Migrant Caravan T-Shirt: "FUCK YOUR MOTHER, TRUMP and AMERICA"

So-called "Migrants" who formed themselves into Caravans and proceeded to the Southern US Border, intend to commence ILLEGALLY CROSSING into the USA today, between Noon and 1:00 PM eastern US time.

American Border Patrol and Troops are in-position, and have orders to stop such an effort.  The use of force - up-to-and-including LETHAL force is authorized.

Now we get to see who's truthful and who is not.  If those migrants are able to get into this country, then the entire Trump Presidency is a sham and citizen militia already at the Border should open fire. 

In my personal opinion, if government forces fail or refuse to defend this land, then citizens should shoot, shoot first, and shoot to kill any and all invaders entering our land illegally.  Men, women and children should all be shot.  Dead.  Today.

If Americans cannot or will not defend our own land from invaders, then this country is already dead. If these migrants get through, despite all the posturing that has taken place, millions more will come right behind them.  The country will be over. 

Today the rubber meets the road.  In my view, it's action time.  We either stand in defense of our own land, or we surrender all we have and all our children would have inherited, to invaders.  


UPDATE 12:27 PM EST --

A Listener from Southern California writes:

"I’m in SoCal.

No coverage on any local channels.

No coverage on Mexican local channels.

No coverage on twitter - all the stuff they are reporting is hours old .

Nothing live on fakebook.

Nothing live on periscope 

There is a total blackout on current information.

This is insane."


T-Shirts being worn by Migrants:


Translation: "Fuck Your Mother, Trump and America"

This is what they are wearing on the very day they intend to illegally enter OUR country!   Tell me again how they just want a better life? 






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    Stuart · 16:42 12/01/2018
    The individuals saying "shoot" really need to go to church and pray to the Lord for forgiveness. This is utterly shameful.
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    Don · 20:42 11/28/2018
    jUST BLOW THESE HUMANS RATS TO HELL. The world's strongest nation be held to ransom by third world scum? As for Russia, in your dreams, scumbags. Putin's police would shoot first, and not care.
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    Dave Hauk · 07:13 11/26/2018
    I agree these people are an invasion force trying to illegally invade another country and they should be stopped.... but...........

    Hal says "Men, women and children should all be shot. Dead. Today."

    Really Hal, Children? Children should be targeted to be shot dead??

    They are just blindly following the people they
    inherently trust, simply because they are their children.

    You have a son. When you screwed things up and went to jail, should your kid have been punished too, just because he is your kid?

    You are so blinded by your own hatred, you make these statements that in my view make you look simple minded, irrational, immature, foolish and ridiculous.

    Up until about a year or so ago, lots of what you said made sense, was rational and in most cases I could get behind. Lately, not so much...I truly hope you wise up soon, for your own good.
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    William Bermudez · 22:39 11/25/2018
    "You must not mistreat or oppress foreigners in any way. Remember, you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt."

