join-up with that caravan. 

The OPEN PLAN THEY ARE IMPLEMENTING is for more than fifty thousand of these so-called "migrants" to physically storm the U.S. border to gain entry into our country.

President Trump is not going to allow that.

Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution REQUIRES the federal government to protect each of the states from invasion.  The "migrant caravan" is now classified as "an invasion force" against which the US government will take action.

These people not only tore down Border fencing to unlawfully enter Mexico from Guatemala and Honduras, they physically smashed-through Border gates.  They are using force and it is now highly likely that US military force will  be used against them if they try those same tactics at the US Border.

Prepare yourselves mentally for the reality that the army may have to gun down these people.  Prepare yourselves mentally for the reality they may end up in piles of dead bodies all over your TV.   

Many of us have known it was going to come to this sooner or later.  Looks like it will be sooner.

This is a developing story, check back for updates. . .




I have been made aware of a claim by SNOPES.com that my story above is being called "False."   Snopes has a terrible track record of inaccuracy because it is a radical, left-wing, propaganda mill.  

To demonstrate how unprofessional and grossly irresponsible SNOPES.com actually is, I point out that the individual who wrote the SNOPES.com article about my story, made NO EFFORT to contact me before declaring my story false!   Despite prominent contact info on my site, including a CONTACT link at the very top of the page, the writer, Bethania Palma Markus, never bothered to reach out for comment.  She simply declared my story false.

In journalism, one is supposed to contact all parties to a story before writing it; pr at least TRY to contact all parties.  Ms. Palma made no such effort.

Worse, she referred to me falsely as a "White Supremacist" when the record clearly shows I was an FBI Intelligence Asset, tasked by the Joint Terrorism Task Force in INFILTRATE the White Supremacist movement to avert acts of violence.  One way to infiltrate is to use the rhetoric of such people and it is that infiltration rhetoric that Ms. Palma is apparently using to call me bad names.

Finally, on her Twitter Page, the writer of the SNOPES.com article refers to herself as "Mother of Lizard People."  (See Image below)


I'm not sure what is more laughable, the fact she calls herself "Mother of Lizard People" or that anyone takes her seriously! 

Clearly, this woman seems to be a whack-job.

The simple fact is, I have the contacts inside the Intelligence Community from my 15 years years with the FBI, the final 5 of which were with the Joint Terrorism Task Force.  Snopes.com does not.   

The facts I report in the story above are 100% accurate.  Snopes.com story does not disprove any of them.   

The Presidential Order is DATE SPECIFIC and LOCATION SPECIFIC.  I chose to withhold that information to protect operational security of our troops.  

The fact that a spokesman for the Army told Snopes.com he does not know of any such order does not mean he was being truthful with her (operational security ) or he may not have been told yet.  

My story above is accurate and I stand by it. 

Snopes unprofessional story, with a complete absence of any effort to contact me before writing it, is yet another example that Snopes.com is unreliable and not to be believed; especially when they hire a woman who refers to herself as "Mother of Lizard People!"


MORE:  On Thursday morning, Oct. 25, President Trump himself CONFIRMED he is bringing out the military to confront and stop the migrant caravan.  So AGAIN, Snopes.com is proved wrong and I am proven right:

 EVEN MORE:    HERE IT IS . . . . the ORDER:

Several hundred troops are being sent to beef up security at the US’ southern border with Mexico, the Department of Defense said. It comes as a caravan of several thousand migrants makes it way north through Mexico.

Defense Secretary James Mattis is expected to sign an order sending at least 800 troops to the border in anticipation of the caravan’s arrival, a government source told AP.  Full story HERE

 So now all of you have all the proof you need.  My story was correct; Snopes.com was wrong.   




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    Marie · 03:59 10/27/2018
    I meant to say IF not is.....sorry.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Don · 18:19 10/24/2018
    About time! Stop all money and aid. Use that money to guard our southern border.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Matty · 17:42 10/24/2018
    Be prepared for liberals to use this as a springboard. Clearly this is planned. Who is feeding this caravan? This is what they want. This is a lose-lose situation.
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    Barbara · 13:36 10/24/2018
    Title 8, United States Code §1182(f) gives the president the power “to suspend the entry of all aliens” whenever he finds their entry “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.” https://dailycaller.com/2018/10/22/immigrants-invaders-power-president/
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    Your heart is the tr · 05:22 10/24/2018
    Everyone on here needs to understand that god is a force inside all of us, take some time to spend with yourself and hear gods voice from inside, meditate and listen well to his voice not the voice of the ego which I believe is run by the opposing force. The ego is very deceptive and will let you think that you came up with some idea or plan but it is just trying to trick you. The true voice is the one you hear from inside that will only tell you one thing with out giving examples, reasons, justifications. The one true voice that we must all hear will only say things like, talk to that person, quite that job, start that business, give that person a chance, walk now, go to nature, stop, etc. The reason it can not say anymore than that, is because it would not be faith. Please take the time to listen to that inner voice, the one from your heart and not the one in your head. Blessing to all humans, lost or found.
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      Ron · 09:46 10/25/2018
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Nobody of Import · 17:25 10/24/2018
      And my inner voice tells me that you're full of yourself... Care to try explaining it?
      • Comment held for moderation.
        M Sullivan · 22:25 10/30/2018
        Not sure which god you are listening to, but Jehovah God's will is clear in His word, not in anyone's head. That intellectual pride is exactly what the Liar has used since the beginning.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Nimnick6 · 19:07 10/23/2018
    Maybe we'll finally find out if napalm does indeed stick to kids.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Nimnick6 · 19:03 10/23/2018
    So, maybe we'll finally find out if napalm does indeed stick to kids ?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    NoodleldooN · 18:36 10/23/2018
    Where are their supply coming from ? There has to be a lot of food and water to keep them going. Shut that down and you shut them down. I’m sure the US can conjure up some drone strikes, those trucks are nice targets. They attack all over the Middle East with impunity this should be just as easy.
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    the Sandpiper · 08:44 10/23/2018
    I for one would not be bothered if The President does to protect the United States! If it takes bombing or massive firepower at close range, so be it! He should also round up the Communist Party members who call themselves Democrats. Starting with Hillary, Barry O and Soros.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      SuzziQ · 19:35 10/23/2018
      I agree with the Sandpiper !!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Paul · 13:13 10/23/2018
      100.0% with you. Lets keep our country free and safe from demo"RATS" and Illegals
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Craig S. · 22:39 10/22/2018
    Iron Soldier! Go 1AD!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    PSFV · 22:00 10/22/2018
    USA in prophecy, and THE FOUR HORSEMAN OF THE APOCALYPSE, explanation, and bible code. ENJOY

