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Texas Republican lawmaker Matt Rinaldi called ICE today after several illegal aliens held a protest in the Texas assembly gallery.  When he announced that ICE was on its way and anyone there who was an illegal alien would be arrested, Democrats went berserk.  One Democrat physiclly attacked Rinaldi and told him he was going to "shoot him in the head." 

The illegals were holding signs that read, “I am an illegal and here to stay,” and “No SB4 No Hate.”

The illegals were chanting in Spanish in the House Gallery.


That’s when Republican Representative Matt Rinaldi called ICE to report the illegals at the protest.

Rinaldi’s actions caused Democrats to come unglued.
Democrats threatened physical violence on the House floor.


Unhinged Democrat Rep. Ramon Romero, who threatened to shoot Rinaldi and attacked him on the House floor.



Democrats were very upset and castigated Rep. Renaldi for calling ICE on the illegals.


Representative Romero attacked an American to prevent American law from being enforced upon an ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADER.   That makes Representative Ramon Romero a Traitor.  To Texas and to America.

One can only hope he is treated like the Traitor he revealed himself to be.

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