Today is Election Day in the United States of America. Think about all your Social Justice Warrior friends and Liberals who bullied you over the past 2 years about your beliefs, then walk into the voting booth a stick your finger in their eye by voting straight Republican. 

You see, we citizens have a very simple choice to make:

Do we continue fixing this country so it can once again be a Shining City on a Hill, a Beacon of Liberty to the world, or do we go back to the failed policies, economic stagnation, politically-correct tyranny and outright corruption of the past?  It's THAT simple.

In my home state of New Jersey, voters must choose between Child-prostitute-sexing Senator, Robert Menendez and a successful business man Bob Hugin.   I and my family are voting for Hugin.   

This shouldn't even BE a race.  Anyone who votes for Menendez is tacitly approving him traveling to foreign countries to sex underage prostitutes.  Those of you with Daughters need to ask yourself: Given what Menendez has done, how can you justify to HER, voting for HIM?  

Elsewhere in America, the stakes are just as high. 

In Georgia and Florida, people are asked to choose between Democrats who are already inviting ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote, and who are openly saying they have plans to force people to turn in their guns!  You don't hear the Republicans talking trash like that.  Voters must protect their rights; vote Republican.

Elsewhere in the nation, there is deafening silence from Democrats about the Caravans of illegal aliens approaching our border to storm into our land.  The Democrats WANT those people here.  The Republicans say ENFORCE OUR LAWS!

In Texas, voters are being asked to choose between Republican Ted Cruz and phony Hispanic -- who's actually Scottish-Irish -- "Beto O'Rourke."  Video came out just days ago showing "Beto" campaign workers admitting his campaign is sending money to the migrant Caravans in Mexico to help them.   The son of a bitch is helping to fund an invasion of our country!  Is THAT the kind of treachery you want with real power to govern?  NO THANKS.  

Democrats are already saying they will reverse the tax cuts, reverse the immigration improvements and worse.

If the country elects Republicans, the laws WILL be enforced as they are now being enforced - a big improvement from the past.  Choosing Democrats throws that in the trash.

In many ways, today's election is actually MORE important that the 2016 Presidential election.  Because TODAY, we decide if President Trump gets currency to keep helping our nation return to its true self.  Electing Democrats would drive a stake right through the heart of that effort.

Don't commit national suicide, America.  Choose life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Vote Republican.


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    G R · 10:32 11/06/2018
    Just voted. Not looking good here. “Blue State” has dragged out their base and every derelict they could round up. Get out and vote.
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    Caver · 10:21 11/06/2018
    Thought you might be interested in some news from boots on the ground
    in central NC.......

    Back from voting. Amazing!!!! I try to vote early but at the same time
    frame each year. I can pretty much schedule my own time, its a good judge of interest.

    They had at least 2 times number of staff and voting stations out and were STILL backed up!! I'm early enough my ballot is normally number 15 - 18. I'm just on the edge of the city precinct limits and my poling place will be
    about 75% black, mostly D.

    Today, I had to wait in line for an empty station and when I ran it through the counter I was number 116. Then I inquired of an official and they confirmed it.....turn out running about 6-7 X normal and a few indications the R side was pulling votes they never pulled before. Going to be interesting.
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    William Bermudez · 10:11 11/06/2018
    Proud to say that this was the first time in my life I did not vote a straight Democrat ticket.

    I voted for Greens this time, too!
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      MR. TRUTH! · 14:31 11/06/2018
      How Gay ARE you???
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      Paul Lambert · 13:18 11/06/2018
      So in essence, you voted Democrat. Any vote for a party other than Republican is just one more vote not balancing out against a vote cast for the Democrats.