    • Comment held for moderation.
      Guest616 · 18:11 10/23/2018
      This actually makes more sense than all other interpretations I've read in 30 years. Thank you.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Jake · 14:11 10/23/2018
      Excellent. We are Israel. The Lost Ten Tribes, To whom Jesus told His people to seek out to give the Gospel of The Kingdom. Rather than to the Jews at the time.Yes. Mannaseh. Of primarily WHITE Anglo Saxon Protestant (Meaning protestors of Vatican rule) (Sacs Sons) (Sons of Issac) etc. Always have been; But it has been hidden. One of satans master deceptions. We are still (even at this time) well over seventy percent White. We built this Country. Granted; Other races helped; But it has been a Mannaseh thing all along. Manifest Destiny. My concern is that we may have morphed (reprobate) Into MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT in Scripture. Sure looks like it at times. Brings tears. Only 12.5% of the population is what is called black. (mostly cities) Same for So called Latinos and other races. Yes, to some (and some say) a large degree, we are, and have become a mixed mongral Nation (One of the many signs in Scripture of where and whom End Days Babylon, is located.) The truth is the truth. This the truth. Believe it or not? Check out yourself.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    HJ Richards · 21:05 10/22/2018
    Hal, can you find out if an Order of Movement has been issued by the joint chiefs to implement Trump's request
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Thor Leonard · 22:11 10/22/2018
      they can stand up troops on the border legally. Plans must be approved by counties,states, and CO with his aids.After plans are approved.The orders will be uploaded into the systems.Then soilders can get paid,and be responsible for their AORS. Im sure there will be enough CO aide to get the order moving.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Dave · 04:29 10/23/2018
        Wrong, States can control the National Guard, but they do not have any Authority or any say so on the USA Military itself. Just so you know the difference here.
        • Comment held for moderation.
          Paddy_Fitz · 15:03 10/24/2018
          POTUS can federalize National Guard troops from any state without the approval of the governor. He can give the governor a heads up out of courtesy, but once the order comes down the governor has no say.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        David Jones · 22:55 10/22/2018
        Not true we are in declared state of war already..Trump declared National Emergency way back in December of last year..So that allows not only for Martial law but the president can command troops directly whether states like it or not...
        • Comment held for moderation.
          J.R. · 01:08 10/23/2018
          Correct...Presidents EO signed on December 21,2017
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Frank · 20:59 10/22/2018
    If you don't know how to do it now, you need to learn how to create IED's (Improvised Explosive Device). You also need to be able to hit a target witih rifle at minimum 100 yards.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sue · 20:56 10/22/2018
    Ft. Bliss is AT the border in El Paso, Texas.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      C.A.Beck · 02:05 10/23/2018
      Ft. Bliss are on Stand-By to move military equipment by rail, Sue. There's a whole lot of Border to cover in Texas, AZ, Calif.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sammy · 19:50 10/22/2018
    The jews are doing this they are the real problem.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Marie · 03:51 10/27/2018
      It's not the Jews. It's the liberal left!!! They are Communists and want a revolution here!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Jim Call · 16:17 10/24/2018
      That is the most racist Nazi comment I've heard in a long time
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Marie · 03:50 10/27/2018
        I LIKE Jewish people! My doctor is Jewish and extremely smart. He saved my life in fact when the American doctor almost killed me by giving me a water pill which depleted my potassium and then my heart went out of rhythm for 3 months. I needed a blood test and doc didn't give it to me. The Jewish doc saved my life! I have a Jewish friend and she is highly intelligent and puts me to shame with her good advice!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      airforceone · 09:15 10/24/2018
      I guess the Jews where the real problem in WWII. ??
      And I guess the Jews are getting rocketed every day because “they are the real problem” ????
      Sammy, it’s easy to see who you really are!!!!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      hitlerdidnothingwron · 08:33 10/23/2018
      look at all the jews in here.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Marie · 03:55 10/27/2018
        And did you know that 90 % of Jewish people have type O rh negative blood? Yep. And did ya also know that they did research and people who have type O blood either neg or pos live the longest into their 90's? Yep. So if you have type O neg blood you may very well have some Jewish blood in you from way back! Especially if your ancestors came from Europe like mine did. I think it's kool.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        GFrost · 13:24 10/23/2018
        Yup. Ovens needed (to make the fiction true).
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Mama · 02:28 10/23/2018
      STFU, Farrakhan
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Bob · 00:01 10/23/2018
      A brain is a terrible thing to waste. Get informed Sammy.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Leslie · 23:13 10/22/2018
      Bitch, please.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      No More Wars · 21:23 10/22/2018
      We are witnessing societal collapse is all due to TALMUDIC JUDAISM aka COMMUNISM. The fact remains International Jewry is evil beyond imagination. Throughout history they have waged war against all humanity especially White Christianity. History repeats itself unless mass awakening awareness starts now and fast.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Storm · 20:48 10/22/2018
      Argh! George Soros is the instigator...
    • Comment held for moderation.
      GFrost · 20:30 10/22/2018
      You are correct. But 9 out of 10 Christian conservatives will never see it...because they are "God's Chosen People"
      • Comment held for moderation.
        SILVERSTREAK · 01:07 10/23/2018
        @GFrost that is where the deception began by accepting the jew lie, the facts are that these criminal psychos are not BIBLICAL HEBREWS, but IMPOSTORS that have used our biblical belief ,our Freedoms, our Laws, our Constitution, to bring us down as a nation, and as individuals, to a state of slavery, while been protected by ignorant people like yourself, who do not know God's word, because you relay on your false biblical teachers, false prophets, but never go to God for personal understanding of who is who when it comes to criminals, the false church will never enter into the kingdom of heaven because they have fallen asleep, following the blind straight into hell, Jesus Christ himself told us who these criminals are in the BOOK OF JOHN CHAPTER 8: VERSE 44 ON portion of the bible that false teachers never touch, because they themselves are JEWS, PROTECTING THEIR OWN TRIBE OF SATANIC CRIMINALS , THE CHOSEN PEOPKE OF GOD, ARE THE ONES THAT BELIEVE THE GOOD NEWS, NO MATTER WHO IT IS THAT WAS THE WHOLE REASON FOR CHRIST TO COME TO EARTH, AND CHOSE THE ADOPTED ONES TO BE THE CHOSEN OF GOD, THOSE ARE THE CHRISTIANS, NOT EVEN THE REAL HEABREWS ARE CHOSEN ANY MORE UNLESS THEY REPENT AND ASK FORGIVNES TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, WHEN YOU ADOPT A CHILD YOU ARE CHOSING HIM OR HER, YOU DO NOT COUNT YOUR NATURAL SONS AS CHOSEN ONES BECAUSE THOSE YOU HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WILLIGNESS TO BE THEIR FATHER GOD GAVE THEM TO YOU AND YOUR MATE. GOD HIMSELF DIVORSE FROM THE HEBREWS MORE THAN 400 YEARS PRIOR TO THE FIRST COMMING OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST TO PROCLAIM THE NEW COVENANT WITH HUMANITY THAT IS THE NEW TESTAMENT, AND REASON WHY, GOD WANTED SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF FAITH NOT OF WORKS, WE ARE THE ONES THAT GOD PROMISED TO ABRAHAM WHEN HE TOLD HIM THAT HIS SEED WAS GOING TO BE AS MANY AS THERE ARE STARS ON THE SKY.
        • Comment held for moderation.
          GFrost · 08:33 10/23/2018
          @Silverstreak: Re-read my comment, moron. I'm well aware of the Jewish problem...hence my stating that 9 out of 10 conservatives will never see it because (let me dumb this down for you) THEY buy into the IDIOTIC notion that the Jew's are "God's Chosen People". Is this version clear enough for you? Now go back and re-read and then apologize.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Rat jew Jimmy · 19:48 10/22/2018
    Don't keep them in camps it cost to much fly them back to Central America drop them in the jungle .Don't feed them just water.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      GFrost · 20:32 10/22/2018
      Hopefully the Armed Forces will paint the border with blood, brains & refried beans.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        AussieAmi · 10:59 10/23/2018
        Two things Trump cannot afford. 1: Failing to stop them and 2. a bloodbath. The Clintons, Soris etc have paid for this so one or the other will happen. You need rapid internment camps (use Hesco) to corral them in and then remove them in manageable groups. Bloody heaps of bodies is NOT what you need - it is what
        the demoratz want.
        • Comment held for moderation.
          Gfrost · 14:22 10/23/2018
          They deserve it.
        • Comment held for moderation.
          Gfrost · 13:23 10/23/2018
          If we are to continue under the charade of the republic & democracy (with all the trappings of a free press and pandering elections which that entails) then you're no doubt correct. But hopefully all that will soon be discarded so we can get down to brass tacks...because it's what these vermin deserve and what the world desperately needs. Call it a slap back to reality for a spoiled, hedonistic, "angst" prone world.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      water cost money · 20:32 10/22/2018
      Water costs us money also.
      Fuck that.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Marie · 03:58 10/27/2018
        Water is free is you get it from the dirty ditches!!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Ken_In_Las_Vegas_NV_ · 19:38 10/22/2018
    They are being paid to do this by organizations that are funded by George Soros. So-- not only is this a full scale INVASION, it is being done by MERCENARIES! SHOOT (WITHOUT WARNING) ANY OF THEM THAT CROSS THE BORDER ILLEGALLY!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Katman · 19:25 10/22/2018
    THEY made their intent know - they are enemy combatants NOT refugees! JUST SHOOT THEM! THEY would be trespassers - there is a process which they are disregarding which makes them criminals.
    NO MERCY OR QUARTER. Our seniors & vets deserve our respect & honor NOT foreigners, invaders! NO FREE RENT, FOOD, HOUSING or MEDICAL. Texas & the U.S. have borders that must be respected.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      WAR! they started it · 00:27 10/23/2018
      That's right USA is a "Stand Your Ground" "Castle Doctrine" Nation. Even if the Communists = Democrats = Leftists = Liberals = Globalists = terrorists in USA don't recognize this, PATRIOTS do fully under stand the rules of defense, and engagement.

