A strange announcement was made on Tuesday, November 27 via the twitter account of the United States Attorney's Office in South Carolina:  A Press Conference for MILITARY TRIBUNALS will be held in Columbia, SC on Wednesday, November 28.

United States Attorney Sherri Lydon announced that a press conference will be held on Wednesday, November 28, 2018, at 10:30 a.m. at the Department of Corrections, located at 4460 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210.

Represented at the press conference will be members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS), U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID), Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Department of Defense Criminal Investigative Services (DCIS), Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigations (IRS-CI), United States Marshals Service (USMS), the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC), the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Every aspect of this is unusual; there is NOTHING normal about this at all.

I cannot attend this Press Conference, but will do my best to see what takes place - because this is way serious.  American citizens can be tried by these tribunals pursuant to the USA PATRIOT ACT and the National Defense Authorization Act.   These "Tribunals" do not afford an accused the rights that any criminal defendant may have in a traditional federal court.  Frankly, I can't see how these Tribunals are lawful for American Citizens at all!



This "Press Conference" comes at a very interesting time.  Take a look at the timeline below for the near future:

>30 NOV 2018 – 01 DEC 2018: G20 Summit @ Argentina
>03 DEC 2018: James Comey Congressional Testimony
>04 DEC 2018: Jeffrey Epstein trial
>04 DEC 2018: Loretta Lynch Congressional Testimony
>05 DEC 2018: John Huber Testimony
>16 DEC 2018: Cutoff date for Hillary Clinton to testify re: Private Server Discovery per Judge Sullivan
>18 DEC 2018: Michael Flynn Sentencing
>21 DEC 2018: Cutoff date for Election Interference Executive Order
>01 JAN 2019: The 2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States goes into Effect

It seems to me that the reason this "Press Conference" is being held now, is to get the general public accustomed to the idea that such Tribunals ARE going to take place, here inside the United States.

It also seems to me that the timing of this is directly related to the items shown in the timeline above.  

We may actually see Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and a slew of other formerly high-ranking political sleaze, hauled into these Tribunals!

Stay tuned, folks.  We could be in for quite a ride!