      It is certainly your right to vote for whom you want, of course. Let's just acknowledge what effect it will have.
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    TOM SIMMS · 08:27 11/06/2018
    God alone is sovereign and in control. No one ascends to a seat of power apart from His allowance. No one is "elected" by accident. Not one. May He grant us but a bit more pardon, however brief it be.
    Daniel 2:21: He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding,
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    C · 07:34 11/06/2018
    Amen !
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    Ric · 06:52 11/06/2018
    Agree. Thank you.
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    MR. TRUTH! · 06:25 11/06/2018
    LIBERALS: ... Abortion is GOOD, Executing convicted Murderers is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Getting Robbed & Murdered is GOOD, Owning a Gun is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... High Energy Prices are GOOD, Drilling for Oil and Gas is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Islam is GOOD, Christianity is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Higher Taxes are GOOD, Lower Taxes are BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Communism is GOOD, Capitalism is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Protecting minnows is GOOD, Giving Farmers Water is BAD!
    LIBERALS: ... Gay 'Marriage' is GOOD, Traditional Marriage is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Black People are GOOD, White People are BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Welfare is GOOD, Working for a living is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... illegal Aliens are GOOD, Americans are BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Sharia Law is GOOD, The U.S. Constitution is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Homosexuals are GOOD, Christians are BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Teaching Kids about Sex is GOOD, Teaching about God is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Teaching Evolution is GOOD, Teaching Creationism is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Atheism is GOOD, Believing in God is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... The Mutant Federal Government is GOOD, Freedom is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Traitors are GOOD, Patriotic Veterans are BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Anti-American Commie Muslim Obama is GOOD, Trump is BAD!!
    LIBERALS: ... Burning Aborted Babies to produce Electicity is GOOD, Coal is BAD!!
    Isaiah 5:20 "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Isaiah 5:20
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    That Guy · 06:23 11/06/2018
    Spot on brother!
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    Jan · 04:32 11/06/2018
    Thank you Hal. Thank you for soldiering on, not avoiding all this to bring it to,people so we get the raw truth. Can be damn hard. I cross my fingers and whatever that we sidestep that.

    I fear my govt would as usual follow on, we are one of the few aspiring to full fluoride coverage in water,subdues and makes stupid, migration 100% greater than our carrying capacity, already in a drought not seen for 200 years and wildlife decimated 9 months ago. Rural towns, some without water, breeding stock being slaughtered. All based on being an english govt prison camp from 1776 to 1900 so totalitarian looks possible, we are good at bureaucracy. Thanks Hal. Trust you are feeling better, got the magic pills.
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    Onno · 04:06 11/06/2018
    The most important thing is, to be sure you do not vote for an infiltrated (adapted compensated) psychopath well hidden behind a smiling mask of sanity.

    Abnormally energetic craving for power and control, psychopaths WILL infiltrate government administrations all over the world including the USA!

    It is arrogance (often with less intelligent people who want to be seen as smart....exactly knowing what they are doing) to think you can do that *without* a modern psychopathy test.

    You (and I and experts) CAN'T.
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    Jake · 03:50 11/06/2018
    It is either going to be, the rope? Firing squad? Electric Chair? Gas Chamber? (never mind lethel injection) (disgusting) (as it is a cheap unsatisfying fulfillment to those who witness. And living victims. It is said) Or other just means of dealing with those truly worthy of Capital Punishment for the crimes committed. To individuals or the Nation! (Murderers. Child Rapists, etc..) And should begin immediately. Or if the other side, has its way? (God only knows?) It will be the wood chipper and hungry hogs (not porkers) needing to be fed. No joke folks. Thanks to Hal, and others; You can see where all this is heading. Fast. Pray
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    Bob · 03:31 11/06/2018
    Many in the Press today are "open" Seditionists; And should be held so accountable. For they engage in open sedition! If not outright treason to this Country and its values and what were once beloved traditions of love honor and decencyin our realms.
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    Bob · 03:20 11/06/2018
    We don't need lawyers! (The second oldest profession) We need "Constiutionalists". Those who stand for law and order and justice. This is what we really need. Along with an honest press. One that "reports" ratger than makes the news. As we have today. For the most part. Sad
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    Bob green · 03:06 11/06/2018
    All you vote for is how fast it get worse. Nothing is getting better.
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    Mate · 02:56 11/06/2018
    On addition to voting; We need to get out of ALL foreign entanglements. Period. That have caused the deaths sorrows and pains of so many millions. In this nation, and around the world. Our motto should be (as it was and used to be (Don't Tread on ME) Leave it at that! With the strongest military the world has ever seen, to back it up! Peace. True peace. Being the goal.
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