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Corey Lewandowski warns Congressional Republicans to support President Trump or risk losing their seat in the next election. Lewandowski tells Republicans if you don't get on the Trump train and support the president's agenda, "you have failed the American people."

From his appearance on Wednesday's FOX & Friends:

COREY LEWANDOWSKI, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN MANAGER: President Trump was elected to change the country. And you can get on board that train or you can lose your next election, because - I can promise you this - the Democrats have a different agenda...

It's my recommendation to those Republicans in Congress to get on board, get the final conclusion done on the repeal and replace of ObamaCare, get the massive tax cut - the largest tax cut in the history of our country - get that done, get the infrastructure done, get the wall built. If you do those things, you will get reelected. If you don't do those things, it's because you have failed the American people.




What was ___not___ said (but should have been) is that they will lose the next election because all the GOP organizations at the federal level are run by Trump people and disloyal Republicans won't get any money, staff, logistical support or polling intel.

THAT is what should have been said because THAT is exactly what needs to be said -- and done.

Disloyal pricks like John McCain, Lindsay Graham and others in the Senate, plus a slew of weak-minded, spineless RINOS in the House have to be coerced into falling into line.  NOW is the time for political arm-twisting in a bold and unapologetic manner.

The left-wing of this country has not accepted the results of the election.  They are hell bound to overturn the result by creating wave after wave of controversy and scandal.  Their minions in the streets are openly beginning to do violence and some of their "ANTIFA" pals are actually undergoing weapons and IED training in Syria, to bring those fighting skills back here to the US.

We are heading into a Civil War and headed there quite fast.

While I personally do not want to see my country tear itself apart, I can't help but feel that such a fight is long overdue.  

In my personal opinion, I've had my fill of the lunatics on the liberal left, and while I will not undertake ANY action at all to foment a Civil War, if one does actually break out, I have a list of "things to take care of" in matters liberal.

You should make a list for yourselves.  Keep it private, but make one.  



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