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    Karen Kendall · 20:46 11/29/2018
    Pull up local news coverage via google search. At this time these tribunials are dealing with prisoners of dept of corrections soliciting military soldiers actively entrapping individuals with intent to hustle money...using individuals on the outside as accomplices..Check for yourselves.
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    Leo Gitt · 12:46 11/29/2018
    STOP PROPHESYING DEATH AND DESTRUCTION OVER AMERICA!!! PLEASE!!! YOU ARE NOT BLESSING US, YOU ARE CURSING US!!! I realize that many of you are a "watchman on the wall" and are doing everything you can to inform and prepare the American people for what you and many other American Christians and patriots believe is coming; and you do a GREAT job. However, I would like you to consider the following; MANY OF YOU AND YOUR FOLLOWERS MAY BE TEACHING, PROPHESYING AND/OR PRAYING IN HA SATAN’S PROPHECIES AND AGENDA FOR AMERICA; NOT THE LIVING GOD’S!!! Hear me out, please. I believe many of you know and acknowledge the retired Florida firefighter and now confirmed Rhema prophet Mark Taylor. If you have not already done so, please take a few hours and educate yourself by watching Mark Taylor's videos on YouTube and/or buy and read his new book as it is continually updated in his videos on YouTube and elsewhere… The Lord Jesus Christ told him that Trump would be elected President of the good old USA plus many other details, in early 2011… Indeed, Mark Taylor has called hundreds of details concerning Trump, his presidency, America, his opponents, world events, etc in advance with astonishing accuracy and his prophetic words continue to come true day after day; up thru and including right now!!! The vast majority of these prophetic details have been documented as being given significantly in advance of the myriad fulfillments thereof. As many of you undoubtedly know, the Lord has promised that He will not do anything in the earth without first revealing it to his servants the prophets and He continues to do so!!! Trump is a modern day Cyrus (see Isaiah Chapters 44 and 45) chosen by God to be our 45th President to accomplish His purposes in the earth; including to provide a platform for the fulfillment of the worldwide Great Commission. MARK CLAIMS TO CONTINUE TO HEAR FROM THE THIRD HEAVEN THAT IT IS NOT AMERICA HERSELF (OR HER FAITHFUL REMNANT) THAT IS UNDER GOD’S JUDGMENT, BUT RATHER THE CORRUPT, EVIL, DECEITFUL, TRAITOROUS AND TREACHEROUS PEOPLE THAT CURRENTLY OCCUPY MANY POSITIONS IN OUR GOVERNMENTS AND OTHER CORRUPT SYSTEMS (LIKE EDUCATION, MASS MEDIA, THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, THE SURVEILLANCE COMMUNITIES, LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS, CHURCHES, ETC.); BUT THAT THE FATHER IS GOING TO SEE THAT THE EVIL, CORRUPT AND WICKED PEOPLE IN POWER OVER AMERICA ARE GOING TO BE EXPOSED, HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND PUNISHED IN THIS LIFE (and absent true repentance, in the next too)! This will have the effect of opening up a huge number of positions and jobs (and de facto promotions) for righteous, qualified, godly, patriotic, loyal Americans…MARK CONTINUES TO PROPHECY THAT AMERICA’S BEST DAYS, FINANCIALLY, MILITARILY, SOCIALLY, POLITICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY ARE STILL AHEAD OF US!!! FURTHER HE ASSERTS THAT ALL OF THESE PROPHETS AND PROPHECIES OF AMERICA’S DEMISE AND DOOM ACTUALLY DERIVE FROM HEARING THE ENEMY’S PLANS FOR US FROM THE SECOND HEAVEN (FROM THE PRINCIPALITIES, POWERS, THRONES, DOMINIONS AND THE PRESENT DARK FORCES OF WICKEDNESS IN THE (FIRST AND SECOND) HEAVENLY PLACES; YOU KNOW, LIKE THE PRINCE OF THE POWERS OF THE AIR. IF THIS IS TRUE, THEN TO CONTINUE TO ADVANCE THIS “DOOM, GLOOM AND DESTRUCTION” NARRATIVE MAY BE DOING A HUGE DISSERVICE TO THE PEOPLE OF GOD BECAUSE SO MANY OF THEM/US FOCUS ON AND BELIEVE THESE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, GREAT TRIBULATION SCENARIOS; AND HAVE THUS BASICALLY GIVEN UP ON AMERICA, THE WORLD, OUR INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE FUTURES IN THIS LIFE, OUR CHILDRENS’ FUTURES and God’s order that we engage in actual spiritual warfare against the enemy and his minions and servants NOW; finally taking back the land for the Kingdom of God!!! Indeed, doors must be opened so that gates may not be shut and bridges formed in the natural all over the world to facilitate the Gospel going forth from America in strength; as it has been from the earliest times in this great country and as we have been promised is our true and final destiny!!! Think about this carefully please! IF MARK TAYLOR IS RIGHT (and there is a huge amount of evidence that he is) then the messages prophesying, pronouncing and seemingly almost endorsing all of the Enemy’s plans for America and her peoples’ death, destruction, carnage, ignominious defeat and utter demise MUST BE WRONG; and if wrong, counter-productive, discouraging, self-fulfilling, self-defeating and in actual rebellion against Heaven and the Eternal’s plans for us!!! STOP PROPHESYING DEATH AND DESTRUCTION OVER AMERICA!!! PLEASE!!! Please carefully and prayerfully consider the possible truth and accuracy of these assertions…I make all of these statements out of respect, concern and love for America and her people; not for the sake of being obstreperous, argumentative or contrarian…. I do also recognize that many of you promote positive actions and activities; and not just hunkering down and riding out the Great Tribulation…But I felt that what I had to say had to be said?!?! One last thing...I did not mean to imply that the road ahead will be nothing but smooth sailing...Mark acknowledges that there will be continuing difficulties, but that ultimately, God, America and His people will prevail!!!
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    Gregg W · 12:18 11/28/2018
    If the swamp creatures think their day of reckoning is actually coming, they will probably lash out with the biggest and worst "sneak attack" on our country! It will be so bad that the tribunals would have to be 'delayed' while our country goes to war - against some scapegoat country of choice. I would love to see these rats punished, but be sure they have a backup plan.
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      Leo Gitt · 12:25 11/29/2018
      These DemonRats and RINOS won't BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING unless it is allowed by the Living God! Pray and war in the Spirit against them!!! Complaining doesn't help...Effectual prayers and spiritual warfare will break them and their father Satan apart! Get in the fight!
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    MR. TRUTH! · 11:36 11/28/2018
    CORRECTION!!! .. Trump Just Tweeted an Image calling for Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch and others to be TRIED FOR HIGH TREASON! Trump further said: "This is our Joe McCarthy era"