      Mexico Guatemala Belize (who knows how many others have signed up since this) 2014 formal declaration of war against USA


      So this is WAR, and USA is DEFENDING itself and it's citizens as it is legally bound w/ mandate to do.

      Stop ALL shipments of anything to these Nations, Freeze all assets & bank accounts which USA can, seized all property in USA they have interest, stop ALL aid, and INSTANTLY legally through THIS deport every single one of them in USA, this includes any US citizens that hold Dual citizenship w/ these nations.. ALL this wonderful important actions can be done ASAP upon something said/signed by Trump. USA already had full authority to do this under many of the things Trump has signed since took office, been in state of National Emergency, & anything connected to Corruption, Trafficking related can ALL be seized.

      DO IT NOW! And MAGA! But doing it.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Katman · 19:25 10/22/2018
    THEY made their intent know - they are enemy combatants NOT refugees! JUST SHOOT THEM! THEY would be trespassers - there is a process which they are disregarding which makes them criminals.
    NO MERCY OR QUARTER. Our seniors & vets deserve our respect & honor NOT foreigners, invaders! NO FREE RENT, FOOD, HOUSING or MEDICAL. Texas & the U.S. have borders that must be respected.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    john · 19:24 10/22/2018
    prove this
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Mikki Dean · 18:30 10/22/2018
    Sunday, we observed several HUGE whirly things heading south over our North Texas home. This would be considered unusual.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    TAZ Devil · 18:00 10/22/2018
    Mexico, to keep the illegals from stopping there are busing the people the 1000 miles.... Mexico is helping them, not stopping them at the Mexican border.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    William Raywalt · 17:57 10/22/2018
    Only two possibilities here. The wall is going to be built out of dead bodies, or the "immigrants" are going to be hired to build the wall out of bricks. Naturally, the latter is preferable, provided the workers all remain in Mexico during construction, and after the project is finished. "And Mexico is going to pay for it."
  • Comment held for moderation.
    NoodledooN · 17:33 10/22/2018
    Ok first thing I question is the standing military forces on US soil.
    like Reginald Fischer stated is this a false flag? I believe something must be done,however is this an excuse to drive martial law that won’t ever leave? Can the US order the National Guard without breaking the law?
    Personally I think we are all being played AGAIN by the government. Try looking into Tramps Zion connections, it eyes wide open time people. My suspicions are like most others that Sorryass and Obumlicker are driving this. You won’t get Tramp to put a real stop because soros is in bed with loans of money to trumps family and possibly himself maybe indirectly.
    The rabbit hole is VERY deep
    • Comment held for moderation.
      USA already a War Th · 21:01 10/22/2018
      Wow, behind the times and knowing the state of USA. USA has been under legal through Presidential and Congressional action under WAR Powers since after 911. See even recent early Congressional Kavenaugh hearings, & Lindsey Graham asking questions. Next Posse Commitatus was REMOVED YEARS ago, & this was very public w/ both press coverage video of formal statements by USCentralCommand, AND DHS, AND DOJ all separately. Also USA homeland WAS designated a WAR Theater, battlefield (there's a ribbon for that) and NEW commands NorthCom etc created. Also our Civil Rights were removed by Bush, in violation of Constitution. But it is a FACT & upheld under some "legal" voodoo. SO, it is very important for ALL US Citizens, & subjects in peonage to the Federal Reserve, & Globalist cabal who live in perpetual peonage/debt slavery and are classified as chattle & traded as a commodity based on our expected lifetime earnings & TAX we can pay to Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank etc via THEIR entities IRS, etc where all moneys go to them directly for THEIR purposed (illegally & unconstitutionally since taxing an individuals income is ILLEGAL & prohibited by the Constitution). How else do you think the Joint Chiefs, & traitors like Hayden, Tenet, Clapper, Brennan, Chertoff etc w/ Clintons, Bushs, Obama got away w/ having weekly meetings & KILL lists/targeting for murder of people? For Obama it was his Tuesday meetings w/ Brennan (911) & his now highly nefarious Brennan Institute (simple dig to ALL orgs, agencies, funding, think tanks foreign & domestic & people connected to it, you will find alot of terrorism on US soil and abroad.

      NO Martial Law ever need be declared, it is already & has been fully in place, just no big show about it. Hence in Boston (Monday) boom boom & TX (Wednesday) LIVE/DRILL show phase 5 of OP/drills was "shelter in place" BS. All of which had prior been leaked the week before beginning WED & we knew that after the Boston show that the live round up was to be presented by CIA/CNN on Friday. All that gear traveling on trains W to NE (Boston) was filmed week before to stage for the planned OP that was the Boston BS show. Patriots kept busting the narrative & so they kept spinning more BS. Original patsy/target was USA patriots, but ended up w/ level 4 patsies & lots more murders for coverups.

      So 100% legal and right for US Mil to totally defend at all times OUR USA borders, Ports, etc ALL of them.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Trump is a Patriot · 19:52 10/22/2018
      Trump is loyal to the Republic and the Constitution and the People.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Sammy · 16:13 10/23/2018
        Know them by the friends they keep .????History teaches us the people have always been stabbed in the back by those we call leaders.We want Wallace and get a Robert the Bruce .
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Leona Leone · 17:25 10/22/2018
    I’m sorry that these people are being used but they are allowing themselves to be used. Where are their governments? Not telling them to be careful who they listen to, they could die! One can’t be that stupid to not realize what they are doing is a crime, therefore shoot to kill if they dare to break into OUR HOME!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jimmy · 17:15 10/22/2018
  • Comment held for moderation.
    KDH · 17:15 10/22/2018
    Is this true? I can't find this information anywhere else.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Corporal of the Unit · 17:12 10/22/2018
    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than the enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will. My rifle and I know that what counts in war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, or the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit.