    -Exodus 22:21
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      Abby · 16:51 11/30/2018
      You are quoting the Bible to suit your agenda. Shame on you. I hope God can forgive you for the transgression. From the beginning of the Bible when Abraham saved Lott from people invading their land you can always defend yourself even offensively.
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      Leo Gitt · 13:56 11/26/2018
      Some of the bleeding heart leftist progressive liberals and phony “Christians” commenting on this page (like William, above)are offering arguments that are incredibly superficial, simplistic, sophomoric, reductionistic, illogical, (as usual) hyper-emotive and just plain wrong! They write as if these illegal aliens are just innocent victims with no understanding and no free will of their own that owe no ethical, biblical or legal duties to the people of the countries they are invading…. They are NOT innocent victims…THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS PROSCRIBED AND ILLEGAL and yet they break Mexican law and our laws with impunity!!! They say things like “we know Trump is trying to stop us from entering the USA but there are too many of us to stop us all!” Have you seen the videos of them wearing their “Fuck Trump and America’s mothers”, storming the border and breaking down fences, painting swastikas on our flag and then desecrating and burning it or getting paid cash money to be part of the invading force? The Bible also teaches that all people are required to follow the just laws of their own societies/countries and any country they visit-like immigration laws and no trespassing laws… It also teaches that "thou shall not steal"-that includes all the money that the taxman steals from law-abiding Americans tax-payers under the threat of violence (the police power) to pay for these trespassers and the armies of illegals that come here in criminal violation of our immigration laws and illegally sponge off of our taxpayers, displacing and cutting in line in front of needy American who have paid taxes all of their lives and were in line ahead of them-the people who have NO LEGAL RIGHT TO BE HERE ARE CONSISTENTLY FAVORED AT THE EXPENSE OF AMERICAN CITIZENS AND TAXPAYERS!! DON’T TELL ME THAT IT IS NOT TRUE-MY WIFE USED TO WORK FOR THE TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES AND NOW WORKS FOR THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS AND SHE IS SICKENED BY THE PHONY ID'S, THE STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, THE AMOUNT OF MONEY AND BENEFITS ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE GIVEN IN TEXAS;AND ALSO THAT SHE SEES THAT THEY ARE CAUSED TO JUMP TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE IN FRONT OF TAXPAYING TEXAS AND AMERICAN CITIZENS THAT HAVE WAITED FOR YEARS FOR HELP!! WHEN SHE TRIES TO REPORT THIS MOUNTAIN OF WELFARE FRAUD, CRIMINALITY AND ILLEGALITY, SHE IS TOLD TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY AND TO BE QUIET!!! It also says “thou shall not kill”-and yet many of these illegals deliberately murder American citizens and bring third-world diseases such as new strains of drug-resistant measles, TB, typhus and several others that sicken us and sicken and kill our children… It also says “thou shall not covet your neighbor's goods…or anything else that belongs to your neighbor”. Why do they illegally pour into the USA if they do not covet their neighbors’ lifestyles and property and all the freebies they anticipate getting??? I could go on and on but I will end by saying that nowhere in the Bible does the Lord require the USA or any other government to tax its citizens to death to perform involuntary charity for criminals invading their country…AMERICA DOESN’T OWE THE REST OF THE WORLD ANYTHING!!! WE ALREADY GIVE THE CENTRAL AMERICAN COUNTRIES INVOLVED IN THIS GIGANTIC FRAUD $500 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR IN FOREIGN AID!! WHAT HAS THE REST OF THE WORLD EVER DONE FOR AMERICA??? HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH??? IT IS THE CHURCH THAT IS SUPPOSED TO PROVIDE VOLUNTARY AID AND CHARITY TO THE DOWNTRODDEN, NOT THE GOVERNMENT-WHO STEALS FROM ITS OWN CITIZENS UNDER THREATS OF FORCE AND VIOLENCE AND REQUIRES CITIZENS TO INVOLUNTARILY PAY THE BILLS FOR PEOPLE THAT WE DON’T WANT OR NEED HERE AND THAT SHOULDN’T BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE…Ever heard of that $25 trillion dollar deficit??? PS: Do you lock your car doors and all doors and windows at your home when you leave??? If so, why??? IN THE MEANTIME, YOU BLEEDING HEARTS ARE FREE TO VOLUNTARILY SUPPORT CHARITIES THAT VOLUNTARILY HELP THESE PEOPLE OR TAKE IN AS MANY AS YOU CAN SUPPORT AND CARE FOR THEM...STOP LAYING GUILT TRIPS ON THE REST OF US BECAUSE YOU HAVE A SIMPLISTIC, SUPERFICIAL AND MISGUIDED ETHIC AND VERY LITTLE UNDERSTANDING OF LAW, POLITICS, SOCIAL ISSUES, NATIONAL BUDGETS, THE BIBLE ETC. ..We are all very busy and stretched very thin trying to care for our own… THE BIBLE SAYS THAT HE OR SHE WHO DOES NOT CARE FOR HIS OR HER OWN IS WORSE THAN AN UNBELIEVER….WE HAVE MILLIONS OF OUR OWN POOR AND HOMELESS TO CARE FOR. THE LAST THING WE NEED TO DO IS IMPORT MORE!!
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        Dave Hauk · 16:02 11/26/2018
        I am not left at all - but the children being targeted in this column are innocent, they don't understand what is going on, they are just following their parents like a gosling does to a goose... Do you agree with what Hal prescribes above, shoot the children dead? I sure hope not.....
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        Dave H · 16:01 11/26/2018
        I am not left at all - but the children being targeted in this column are innocent, they don't understand what is going on, they are just following their parents like a gosling does to a goose... Do you agree with what Hal prescribes above, shoot the children dead? I sure hope not.....
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          Leo Gitt · 19:14 11/26/2018
          I agree that we should resolve this entire situation with as little violence as possible/necessary, but the blame for this entire situation falls onto the parents of these "innocent" children...They have been told repeatedly that they WILL NOT be allowed to illegally enter the US and yet they disregard all warnings and are trying to enter illegally anyway... We have a God-given right to enforce our laws and guard our borders...It is these "adults" that are breaking our laws and teaching their kids to be criminals!
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            Dave Hauk · 06:19 11/27/2018
            Like I said at the top of my post - "they should be stopped", you are preaching to the choir here. However, at least it seems, you don't advocate for targeting the children to be shot dead. This is what my reply to you was about, it had nothing to do with the adults involved and the actions they are taking. To be clear, I am not one of the leftist, bleeding heart types you referenced in your post, in fact, quite the contrary. That said, common sense, whether left or right, dictates the children should not be to blame in all this mess.
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    3rd World Tucson · 21:43 11/25/2018
    I’m just as pissed off as everyone else, and here’s the dilemma. If we defend our country against these shit bags and the likes of Kai Gofuckyourselfmesser above then we’re the bad guys and will be prosecuted by the United Democratic Communists of America. If we let the UDCA fuck around with the courts and judges and law like the assholes always do then they’ll enter and turn us into their shit hole country they love so much but decided to leave. If we sit back and wait for someone else to do it, it won’t get done. So the dilemma isn’t what should be done or that we should do it, but wrapping our heads around breaking this cycle of cognitive dissonance and actually acting. These pieces of communist dog shit, like Kai Gofuckyourselfmesser above, will just keep pushing. So, this is a test of America itself. And I don’t have an exact answer but sitting on our asses at home being pissed off isn’t accomplishing anything. This piece of monkey shit in his little t shirt needs to have his ass beaten, broken and sent back to fucktard land. So the question for Hal is, you’ve got connections, what can be done? Mobilize? I honk there’s be a a lot of sick days being used because I feel a LOT of guys would be in for going down south and beating some wholesale ass.
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    Heather · 19:54 11/25/2018
    Follow this link, and listen at about one hour and fourteen minutes into this video, and you can hear a portion of the caravan guy's interview where he mentions Russia:

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    Heather · 19:41 11/25/2018
    I listened to an interview on Alex Backman early this morning, a Mexican news source. In it, one of the Guatemalan caravan leaders was interviewed. The man was asked what the caravan would do if the US defends the border and refuses to let them through? The guy said, don't worry, we have a very strong nation coming tomorrow to back us up. Interviewer asked, which nation? Caravan leader said, Russia.
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      fran · 17:48 11/26/2018
      That interview is a false flag set up. Will get lots of clicks.
      Cooked up between the two of them. Look closely at the faces and the listen to the voices. Look at that tee shirt with abusive words no one wanting to accepted by a country wears a new shirt like that. Set up.

      The long lines of people shown way back in honduras being given money before the trip started, were 50% women, women with babies and children. They were very clean, decently dressed, they looked as good as or better than what I saw in a lot of the the USA 8 years ago.

      This was a well funded well organised set up, they have travelled a huge distance by foot and bus. Its a terrible thing. They could not afford the application fees to get a legal immigration when monthly pay rates are a few dollars. Hate the organisers. Not the victims, not people whose countries have had their govt changed by the usa etc. Venezuelans are the worst off, years of sanctions because they refused the usa choice of govt.

      Its is an impossible situation. deliberately set up.

      In fact the numbers are tiny, poor little Aust has this many people brought in by our govt every 3 weeks into my city. And we have a sustainable population of 23 million. Devastated Syria has dealt with 200,000 captive people who were put in cages in the roads, or forced to dig tunnels for the militant mercenaries and foreigners and chemicals and arms under East Ghouta. Sorted thousands of militants and bussed them efficiently to another part of the country, now idlib.

      Its the principle thats the problem, and this govt has zero idea of how to deal with orderly immigration as a result of undermining south american countries. Nor how to make this orderly and go back to the source countries and set up decent immigration applications.