    Perhaps he really IS planning Military Tribunals for the Demon Scums!
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      Leo Gitt · 12:27 11/29/2018
      Of course he is planning Military Tribunals for the Demon Scum! Wake up and get in the spiritual warfare fight against them and their rebel Bene Elohim phony created gods!
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    Reginald Fischer · 11:31 11/28/2018
    For all of those hoping for military tribunals to "drain the swamp," you need to understand this is a psy-op to gain public acceptance of military tribunals which will be turned and used against you. Same with putting migrants into military or FEMA camps. This is to gain acceptance for the idea so they can turn the tables and put YOU in them.
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      Gregg W · 12:06 11/28/2018
      Reginald - Damn it. You are right! Even if they briefly use it on the swamp, or the caravan migrants, then they are in place to be used by the evil rats who need to be removed.
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        Leo Gitt · 12:38 11/29/2018
        WRONG! The Living God is doing this awesome work in the earth, exposing, holding accountable and punishing all of these Deep State, Shadow government NWO traitorous cretins using military Tribunals to circumvent the utterly corrupt federal court system; but all the doom and gloom crowd of marginal uncommitted lazy "believers" do is complain, interpret everything negatively, prophecy doom and destruction for and over America and Americans, word curse us all and sew negativity and absolute lack of faith! If this doesn't break exactly the way Mark Taylor has continually prophesied, American Christians only have themselves to blame! It is OUR JOB to pray these prophecies in!!! Stop with the negativity and despair and get in the spiritual warfare and fight!
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          Reginald Fischer · 16:43 11/30/2018
          Prayer isn't enough. The only way to mitigate God's judgment, which America is under, is to repent, i.e. stop doing evil. Like killing babies and engaging in endless foreign wars of conquest. But that's not happening, so judgment won't be called off.
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          Bob · 13:16 11/29/2018
          Sorry, dude, Mark Taylor is a false prophet.
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    John Davis · 11:29 11/28/2018
    They are getting ready for the go signal. The only group not listed above was DHS. All of these departments have been coalesed into DHS.

    Note: Actions are louder than any words. These groups are preparing for "MARTIAL LAW" with the illusions of a BIOHAZARD and NUKE WAR.
    I repeat. ILLUSIONS. The Devil wants his N.W.O.

    Respectfully, President Trump will be America's last president as a sovereign country. The ECONOMY globally is the key. The only reason Donald Trump was placed in office was to create an illusion while the N.W.O. creators presented the prestige.

    Questions to think about.

    What executive orders Sotoro signed were overturned?
    Why is DHS now in control of all branches. (cyber infrastructure as well)

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    MR. TRUTH! · 08:23 11/28/2018
    We are in the End Days, Evil will prevail, according to the Bible. Even the Foul, Lying, Cheating Black Whore Brenda Snipes is going to get a 'Pension' of $130,000 a year after shitting all over our Election process. I fully expect the brain dead dweebs in America to Elect the Sub-Human Primate Michael Obama as President in 2020. .. Nothing but BAD is coming, Nothing! .. Nothing will happen to Hillary, Obama, Holder, Lynch, etc, etc. Nothing! .. In fact, they will probably Win the Lottery!
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    Onno · 08:15 11/28/2018
    An international tribunal for WWII warcrimes/crimes against humanity for the psychopathocracies USUK would also be very justified.......

