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Americans For Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) filed a formal Federal Election Commission (FEC)  complaint Friday against Google, Facebook and Twitter for violation of election law stemming from the tech giants’ widespread censorship and bias against conservative patriotic Americans online.

ALIPAC contends that Facebook, Google, and Twitter are violating US elections laws 11 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) sections § 114, § 114.2, and § 114.9, which prohibits corporations and corporation employees from contributing any services or anything of value to elections and campaigns. Silicon Valley companies, the complaint alleges, are contributing to Democrat campaigns by silencing conservative opposition to illegal immigration and groups like ALIPAC that support the conservative anti-Amnesty opponents of left-wing candidates favored by these companies.

Below is the text of the complaint:


November 2, 2018

We hereby file the following complaints with the Federal Election Commission requesting that your agency give these matters your full concern and attention through rigorous investigation and prosecution.

We believe that very powerful and influential Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are violating US 11 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) sections § 114, § 114.2, and § 114.9, which prohibit corporations and corporation employees from contributing any services or anything of value to elections and campaigns.

Contained in this letter is our 12-page report to Congress on how Google, Facebook, and Twitter have targeted and harmed our registered Political Action Committee's efforts to support candidates and campaigns that oppose both illegal immigration and Amnesty legislation as we do. ALIPAC's 12-page report on Silicon Valley bias, included as an addendum to this complaint, was added to the Congressional Record on Oct 10, 2018 and is now available in the US Library of Congress.

We are Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, PO Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622 FEC ID: C00405878, and we have been in good standing with the FEC, minus one late fee, since 2004.

We submit the following issues of concern that our organization ALIPAC has experienced and documented. At this time you can see more than 85+ other conservative groups, activists, bloggers, and pundits have experienced these same or similar issues. View List at--

Facebook, Google, and Twitter are clearly engaged in a pattern of abuse and manipulation targeting conservative voices from the center to right of the spectrum of American politics in an effort to use their powerful companies and technology to influence the outcome of elections in favor of Democrats and pro-Amnesty Republicans. 


Google has removed our main website, and the world's larges archive of information about illegal immigration found at www.alipac.us from the top 100 search results on our key term "illegal immigration." While we appear on page 1 or 2 on all other search engines and were formerly listed on page 1 or 2 of Google, the company has now manipulated search results to ban us from their top 100 pages, thus greatly harming our organization and our ability to reach Americans who are concerned about the elections topic of "illegal immigration." Removing ALIPAC.us from Google results on "illegal immigration" constitutes a donation of great value to candidates, campaigns, and groups who seek to promote immigration reform Amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Google/YouTube allowed or instructed their employees to destroy the contents of our YouTube channel ALIPAC1 on January 15, 2015, through administrator access and then refused to answer any of our requests to restore the videos and links to the account. The account contained numerous popular videos that were influencing US elections and legislation efforts in favor of our political positions and against the immigration issue positions of Google. The vandalism of our account from within Google constitutes a great contribution of value to candidates and groups who oppose the candidates and groups backed and endorsed by ALIPAC.

Google appears to be greatly suppressing the visibility of our website at www.alipac.us, which includes our endorsements of federal candidates who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty. Our site search results also contain information relative to the progress of campaigns we both support and oppose. By suppressing our web traffic Google, is making a substantial contribution of value to the opponents of our endorsed candidates in violation of US 11 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) sections § 114, § 114.2, and § 114.9.


Facebook is manipulating the growth, visibility, and reach of our pages on their service far below those of our Democrat and Amnesty supporting GOP competitors. We barely can reach 2% of the than 600,000 people who have joined our pages.

We have documented that groups and campaigns who are our opposition on these issues receive much superior services and products from Facebook, allowing them more rapid growth, greater visibility, and greater influence.

Facebook is making very valuable contributions to Democrat and pro-Amnesty Republican campaigns by offering groups and activists who are aligned with Facebook's support for increased legal immigration levels and Amnesty for illegals vastly greater organizational and communications abilities on their platform, We believe this is a violation of US 11 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) sections § 114, § 114.2, and § 114.9 .

As you can see in our 12-page report, our efforts to organize events on Facebook, which is a service they heavily promote, have met with disastrous results due to the use of Facebook's company resources against our Constitutional right to organize, speak freely, and assemble. Our experiences and documentation show that if you are a conservative opposing Amnesty legislation trying to organize events on Facebook, the scales are tilted against you. But if you are on the left and supporting Facebook's stated positions on immigration, you will have a vastly improved and superior experience.

These biases we are documenting and reporting are having a big impact on the outcome of US campaigns and elections, especially in swing states and swing districts.


Twitter is refusing to verify our account for William Gheen and ALIPAC while verifying vast numbers of accounts that share Twitter's support for increased legal immigration levels and Amnesty legislation in DC, which are both affected by the outcome of campaigns and elections.

Twitter has made false accusations against us for "hate speech," marking our memes and messages asking citizens to call DC to oppose Amnesty legislation as "hateful content" and using these false allegations to restrict us from purchasing ads on Facebook.

By refusing to verify our account, but verifying the accounts of pro-Amnesty candidates and PACs, and by restricting our posts and ability to buy ads for our endorsed candidates and campaigns, the Twitter company and employees are attempting to bias the outcome of US elections by making a contribution of value through censorship and suppression.


We ask that the Federal Elections Commission take immediate action to investigate and put an end to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other Silicon Valley based corporations using their technology, company resources, and employees to affect the outcome of US elections by violating US laws found in US 11 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) sections § 114, § 114.2, and § 114.9, and possibly other regulations, to contribute great value to Democrat and pro-Amnesty Republican campaigns through opposition research and opposition suppression tactics which include but are not limited to banning, censorship, shadow bans, and offering of unequal services.

No American individual, campaign, or PAC should face unequal services, products, and treatment from large global corporations seeking to interfere with our protected right to communicate with American voters without hindrance.

William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal immigration pAc



What the Trump Justice Department should now do is use this FEC complaint as Probable Cause to commence a CRIMINAL Investigation to determine if there is a "ongoing Criminal Conspiracy" within each of these companies, wherein certain Officers, Directors, Executives or Managers conspired with each other to achieve the unlawful benefit to Liberal Democrats.

Of course, it is likely that several key executives had quite a bit to do with these ongoing censorship actions and it may be worth a Jury Trial to arrest some of these Executives, charge them with Criminal Conspiracy to violate federal election laws, and put them through the meat grinder of the legal system.

THAT would serve to put a quick end to the corporate Fascism presently taking place by major Social Media and other companies.

When Corporate Executives get carted off to federal prison for silencing certain political views, the rest of Corporate America will quickly get the message to de-politicize THEMSELVES.

Google, Facebook, Twitter et. al. exist to provide communications forums for the public; NOT to exercise content control for lawful words.

These companies need to get back to that reality or be forced back to that reality with some executives being sent to prison.






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    Jan · 05:04 11/03/2018
    Wow, it’s the way to deal in my opinion, use the law against them. Get smart no bleeding heart complaints or victim hood, hard clean legal that they can’t gdt out from.
    thanks Hal hope you are feeling better.
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