      Not intelligent enough. No respect. Used to bullying.
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    Stan · 18:47 11/25/2018
    This is it!
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    Tim · 18:17 11/25/2018
    We the People....are the last line of defense
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    Tim · 18:16 11/25/2018
    Hal is right.... Citizens must arm themselves....don't be deceived.... Your govt can only help so much if at all... And in many cases... They are the enemy
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Tim · 18:09 11/25/2018
    I want these liberals on here to see what it's like and then see them mouth off ...the little pieces of s***
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Steve · 16:33 11/25/2018
    I certainly disagree with Hals conclusion to shoot them all. I live 40 minutes from Tijuana.
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  • Comment held for moderation.
    Ronan Sautere · 14:40 11/25/2018
    Hal.......We have the collective responsibility to start defending ourselves by any means possible since this republic is managed by such an inept groups of fuckups we call politicians. Get your gear and be ready to stand tall since ouf military has been taken over by soy boy male cunts who are afraid of their own shadows, and don't get me going on the women who have stars on their epaulets . They have made our military a sinkhole unable to even defend our land, our culture and our sacred trust
    Hats off to you militia members. Don"t take any shit from our military or law enforcement if they try to stop you defending yourself. If they be so bold to deny you these basic rights to survival than they are no better than the scum that if gonna fucking bulrush our border. Gear up and get your body, mind, and spirit ready for whatever has befallen us. And for you asshole liberals out there: I am a vietnam combat vet. I earned my right to an opinion and if you don't like it too fuckin bad. Just don't push your bullshit too hard. You might get bitten in the ass you fridge morons. Enuf said you know the roll call.
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    Kai Hackemesser · 14:27 11/25/2018
    The US troops have a long history of slaughtering unarmed non-combatants. So business as usual.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Kai is OUT OF TOUCH! · 16:54 11/25/2018
      Kai Hackemesser seems to not appreciate our military troops, despite them doing everything to ensure she doesn't have to wear a burka. Interesting how these liberal women spout off nonsensical shit and have zero idea of the ramifications if our military didn't do what it takes to defend the USA. Difficult choices, Kai, but you're out of touch enjoying the comforts of political correctness.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Tim · 15:00 11/25/2018
      A border patrol agent was killed by a big f****** rock recently ...if you don't like this country get the f*** out
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Tim · 14:52 11/25/2018
      Tired of your ilk's liberal Pollyanna world.... STFU... True Americans can read right through your bs comment
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    William Barcus · 14:08 11/25/2018
    As a former Arizona resident of 65 years, I have watched that state slowly evolve into what it is today; a third-world, Spic infested shit hole. These filthy Latino creatures ruin every thing they touch, multiply like cockroaches, and suck the American system and way of life dry!

    America. If you fail to stop this invasion by whatever force necessary, it will be the final straw in the absolute demise of this nation ... period!

  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jimmy (Macedon N.y) · 12:50 11/25/2018
    Well looks like Snoop Dogg is at his shit again about Trump .

    His address is next to go on here
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    Pablo · 11:19 11/25/2018
    Let the Invaders DIE for their 'cause' this time. Far too many of the USA's finest have given their lives for other nations causes. If the first hundred or so are killed, the MSM will unwittingly do their part and broadcast this to the world. That will stop the rest of the masses who think they can just waltz in and take whatever they want.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Matthew Barninger · 11:06 11/25/2018
    Good morning Hal. If you get a chance will you look at my account. It’s not letting me look at the subscription content.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    painter · 11:06 11/25/2018
    If the patriots open fire on these invaders what will happen when US troops open fire on the patriots? Thats what will likely happen.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    MR. TRUTH! · 10:37 11/25/2018
    We are truly doomed if our Army can't keep scroungy flea bitten low life Criminals from crossing our borders. Posse Comitatus be Damned! What the hell! Does our Military have to stand by (Unarmed) and let Hordes of Criminals Flood over our Border and decimate our Citizens? HELL NO!
    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃
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    Praying... · 10:25 11/25/2018
    Praying for peace for all, the security of our nation, and for Patriots who love this Republic and defend it and the Constitution. May God steer these invaders back to their own lands to put their energies on reforming their own nations, not to desecrate our sovereignty and rule of law.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Shalawam · 10:22 11/25/2018
    I swear you crackers are demonic
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Frank Anast · 14:21 11/25/2018
      Go back to Africa where ALL you "mud people" belong!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 13:24 11/25/2018
      Gee, non-whites control about 85% of the total landmass of this planet, most of which are garbage dumps of their own making.

      Now you want what we advanced people have created and when we say NO, you get riled-up.

      Try some self-improvement and maybe the lands you already control won't be such garbage dumps . . . which is mostly the only thing you're capable of creating.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Frank Anast · 14:16 11/25/2018
        I could not have said this any better, Hal. This IS the "line in the sand" and if we fail to stop these animals then be prepared to do so yourself.
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