    My rifle is human, even as I am human, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other.

    Before God I swear this creed. My rifle and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.

    So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      AussieAmi · 11:04 10/23/2018
      Oh please this is not a bloody movie, the last thing you need is piles of bodies and body parts at your border, the Demonratz are hoping for just that
    • Comment held for moderation.
      DeVan · 23:50 10/22/2018
      I like the shorter version: this is my rifle, this is my gun. One is for shooting one is for fun.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    jesus christ says · 17:09 10/22/2018
    if they are jews, shoot two, you can earn a 3 sheckel bounty!!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      SILVERSTREAK · 01:25 10/23/2018
      we should demand that our military, round up all full blooded jews and half breed jews which are more than the full blooded ones, and send the some where else where they will never again cause any more chaos to humanity a place where they wont be able to swim from nor fly back again into non jews home lands. they will never assimilate with the non jew they have learned to be parasites from birth that unless they make their money with their mouth, or steal it they could not survive on their own.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hugo · 20:14 10/22/2018
      You are certainly a stupid bastard!
      • Comment held for moderation.
        SILVERSTREAK · 01:34 10/23/2018
        @ Hugo do you have any idea what the Jews had in mind to do with your head ? if HITLERY had made it into the white house, they had more than 35,000 gillotines, and over 800 FIMA camps, with over 5,000,000 million containers, at least 6' high, x 6' t0 8' wide, and at least 12' in length to pile you and as many as they could right after they shopped your pea brain head. train containers, with hand cuffs, and chains welded to the walls of the train containers, so that once they would get you inside you would not be able to escape before they send you to hell, is that something that to expected to experience once God called your name for check out,
        • Comment held for moderation.
          Marie · 04:07 10/27/2018
          Silverstreak is right cuz i did read about that a long time ago, and saw pics of trains with shackles, and i also read about the guillotines so i believe what he/she says.
        • Comment held for moderation.
          ghostrider · 16:25 10/23/2018
          are you really that stupid
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Denton · 21:06 10/22/2018
        He can't help it.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    sandy · 17:08 10/22/2018
    This must be stopped now, whatever it takes! The future of our children and their children is at stake! Stop this invasion!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    MAINSTREAMNEWSUCKS · 16:55 10/22/2018
    If they unlawfully cross the border, put them in FEMA camps !!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    ALL R Criminals in m · 16:46 10/22/2018
    These terrorists are burning American Flags on their insurgent illegal transnational invasion towards their assault against USA. EACH & every one of them is ALREADY a criminal in their home Nation which they exited illegally, & in EACH nation they have illegally entered through in their progress. Ergo - they are all already proven documented TRANSNATIONAL CRIMINALS and TERRORISTS. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/10/grateful-hondurans-paint-swastika-on-us-flag-then-torch-it-in-support-of-illegal-immigrant-caravans/
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Rayner · 16:44 10/22/2018
    1st Armored isnt in Ft Campbell its the 101st
  • Comment held for moderation.
    jim · 16:42 10/22/2018
    he needs to arrest all the democrat communists in the usa who are paying for this and trying to rig elections in the usa
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jew rat bastard · 16:41 10/22/2018
    Turns out trucks are moving them North and the Star of David is on the side of trucks.Who's doing this Jew bastards our friends ????? Trump and our protectors in FBI and CIA know this.Time to shut down the bastards at FBI and CIA,they are traitors.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Greg · 05:34 10/24/2018
      Soros uses the Star of David as his symbol too. It is slightly different from the Israeli one but very similar. This is Soro's doing not Israels.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      JeremyR · 18:32 10/23/2018
      The one moving them is nazi George Soros.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Yovnne · 06:01 10/23/2018
      the Rothchilds claim to be jews, but they are not of the Hebrew good jews, more than likely those trucks belong to the Rothchild cabal.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Deplorablemes · 16:27 10/22/2018
    defend our boarders at the cost of their lives if necessary
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sammy · 16:26 10/22/2018
    Only white men can run a country .What good is it to move. Mexico or Africa into America ?Look at those losers Indians ,all deadbeats .
  • Comment held for moderation.
    ENEMY COMBATANTS · 16:26 10/22/2018
    ALL of those people are ENEMY Combatants, Invaders. Let me tell you that IF I ever have to flee my country, therefore understand that it no longer is looking out for ME, I WILL NOT be waving a USA flag while transporting into another Sovereign nation. These people are waving their National flags of origin, singing songs of their nation from where they ILLEGALLY crossed out of, and ILLEGALLY passed through & entered several other Sovereign nations. They are TERRORISTS by ALL legal definition, such as economic terrorists, or propaganda/information warfare terrorists, & also illegally influencing OUR ELECTIONS.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Detroit Johnny · 16:21 10/22/2018
    Kill Them All Let God Sort It Out
  • Comment held for moderation.
    yahkee · 16:17 10/22/2018
    Drop the MOAB bomb on them, that should get their attention.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Democrat · 16:08 10/22/2018
    We need 1 million to south border. Or more. Who could shoot down thousands of people? Trump and soldiers will look like Hitler in action.

    We need to take Trump down. WE NEED OPEN BORDERS!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Marie · 04:13 10/27/2018
      Ok, so the Titanic is sinking. You got a lifeboat, but it only holds 50 people comfortably. Now, 500 more want to come in this boat and they try to, they climb all over it...the boat sinks and they all die! Letting in these scum will only turn America into another 3rd world country, very poor, little food, disease everywhere, TB, Leprosy, Bedbugs, etc....poor medical treatment....we can't afford to save the whole F. world!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Greg · 05:37 10/24/2018
      Its people thinking like you do that got us into this mess. Demonrats partnering up with the likes of Soros. What did you expect us to do?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      pamwilson · 01:29 10/23/2018
      you are really a special kind of stupid.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      VoiceOfReason · 23:43 10/22/2018
      Sounds like a threat against our President.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Open YOUR house · 20:02 10/22/2018
      Open YOUR house...leave YOUR doors unlocked and let anyone and everyone that desires so to enter claim ownership of your money, and your property. Your politics sound all honorable on paper, but why don't you back it up? Invite the first 50 invaders to stay at your house indefinitely, idiot.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Democrat · 05:24 10/23/2018
        I don't have a house, I'm living in a van.

