One U.S. Service member was killed and another injured in an apparent "insider attack" in Kabul on November 3.

Initial reports say the attacker was a member of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. Initial reports also indicate the attacker was immediately killed by other members of the Afghan National Forces.

The two US Service Members were medically evacuated to the Bagram Airfield.  The wounded member is undergoing treatment and is in stable condition.

The incident is under investigation.

The name of the deceased service member will be released 24 hours after next-of-kin notification.

Additional information is expected to be released by Headquarters - United States Forces - Afghanistan, when appropriate.



The mayor of a Utah city was killed during an attack in Afghanistan while he was serving with the state's National Guard, the town's temporary mayor Brent Chugg confirmed. North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor died Saturday in an apparent "insider attack" in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Another U.S. service member is being treated for wounds sustained in the attack, American military officials said.

The Utah National Guard has identified the service member killed as a member of the Guard. The Guard member's name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

But Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer J. Cox wrote on his Facebook page that Taylor, 39, has been killed. 

"Devastating news. North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor was killed today while serving in Afghanistan," Cox said. "I hate this. I'm struggling for words. I love Mayor Taylor, his amazing wife Jennie and his seven sweet kids. Utah weeps for them today. This war has once again cost us the best blood of a generation. We must rally around his family." 

U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch issued a statement Saturday about Taylor's death on Twitter. "Brent was a hero, a patriot, a wonderful father, and a dear friend. News of his death in Afghanistan is devastating. My prayers and love are with Jennie and his 7 young children. His service will always be remembered," Hatch said. 

Republican Senate candidate Mitt Romney said he is "heartbroken with the tragic news." 


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    9/11 Truth Be Told · 11:26 11/04/2018
    One more of over one million lives sacrificed to the LIE of 9/11.
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    Jan · 05:10 11/04/2018
    General Austin Scott Miller has given the sanest warzone words this week, that can’t win in Afghanistan, need political settlement Taliban has been trying this before, trying to sort it out with afghani govt. but USA opposed. Talk of negotiations in Moscow,Taliban won’t have any negotiations with USA in the vicinity.

    Way back more than 10 years ago the top general spoke on aust abc tv. He looked to have PTSD. Just starting telling his story, USA wasn’t wanted, Taliban did policing, organised schooling, passports etc everything .

    He knew that should get out. So did General Votal re Syria told congress Assad had won, the the uks pet al Nusra head chopper white helmets did the false flag and trump bombed again. Theresa May’s husbands company made billions,

