Two persons with direct knowledge of the situation have confided to me that the Officers and Crew of the USS Ftizgerald are being ORDERED to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) forbidding them from talking about "any aspect" of the collision with the Philippines cargo ship, ACX Crystal, or events leading up to, or in the aftermath of, that incident.

The persons with whom I spoke say the Pentagon has "clamped a lid as tight as steel over information about the incident" and anyone who says anything about it - or what took place before / after  -- will face Court Martial and DECADES in prison.


Moreover, any military member involved who declines to sign the NDA risks being charged with refusing to obey a lawful order, and will again face Court Martial and prison "for decades."

Whatever took place in this incident is clearly so serious or sensitive, the Pentagon is going all-out to conceal the details.

The persons with whom I spoke say they know exactly what took place and "there is ample reason for the Pentagon to be freaking-out about it."

When I asked to be told what took place, these persons declined to reveal it to me  . . . . "at least for now."