        But why you are so selfish? We can use your houses!!!!!
        • Comment held for moderation.
          Marie · 04:19 10/27/2018
          This is the truth. I love bookstores, so 3 yrs ago i was in the city and i saw one so went inside, but didn't see anything i liked. I met a guy there. He seemed SO nice. We got into a conversation. I gave him my phone number. We talked a few times on the phone. He was into eastern religions so i thought he was ok. We talked about that. I went to see him a couple times, then i found out he was a F. Liberal !
          He talked about having a REVOLUTION. He was dead serious. He made me sick. All i could think about was that he was a "filthy communist". I never saw him again. He kept calling me, but i kept making excuses why i couldn't see him. These scum liberals are SERIOUS - they hate America and love Communism!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Intel Analyst · 16:07 10/22/2018
    This is not true.
    One of my best friends is with the 82nd Airborne and I just talked to him. They are not being deployed to the border. And if anyone were to be deployed to the border, it would not be them. More than likely Marines.
    I also am an Intel Analyst and asked around - and confirmed again, the 82nd Airborne is NOT being deployed to the border.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Anon1776 · 05:45 10/23/2018
      You are an intel analyst that is confirming/denying troop deployments on a public forum? You do realize that if you are not a lying POS then UCMJ looks very unfavorably on such activity. If the right people see your post, track your IP address, and confirm your military status, then YOU ARE SCREWED!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    kent ford · 16:05 10/22/2018
    this is all over hyped, for this phoney election, and you idiots are being played, by that fat orange pig, he has no morales, about anything, like LYING.......
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Stonehands · 13:44 10/23/2018
      Kent Ford says:
      Orange man bad.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Jay · 11:31 10/23/2018
      Here is a history lesson about the democratic party. They were the party of the southern confederates. They were against freeing the slaves, equal rights, African American right to vote, the Women’s right to vote & equal pay. Lincoln was a republican. The prisons were filled to capacity with African Americans and Mexicans during the Obama administration and his war on drugs. The pictures you see of illegal aliens in cages were taken during the Obama Administration. Hilary Clinton said her greatest mentor was senator Robert Byrd a high-ranking member in the KKK. The democratic party is the party of the deep state. The illuminati, George Soros as their front man finance the deep state and most leaders in the democratic party who support the separation games often referred to as Media Matters, Open Boarders, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Planned Parent Hood, eugenics through abortion etc. We are living in a world of opposites. The illuminati also own the lame stream media. In other words you are being played like a fiddle, especially African Americans who are suffering from Stock Holmes syndrome supporting the long history of enslavement and abuse from the Democrats. - Operation Disclosure: ECETI: October 2018 Update from James Gilliland https://operationdisclosure...
  • Comment held for moderation.
    jensingr · 15:49 10/22/2018
    Can you imagine if thousands of Americans decided to march towards another country en masse? This is total insanity funded by Soros, fueled by the frustration and desperation of whats left of the groveling Democrat party. An attempt to force Trump into some sort of action, which one way or another may make him look bad. I hope they have a
    perfect plan for the demise of this stupid charade!!

    and guess what, I just saw an EAS test....Perfect!!

    Bring it on Military!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    EWH · 15:48 10/22/2018
    NAPALM is the correct solution to this problem and when properly applied and promoted afterward this will END , so Ten thousand Today or loose the country tomorrow!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    jennifer · 15:34 10/22/2018
    Most are unarmed. Many of these people are women and children. How is this right or fair. Look I am not for mass illegal immagration, but I am hoping that these people will see the massive military resistance and give up and go back home without blood shed. I also worry about how the CAT 5 will affect these walking people. Who can provide shelter for all these people during the storm? They appear to walking in a manner that will put them on course to deal with this bad storm. So far these pilgrims have been food, water, clothing, and support from the citizens. But if the citizens of the country experience loosing everything, they won't be able to help and what happens to the migrants then? People will die. Will more people join if they loose everything due to the storm and have nothing to lose?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Marie · 04:26 10/27/2018
      Pilgrims? NO! Woman and children? Look at the pictures - MOST of them are MEN with a few woman here and there, and the men are YOUNG - young enough to be fighting in the military...no, this is an INVADING ARMY!!!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      SILVERSTREAK · 01:52 10/23/2018
      @jennifer did you invited them to come, I know that President Trump did not invite them either, so whose fault will it be if they die on the way to the USA, America has been sending people back to every country south of the border for decades, that should give them a clue that they are not welcome, if these people die at the hands of our military for their foolishness of thinking that they can brake laws and no body is going to do any thing about it they are making their biggest mistake in life because they should know by now that TRUMP IS NOT IN ANY MOOD TO OPEN THE BORDER TO LET THEM COME IN, HOWEVER I WOULD PUNISH THOSE NATIONS THAT HAVE LET THEM COME IN ACROSS THEIR LAND AND WHATEVER COST THAT IT WILL TAKE FOR US TO PAY OUR MILITARY AND OTHER EXPENSESS WOULD HAVE TO BE PAID BY THOSE NATIONS BETWEEN NICARAUA AND THE USA. AND NO MORE CONCESSIONS WOULD BE GIVEN TO THOSE NATIONS BESIDES FINANCIL AID.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Rebecca Warren · 01:13 10/23/2018
      I am sorry but you are wrong about most being women and children...most are young, able bodied men, some of whom cover their faces when camera is on them...
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Jennifer, the Idiot · 20:06 10/22/2018
      Stupid is as stupid does.

      Jennifer, open YOUR home!!! Stand behind your politics and tear down those doors on your home and let as many foreigners as want to settle in your home. In fact, they demand residency so give them that by making them co-owners of your property.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Occams Razor · 15:25 10/22/2018
    A show of force is always a good measure. Tanks, guns, concertina wire, and then air-drop pamphlets telling them they will not gain entrance.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Reginald Fischer · 15:18 10/22/2018
    And what's more, this event feels like another concocted, dumb false flag designed to stir up conflict and partisanship in America.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Reginald Fischer · 15:15 10/22/2018
    This caravan is still in Tapachula, Mexico, which is barely north of Guatemala. They are still 1,000 miles from the US border. A group this size would be lucky to move 10 miles a day. This means they won't get here until next year, unless they are loaded onto trains or trucks. Why send troops to the border for a caravan that won't be here for a LONG TIME, if ever?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Marie · 04:36 10/27/2018
      Take a good look at them. They are wearing clean clothing and i see some wearing flip flogs and sandles.
      I've read that they are getting rides on huge trucks, so they are not walking all that way. Walking a thousand miles with a small baby or child? No way! They are getting help! And where are they peeing & pooping? In the streets? I read there are porta potties for them. Look at their feet and shoes...not worn down. They are not all dirty and sweaty. They look very clean. How come their clothes are not all sweat stained and dirty from walking all that way? Cuz they are getting rides. I read that when the camera's come they jump off the trucks. They walk then. They get on the trucks when no camera's are around. This is a set up!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Greg · 05:56 10/24/2018
      I've noticed any media news being released is always 2 -3 days old. I'm certain their benefactors (ahem) want them here prior to the elections for maximum dramatic effect. If they persist, it will be gruesome for them. Hopefully just the knowledge of our military being on the border will deter them from such a grizzly fate.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      ANNA · 23:26 10/22/2018
    • Comment held for moderation.
      LEGALAMERICAN · 19:12 10/22/2018
    • Comment held for moderation.
      BigMamaTEA · 18:37 10/22/2018
      Why. The walking is for the photo-ops. They are hauling them around on flat-bed semis, buses, and those large cargo trucks.

      There is film all over Twatter
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Robbie · 18:13 10/22/2018
      Because the are not really walking here, they are being transported here.
      The throngs of people walking is merely a photo op to fool the simple minded and to create 'sympathy' for this staged invasion.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      bob smith · 18:05 10/22/2018
      Why do you think they're handing out money? They're going to train it here.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      D. Hill · 18:00 10/22/2018
      They are in actuality being loaded onto trucks in the evenings and driven throughout the night. There were Videos of this on Fox last night except it wasn't night it was still broad daylight!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Molly · 17:41 10/22/2018
      They are not walking per eyewitness accounts. They are being bussed by trucks etc. The walking is only for photo-ops
    • Comment held for moderation.
      GrandmaPuppy · 17:00 10/22/2018
      They are not just walking. They are getting rides in trucks, etc. The walking photos are for media ops.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      jensingr · 16:57 10/22/2018
      get on bus/truck , go for miles, get off truck and take vids/pics, get back on bus/truck....