    Nuremberg part II, so to speak.
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    Joe Blow the Zionist · 07:52 11/28/2018
    Nothing normal? Wow. What rock have you been hiding under? There are four countries that is currently on the state sponsor of terrorism list.
    1.North Korea
    2. Iran
    4. Syria
    People might not be aware but there have been plenty of military tribunals in American History beginning with The American Revolution, Mexican American War, War Between the States, Dakota war, and WW2. Listen to the questions and answers by Senator Graham and Justice Kavanaugh during the Kavanaugh hearing. As of late there have been a lot of Jew hating Assad sympathizers voicing their opinions loudly all over social media and the blogisphere. These people should understand and take care that their favorable opinions of Assad, the Ayatollahs and Russia do NOT turn into action.
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    Carl Goldsworthy · 04:09 11/28/2018
    So, er, a press conference with no press invited ?
    So the government can try and convict people without them being present or represented - I suppose !
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      Guest · 10:25 11/28/2018
      "All media must present a government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license). Members of the media wishing to attend should gather at the media staging area at 10:00 a.m., 30 minutes in advance."
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    Tim · 01:22 11/28/2018
    Hal.... these people have committed acts of treason.... you know that...... they are enemy combatants.... we are in an emergency crisis
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    Yang Right · 01:07 11/28/2018
    Whishfull thinking all the way. Don't fall for it. Nothing will happen to the swamp. Trump's inner circle has been totally shattered, and Trump doesn't do anything to save his Men. Muller and the Deep State have gotten to everyone, and now Jerome Corsi is squeeling like a pig. How sad that Trump just sits there with his thumb up his ass.
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      Leo Gitt · 13:03 11/29/2018
      WRONG! The Living God is doing this awesome work in the earth, exposing, holding accountable and punishing all of these Deep State, Shadow government NWO traitorous cretins using military Tribunals to circumvent the utterly corrupt federal court system; but all the doom and gloom crowd of marginal uncommitted lazy "believers" do is complain, interpret everything negatively, prophecy doom and destruction for and over America and Americans, word curse us all and sew negativity and absolute lack of faith! If this doesn't break exactly the way Mark Taylor has continually prophesied, American Christians only have themselves to blame! It is OUR JOB to pray these prophecies in!!! Stop with the negativity and despair and get in the spiritual warfare and fight! Otherwise, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution!
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    Tim · 00:58 11/28/2018
    Believe it when I see it.... it's not your fault Hal... but there's too much date setting in alternative media.... and quite frankly it wears the f*** out of you
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    Jeff Smathers · 00:26 11/28/2018
    I've been paying the $13 and its the best value in town.... I only wish I got some free ammo with it !
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    JIMMY (MACEDON N.Y) · 00:13 11/28/2018





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    Occams Razor · 23:55 11/27/2018
    Fake news would turn a political execution into a farewell hero's funeral referencing unnamed events as of late.
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    Tom Bigbee · 23:35 11/27/2018
    Hal, you said, "Frankly, I can't see how these Tribunals are lawful for American Citizens at all!"

    The answer was published for all to hear in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Watch this 3:35 snippet to hear.

    Treason and other crimes can be tried by tribunal and it appears this may be the intent of what is coming.
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    Candace Hathaway · 23:33 11/27/2018
    Damn, this is some sweeeet music to my ears!! We can only hope!!!
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    Madeleine Mead · 23:27 11/27/2018
    I thought the saying was pulling your leg. Looks like they dug a pit for we the people and they fell in it. Could this really be true? We can only hope.
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    James Mathews · 23:19 11/27/2018
    If this happens........it will be the biggest even in the history of the USA!!! Q has been talking about this for two years or so. Is it really going to happen? I can NOT see they NWO allowing this too happen. If legit this is very bad! Trump will declare martial law and round up Hillary and all the others...........it’s going to get crazy!!! This and Russia and Ukraine at the same time can’t be an accident!!!!!!!!! WTF.
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    Anonymous · 23:13 11/27/2018
    That is right. Democrats should not mess up the elections and steal the seats.
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    Jack Unger · 23:08 11/27/2018
    Can't find that article on justice.gov. Is that a legitimate Twitter account?
    P.S., Is Steve's Sizzling Steaks still open on 17? I have't been back to the "old country" in years! Peace!
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    Bill Novcaski · 23:03 11/27/2018
    You should have been a dentist. I can see your good at pulling teeth when it comes to soliciting funds.
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      Smoking Loon · 23:38 11/27/2018
      It ain’t too bad. Shit, even homeless people could afford a $1.00 a week
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        jan · 08:45 11/28/2018
        catch is you need to say, have signed up to paypal, need a card or bank account to link, think. Both charge fees.
        For some readers with currencies way below the usd in value and very low incomes they'll have the deepest awareness for Hal needing the money. Hal knows.
        I have signed up on the min,13 and donate as needed. But I have all the above.
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      Bill is an Ass · 23:33 11/27/2018
      Bill, so are you working for free? No, so STFU!!!

      EVERYONE has bills to pay, Bill. You think that only YOUR time is valuable? Stop disregarding the great work that Hal is doing during this hour of great peril for our Republic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      DOA · 23:15 11/27/2018
      Not to many dentists would pull your teeth for 13.00.
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