    USA isn’t bringing democracy, look at Iraq and Libya..were thriving countries especially Libya looking to set up gold backed dinar in the African countries, wonderful,standard of living and shared oil profits for benefits like education, health housing etc...and the 1,778 miles of water pipes in the Sahara from a big underground river, people in the desert grow wonderful Now thanks to USA there is devastation and open sleeve markets.
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    Sherlock · 04:46 11/04/2018
    Terrorism is similar to pearl production .... you get a grain of irritation and use it to create layer after layer of support, which soon feeds itself. Remove the grain of irritation (ISRAEL) and the pearl of terrorism would quit growing and melt away. How do you remove the irritation? Quit giving Israel weapons and money. Within 5 minutes Israel would "learn" to live in harmony ....
    In 2001 there were a few hundred terrorists, mostly just barefoot illiterates with small bases in Afghanistan and Somalia with NO presence in Iraq. Now, thanks to the superior war fighting skills and knowledge of the Military Geniuses in the Pentagon there are tens of thousands with strongholds in Libya, Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia, Syria/Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan, etc.
    Thanks to mercenaries(contractors), Abu Graihb,Guantanamo, Secret Dungeons out of the Feudal Dark Ages ......... Thanks to OUR misconduct and stupidity.
    Terrorism is CRIMINAL not "warfare" and must be handled as criminal in order or it will matastise. This is proven by the complete and total failure of America's "war on terror"
    The entire purpose of terrorism is to provoke an OVER reaction by the target .....in order to create sympathy and allies for your cause. As we have seen since 9/11 ..... they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. We have created terrorist recruits everywhere thanks to Abu Graihb, Guantanamo,torture.
    (1) Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”. So terrorists exaggerate their destructive abilities in order to increase intimidation and push their aims (2) The more damage people believe that a terrorist group has inflicted, the more donations and funding they will receive from radical extremists. Specifically, radicals are more likely to fund terrorists who are “effective” in inflicting damage than those who can’t pull off murder and mayhem
    Terrorism works especially well when we have so many people with a vested interest in it's success. Politicians, intelligence agencies and law enforcement reap far greater rewards than a meagre 72 virgins and apparently it is also for eternity. I promise you there are some very rich people now that have plenty to show for it. Every "War on (whatever)" builds profits for somebody, and that's why those wars never end.
    The true Terrorist's are the governments that use this shit to justify the sacrifice of YOUR rights at the alter of Politics.
    "A tactic of using violence more for psychological purposes than for physical damage and that is intended primarily to delegitimize a regime by showing it to be ineffectual or by inciting it to overreact."
    9/11 killed 3,000 people in 2001. 30,000 people committed suicide in 2001. Every self-serving politician will grandstand about terrorism. None will grandstand about suicide prevention.As part of the endless "war on terror", Orwellian surveillance is increasingly forced on an unwilling public.
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    Onno · 04:25 11/04/2018
    He will soon be forgotten by Mitt Romney et all. When possible (to get away with) or in their narcissistic interest, psychopaths (who, hidden behind their mask of sanity, will see him as a gullible fool or mouse/prey animal) will try to withhold/anull his pensions to his wife and children.
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      Sherlock · 14:03 11/04/2018
      The Romneys wrap themselves in the American FLAG but never wrap themselves in an American UNIFORM.
      "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel"
      (1) Great Grandpa Romney ran to Mexico to dodge American laws
      (2) Grandpa Romney FLIP-FLOPPED back to America when Mexico got dangerous.
      (3) Daddy Romney NEVER SERVED through WWII and Korea.
      (4) MITTENS Romney used "missionary" deferments to DODGE the Viet Nam draft.
      (5) FIVE sons, and NOT ONE ever wore an AMERICAN UNIFORM.
      FIVE GENERATIONS, NINE "males", and NOT ONE actually loved America enough to serve this Nation. The only thing "conservative" about the Romney Family is conserving THEIR OWN BEHINDS.
      They hide their money OUTSIDE this country ....so they are always ready for a quick get-away just like Grandpaw did when he ran to Mexico..
      No Romney ever comes back missing a limb, in a box, or with PTSD ........ because no Romney ever SERVES.
      The Romneys love war ...... because they get RICH but they never ever get HURT.

      Mitt Romney is sabotaging conservatives just like his father George Romney sabotaged Barry Goldwater.
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        Onno · 17:44 11/04/2018
        This is known psychopathic behavior.

        Fatherland, motherland, family, it means *nothing* to psychopaths, just words. They are not able to dread God or humanity (even a human emperor) = no object love possible. These proactive agressive murderers act however like being the greatest patriots.....they're NOT!

        The same behavior can be observed with the Dutch "royal" (not legitimate or even bastard descendants of any known royal bloodline) family, shockingly (forbidden by the constitution.....but the law does not or should not apply to psychopaths/fundamental liars....) fleeing the country in wartime delivering it securely in Hitlers hands, probably to become his stadtholders after the 'Endsieg' in a NWO.
        They then came back, not to be beheaded or hung by the neck for high-treason at Nuremberg, but as "mother" (Wilhelmina) and "Führer" (Bernhard) of the *illegal* Dutch resistance.....in Londen.
        Criterion of Ponerogenesis: “One phenomenon all ponerogenic groups and associations have in common is the fact that their members lose (or have already lost) the capacity to perceive pathological individuals as such, interpreting their behavior in fascinated, heroic, or melodramatic ways” (Lobaczewski, 158). When a group has succumbed to pathological influence its members soon lose the ability to distinguish normal human behavior from pathological.
        If not stopped, psychopaths will do it again and again....and the results will be more disastrous as the weapons (to be misused) grow stronger.
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    RSVN VET · 00:32 11/04/2018
    Time to get out of that Shit Hole!
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      candice99 · 07:41 11/04/2018
      it seems usa need another pearl h. to get out from every hole in the world(mex?).
      probably after 6 nov. with every result the exit will be very fast.

      i like very much usa put the boots on ground every occasion , but it is time to work in other way.

      my condolence to family of the mayor.
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    Grim · 19:32 11/03/2018
    Filthy, Satanic Muslims should never be trusted....period!! Their evil religion commands them to lie and deceive others and they get bonus points in Hell, if they rob, rape, torture or kill an *infidel.*
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    Praying 4 Our Troops · 19:30 11/03/2018
    It is always sad to learn of these situations. However, once a pattern has been established it's less than surprising. I still don't get that our leaders cannot comprehend that Islam and Democracy are incompatible ideologies.

    May God comfort the loved ones of the service member who was killed, and work miracles in the recovery of the other service member that was harmed.
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