    • Comment held for moderation.
      jim · 16:40 10/22/2018
      to stop all democrat voters from other countries from helping the communist democrat party rigging the november election
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Sammy Jew pig · 16:21 10/22/2018
      Because there will be trucks trains and cars going north .
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Trump MUST protect U · 16:20 10/22/2018
      We have many US / Mexico border states. TX alone last month had so many criminals illegally entering USA through TX & they were ONLY able to catch 3000. Every day masses of people use rail, trucks, & a global trans national conspiracy network tied to CHURCHES (Commie Pope creating global division/instability and BS), Leftists, Socialists/Communists, terrorists, gangs, Cartels etc. There is also major Influence Campaign being executed against USA from China (genocide committing EVIL COMMUNISTS global threat), Israel, EU etc. So right NOW criminals are crossing our borders, draining out resources/damaging our infrastructure, harming our Economic Security, & National Security through EVERY border state to include our Northern border with Canada.

      So it is a NOW crisis, NOW. Our schools, physical/mental health services, and a MASSIVE government/court infrastructure at profound cost (more than ANY benefits citizens get from OUR Government annually) is continually costing use $100s of BILLIONS.

      ALL USA resources, infrastructure, services, aid, basic services are for USA Citizens, but they are well below what WE deserve and it is broken. THIS is why!

      And NO I and MILLIONS of Americans do NOT need to "prepare" "brace" ourselves to the realities that this is WAR, this is INVASION, this IS TERRORISM (which takes many forms such as economic, and logistical, information, resource draining, and REAL threat to EVERY man woman child in OUR REPUBLIC.

      I have NO problem if the resultant DEATHS of these ENEMY Combatants transpire. IT is the right and just thing to do, for OUR National, and Economic Security, & to HONOR the Social Contract that EACH USA Citizen has w/ it's Nation State/Country OUR USA.

      Would gladly volunteer, or sign up for JOB in some support aspect to the entire logistics for our Military continuing to GUARD our Borders, PORTS, Airports, Infrastructure etc. It is OUR duty, JUST like it is our duty to ensure we get out and VOTE for the MAGA candidates all over USA right now. Do your research, as in some areas the REAL MAGA candidate is NOT the one the RINO GOP is endorsing in some States. WE MUST ensure that REAL properly worded no hidden BS LAWS are passed, & other things revoked/nullified to fix our most pathetic broken, ludicrous immigration policies in wide aspect are changed ASAP. Further we MUST halt ALL "refugees" & other immigration so we can during this major crisis we have already been in can fix the infrastructure, logistics to care for US citizens 1st.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      LPS · 16:08 10/22/2018
      They are being bussed...
    • Comment held for moderation.
      steve · 16:07 10/22/2018
      Because the Caravan is just for show the real threat is already trying to cross.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      John · 16:06 10/22/2018
      Video submitted to the rumormillnews showed that they were loaded onto trucks. They walked only for photo ops.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      JSW · 15:52 10/22/2018
      "...This means they won't get here until next year, unless they are loaded onto trains or trucks..." Which is exactly what was reported two days ago before the mob reached Mexico's southern border; and is happening now. These people are not walking-- just look at the pictures and ask yourself how they can look so refreshed, bathed and clean shaven with shiny new clothing if they've been walking that distance? Only someone lying to themselves would believe they aren't being bussed/trucked/railroaded to points north. Not to mention, every picture I've seen has many of the mob with their noses buried in cell phones/texting as they walk.

      So don't be so smug about how far they have yet to go.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Welcome to HELL · 21:56 10/22/2018
        While many US citizens don't have cell phones, or cable or even internet access at their homes. Over 1/3 of USA lives in poverty & 2/3 children live in poverty, & we have failing 3rd world education/schools, medical/mental healthcare & substandard dysfunctional/corrupt judicial system that must be revamped totally & remove us from being under authority of Britain. Our transportation & delivery systems, our basic infrastructure is also failing and substandard. Homelessness, home security, food security, utility security is something many American Citizens lack. We have profound homeless problem, & a huge hunger/w/ nutrition deficit problem. Many people don't have reliable transportation to even get around (lots of community charity work just helping people get to appointments/food banks etc and can't keep jobs as their cars breakdown or can't afford gas let alone insurance and taxes). We don't have enough basic homeless or even domestic violence or sexual abuse shelters. In many areas of USA the desert for those shelters spans several counties so people can't even get to those or any assistance or safety, while others are full and not enough funds for rapid rehousing, & section 8 seems to be a thing of the past. REALLY look, and see that these problems are huge, and cause profound inability for US citizens who have suffered as victims of crime of any kind, or domestic/family abuse, medical emergencies/crisis or long term medical illnesses and lose everything, & there is NO safety net. BUT while trying to get these things people get confronted w/ the fact that IF they were Illegals, migrants, seasonal farm workers that THEY can get tons of things & further get expedited. This is REAL. See the problem? So NO we can't even handle the problems created by those who have come into USA illegally for DECADES, let along those over the last few years.. the laws are flawed and cause this. The laws/regulations drain our nation, & cause hardship and destroy US citizens lives and futures.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Frank · 15:09 10/22/2018
    Thank goodness that we have a President like Donald Trump who is NOT going to allow this. Actually, I hope that we do see piles of dead bodies. Maybe then other countries will respect our borders.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    the Budell · 15:08 10/22/2018
    Well ! Mr Trump will be responsible for the law that protects Americans from invasions. Are we a country of law and order ? And do these migrants (from their own country and social upbringing) recognize what law and order is if confronted ? Should their disrespectful behavior be the way to determine if we let them in, if at all ?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    ourmaninjelem · 15:06 10/22/2018
    look how Israel protects its people and border and doesnt care what anyone says. It takes the heat but its people are not afraid. learn.....
    • Comment held for moderation.
      End Zionist subjugat · 21:57 10/22/2018
      Yes and it is their meddling, subversion, and parasitic objectives that have planned and strategically cause all the problems in USA.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    the Budell · 15:02 10/22/2018
    Well ! Mr Trump will be responsible for the law that protects Americans from invasions. Are we a country of law and order ? And do these migrants (from their own country and social upbringing) recognize what law and order is if confronted ? Should their disrespectful behavior be the way to determine if we let them in, if at all ?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jan Christophersen · 14:59 10/22/2018
    This is awful. There is a video of the line starting, with a man walking alongside handing out cash to each. The walkers were very clean, tidy, many women with children and some carrying Babies.

    Trump, the cia had to. know who organised, who was funding this. Why has this not been called out? The poor people are just pawns used by cruel oligarchs, putting all countries along the way in impossible situations.

    an armed response needed to be made at the first border with permission of the country. Or some strategic thought, trump always works by threat and punishment not intelligence....he has very poor advice or as we know sabotage by those around him.

    the numbers are not great by Syrian standards, they have 50000 refugees held in rukdan camp in el tanf by the USA who has refused aid and access for four years, Syria wants them out, the 140 who need hospitalisation too and will look after them.

    Syria had 100,000 refugees come under fire as they got out from east ghouta where some had been put in cages by Isis and al Nusra and forced to dig tunnels. Syria was desperate abpnd Russia too to get them out and somehow orovide in a war broken country. Get the numbers in perspective.

    military at USA border, threats and punished to poor overwhelmed countries tp stop March, but nothing about the organiser, the perpetrators.
    why not? Europe didn’t act either. Why is the name of the perpetrator not publicised?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Lynn Gorse · 17:50 10/22/2018
      Sponsors have been named, many groups are Soros sponsored. Other groups named are open border groups and Islam funded groups.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Ron · 16:05 10/22/2018
      I tell you what, you A-Hole. Your so sympathetic toward illegal aliens, why don’t you file sponsorship and take them all in your house ! You have some pair of balls, putting this burden on myself and the Taxpayers of America......Douchbag !!!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Rasferi · 15:08 10/22/2018
      The names were publicized. They're called Social Democrats. George Soros funds this. It is common knowledge. Trump may be working behind the scenes. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it isn't happening. This is all planned. It will backfire on the perpetrators.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        NTY WaPo CIA · 16:41 10/23/2018
        Fake op/pro Soros, deepstate & NYT OPS to protect promote SOROS been going on. He needs to be ex-judicially REMOVED. It is fully legal, moral and necessary to protect humanity. Same for ALL Rothschilds etc
    • Comment held for moderation.
      the Budell · 15:07 10/22/2018
      Good Questions! Jan and info thanx
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Gatlin guns · 14:50 10/22/2018
    Kill them all
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Kz · 14:46 10/22/2018
    How will hurricane Willa play into this?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    earanom · 14:45 10/22/2018
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Don Evans · 14:43 10/22/2018
    Let's get the cameras in front of any wall or fence we have and just see how brave they are when it comes to stopping this hoard!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    JohnQ · 14:30 10/22/2018
    Are you sure about the "1st Armored Division of the United States Army at Ft. Campbell, KY" because 1stArmor is stationed in El Paso.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    TOM SIMMS · 14:29 10/22/2018
    Outstanding leadership on this matter. So far.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      LegalAmerican · 19:16 10/22/2018
      Yes. Bleeding heart liberals DESTROY COUNTRIES. There are ISSI in the mix and mostly YOUNG MEN. 50,000 want to storm the border. That is WAR!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    p lang · 14:19 10/22/2018
    they have microwave that will send them running away
  • Comment held for moderation.
    David · 14:19 10/22/2018
    We are justified to use any force necessary.

    It might seem cold and hard but we have a duty.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Dan from ohio · 14:15 10/22/2018
    Don,t forget the 1000 man paramilitary force video taped coming across the border,in broad daylight,several weeks ago.Some were seen carrying weapons and all were carrying large backpacks.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    sammy 234 · 14:12 10/22/2018
    Tear gas by the truck load and helicopters to move them to Central America with no lawyers allowed 50 miles from boarder.Then arrests must start on the organizers of this crime.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Ken · 14:04 10/22/2018
    All captured aliens WILL be used to build the wall be fore they are sent to the southern side of the wall.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Barbara · 14:03 10/22/2018
    Different group of people, the nwhat Europe got but still the same-invasion. They were not asked to come here, they just decided to do it now. IN other woods people ----its us or them --and we will prevail. I have no doubt this is coming from the deep state the globalist and or enemy #1 SOROS
  • Comment held for moderation.
    jo · 14:02 10/22/2018
    Ah yes of course! shoot them to bits with heavy machine weapons, and then crush the dead with your tanks.
    If you thought the Kashoggi thing, was a catastrophe for S.Arabia, what do you think this episode will be for the Yanks?

    Oh and Hal..............Since when do you have to prepare yourself mentally
    if these unarmed, poverty stricken, people are gunned down by huge White soldiers from the US?.......Not at all eh?........Since you have been calling for their killing for days................Wake up Hal!.............You are condoning MURDER!!!!!!!!1
    • Comment held for moderation.
      ALL means available/ · 21:28 10/22/2018
      IF you are an American Citizen it is your DUTY to protect and defend YOUR Nation with YOUR LIFE!

      Home invasion your wife, sons, daughters & pets being raped, tortured, mutilated and you what? make them avocado sandwiches?

      READ what status USA is and has already legally been in/under. This is an ACT of WAR done by ALL organizers/sponsors/funders as well as those Nation States from any/all of these peoples origin (which BTW is several South & Central American countries, India, other Asian & African Nations & from the Middle East.

      This is an army, enemy combatants, ACTS of WAR, & terrorists. Do you even understand how Nation States work as corporations & how other Nations own "shares" & w/ all the false flag/ops fuckery going on w/ the Khashoggi OP, China, middle east etc, AND the actual real fragile set up by the last several WH administrations US dollar collapse, that (((they))) are creating the total "perfect storm" to ensure USA falls and that THIS is VERY VERY near to completion w/ out this new BS? So understanding all that, & also that media are nothing but deepstate/US (foreign agent) "Intelligence" Message Force Multipliers (see the US Congressional record George W Bush articles of impeachment & LEARN things you MUST know & understand as it is all true & much worse) to see that we MUST seal/close our borders totally, and for a good period of time, because already within USA there are profound threats/operatives/units ready to take us out (& BTW Gulen in PA & all those connected to all his terrorist training "schools" that US Federal money have been funding/protecting must be handed over via the Arrest warrant/extradition that Turkey demanded long ago.. and WHY do you not understand the CIA/Mossad/Turkey "Khashoggi" OP is all about tons of behind the scenes blackmail/threats, coercion/terror from many nations against USA & many of them that sheep & idiots believe are our allies.. they are NOT.

      Helicopters w/ threats on paper drops & mass reporting that these people will be stopped by LETHAL & injurious non lethal/but possible means.. Napalm the land in front of US border, us microwave, and sonic, & Ghz weapons, rubber & REAL bullets.. tear gas should be dropped in mexico on these people & pretty pathetic that the other nations have not done this, & water canons, & scatter shot..

      To not fight for our Nation/Republic NOW, is to not fight for it ever.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Make Best Decision · 14:02 10/22/2018

    Better to see the bloodshed & deaths of the lawless invaders at the border than to experience the bloodshed & deaths of the law-abiding citizens on Main Street, USA!!!!!!!!!!

    Difficult choices are thrust upon us in life, and though difficult, we must make the best decision. Remember, these are invading forces who willfully are resolved to wrongdoing and violence. (Just look how they attacked the Mexican police.)
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Violet · 13:46 10/22/2018
    Invasion...yes. Now watch those cowards put the women and children out in front of them. They did this before on this march.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Anika · 13:36 10/22/2018
    The US military can easily use THE ACTIVE DENIAL SYSTEM against this massive illegal invasion. The ADS or heat ray is a military non-lethal directed energy weapon designed to disperse crowds, insure area denial, perimeter security and crowd control.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      USE it ALL at all bo · 21:34 10/22/2018
      Yep, and the thought disruption, sound/thought insertion, the burning eyes, itching skin, the causing limbs to move etc.. all of this should be used NOW & targeted. THIS should be done every day at our borders NORTH & South. 10s of thousands have already been illegally entering in last 2 weeks. Our intentionally broken laws make it so we can not simply put them back on the other side if they get through to our soil, & then they end up costing USA $100s of Billions every year in basic care & they get legal aid, & all sorts of things WE and our own US CITIZEN children can't get just handed to us for free to help us get by, or help improve ourselves like free college etc.. that these terrorists get.

      NO duel citizens in ANY public office, judges, politicians, military, Congress (which is FULL of them & they all violate intent & are NOT USA First)
  • Comment held for moderation.
    F-I-N-A-L-L-Y · 13:34 10/22/2018
    Finally we have a president who actually cares about the safety and security of the USA!!! God bless our military troops and give them the courage to do what MUST be done!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Military, Not Migran · 13:32 10/22/2018
    This is not a "migrant" caravan, this is a "MILITARY" caravan. Anyone with common sense can objectively see that the majority in this invading force are military men in street clothes. There are a few women and children in the mix for a veneer of random people, but clearly this is a subversive military operation made up of foreign military men.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    God Bless Trump · 13:27 10/22/2018
    Lawless people who are defiant to the rule of law meet the firm hand of justice. These people are not being confronted in their homelands, they are invading OUR nation with plans to do harm (economically, biologically, physically, militarily, culturally, etc.)

    Whatever end these invaders face was of THEIR own choosing...THEY are the violators of the rule of law.

    God bless our President Trump for having the wisdom to institute measures to stop this intrusive madness in a firm and assertive fashion. It definitely will convey a clear message to the world.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    KZ · 13:25 10/22/2018
    How about those sound weapons? Non lethal...
  • Comment held for moderation.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Patrick Hughes · 13:23 10/22/2018
    Both houses of Congress are complicit in this caravan invasion and the POTUS should/must convene an emergency session of Congress to solve this crisis now!

  • Comment held for moderation.
    GiJoe · 13:20 10/22/2018
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Peace · 13:19 10/22/2018
    The US IS the third largest Country in the World. It needs to pull its pants back up, and start acting like it. Canada, e.g., is not one tenth the size. If it were not for us, they would have ceased to exist. a long time ago. Same for Mexico. They would have been over run also, long ago. A bastion of despotism. Tijuana. So far; two thousand deaths (murders) so far this year. Pathetic. Their problem. Not ours, though they along with tge subverts in this Country; Seem to be doing their best to make us ALL like Venezuela. We must say, no more. Looks like President Trump, is starting to do just that. Congrats.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Paul Willer · 13:17 10/22/2018
    Or carrying guns. (That we've seen, yet.)
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Wait What? · 18:31 10/22/2018
      To what exactly are you replying to? "Or carrying guns" is a random, broad statement...
  • Comment held for moderation.
    tomnchrist · 13:14 10/22/2018
    Could have been prevented if Congress would have funded the wall years ago, or even one year ago.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Forearmed · 13:13 10/22/2018
    Lets hope that those boys are allowed to use whatever weapons are suitable to deter an invasion. They could also lob in tear gas to disperse the crowds.

    The military also has Active Denial weapons that will certainly disperse the crowds, and other weapons that will work quite effectively without killing like brain confusing Electric pulse weapons, leaving the victims confused and unable to continue.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Ric · 13:07 10/22/2018
    A military press blackout must be ordered as and in addition to all other actions pertaining. Being taken. As a matter of National Security. Period. The press, you can bet is hoping to capitalize on this situation. To bring rioting and sedition to this Country. Better know it; And lock up any journalist who might ignore and and try. Lock.em up and throw away the key! Till properly judged and sentenced. This is a dire point that must not be overlooked. The peace and safety of this Nation and its people (decent folk) is at stake..
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Push Comes To Shove · 13:00 10/22/2018
    Time to set up the mine fields.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    bildew · 12:48 10/22/2018
    The approaching hurricane may take care of some...
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Really · 12:45 10/22/2018
    The military needs to establish an exclusion zone to keep the cameras away.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Ban Media under Nati · 16:29 10/22/2018
      YES, ban all media, cameras, recorders, choppers, drones, & under ORDERS of NATIONAL SECURITY. Further WE need to be biometricly scanning ALL of the people involved and IDing them, & running info gathering and tracking via all their devices, calls, emails, texts, bank accounts, etc SOROS NEEDS to go on a helicopter ride ASAP, and all the other USA Oligarchs like Clintons, etc
  • Comment held for moderation.
    HissLamb · 12:42 10/22/2018
    Jesus Christ is a title I inherited, not Emmanuel's actual name.
    I am A to Z now. The Post-Rapture Purge is due to not revealing me . . .
    days being shortened for my sake. Woe to those with child -
    Re-Think what you were taught in light of Galatians 4:24's word 'allegory'
    The Rapture occurred prior to mid-March of 2011.
    Hillary Clinton, T. Geitner, Obama and Trump, inter alia, have not been revealing me.
    My real name means 'dark haired prince of peace'.
    Many have come in my name, but did they tell you not to breed ?
    666 is about Carbon (6-protons, 6-electrons, 6-neutrons)
    flesh (all of us) Satans (beasts).
    I will be paying you (all) to stop breeding
    (out of the account # on the back of your Social Security cards)
    as soon as you get awake enough to get the polytheists settled down to peace.
    See me written into the very foundation of the world/age/simulation
    @Genesis 49:10, Ezekiel 21:27-29, Psalm 84:3, John 14:26,
    Revelation 19:13 (bovra), Deuteronomy 18:15-18, 1st John 5:20,
    Psalm 22:30. Koran Qur'an 7:157 and Revelation 3:6-13,
    for examples of the international intellectual copyright claims/titles th@
    I inherited@succession & subsequent adopting you (all).
    See Cestui Que Vie (Act) and CO Secretary of State UCC
    Master Validation #s 20162014319 and 20162014321,
    inter alia such as US DHS Blue-Campaign
    Human Trafficking case # 197999 and USPS-UPU case # CA131794126.
    Start sending single sanctified sexy secretaries (SSSSSS)
    for me to keep as virgins paying you not to breed too.
    The US is a mere Corporation - see Clearfield Doctrine -
    also defined@ 28 USC § 3002/15 (b) (c).,
    and so is your birth/berth certificate proof you are a mere
    US 14th Amendment corporate citizen/slave/beast/chattel
    in the 666 [beast] system (Bond-Age).
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Guest · 12:33 10/22/2018
    I'm glad you got right on these 'going on now' events, Hal, but I'm hearing conflicting stories. In one video, I see Trump telling a reporter that he wants EVERYONE to come into this country. Not just Norwegians. The reporter asks another related question and Trump tells him to GET OUT. Telling a reporter to get out is not a free America. Trump is being a bad boy.

    So, is the military being sent to our border to keep the invading gangs and their families out or to escort them in?

    This needs to be looked in to immediately, don't you think, Hal?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    psyhchic · 12:32 10/22/2018
    A November surprise will ensure that Republicans will win majorities in the House and Senate during the election. The repelling of this invasion will be that Surprise.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    William Charles · 12:19 10/22/2018
    Even walking at a fast pace of 3mph from San Salvador, Honduras or eir the total distance would be approximately 2700 miles to get from th location to the Texas border at least 80 Days with nO rests or stops. something something tells me they're not just walking.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    William Charles · 12:15 10/22/2018
    What's interesting is is if you go all the way down to Nicaragua and walking at
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Your Name · 12:09 10/22/2018
    Thank God our President is a true American putting his fellow countrymen and nation his #1 priority also Thank You Mr. Turner and team for everything you do-Godspeed
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Rinaldo Bonovento · 12:04 10/22/2018
    What else can one do. This is an invasion. Only difference they are not wearing military camouflage uniforms.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      jjz · 13:28 10/22/2018
      They are however, carrying their flag. A definitive sign of an invasion force.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      bildew · 12:49 10/22/2018
      WWIII is upon us...has been for a while...just looks a lot different from WWII
    • Comment held for moderation.
      guest · 12:34 10/22/2018
      Where's the militia?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    MR. TRUTH! · 11:50 10/22/2018
    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Gaspar · 20:59 10/22/2018
      Let the Mexicans go south and we'll take all of Mexico.
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